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Pastors of LA Season 1 episode 4 - Foolery and Stupidity Nothing is sacred any more

What to write about now? Basket ball Wives has finished, Love &Hip Hip Atlanta is in recess

Basketball Wives Season 5 NO REUNION SHOW! BECAUSE EVELYN LOZADA CANCELLED! Is this the end of Basketball Wives? Is this why Shaunie O Neil was promoting her stage play?

Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 10: Worst Finale Ever!Tasha Marbury's stalker gets five minutes of fame, Kenya Bell because a third rate Riahanna and Myline Cyrus Combo, Kenya Bell goes for Suzie Ketcham.

Russell Brand to guest-edit the New Statesman which features yoga teacher Marion Bevington

Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 9: A Drama Free trip to London, Suzie and Tasha make up, Evelyn launches her fashion line and charity battered and abused women - and men too.

Basketball Wives season 5 episode 8:The world gets another lip gloss, nail polish range (from Tami Roman)and clothing line (from Evelyn Lozada). Suzie boasts about confronting Tasha Marbury and Kenya Bell rings Tami

Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 7: No mention of Chad Ochocino, Tash Marbury goes all Queen Bee and Diva, Suzie Ketcham borrows Little Tami andfaces up to Tash Marbury and the show rolls on. plus Tami Roman's video blog on the episode