Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 7: Whats worse Evelyn being loose or wearing Kenya Bell kitten heels. Evelyn lose tempers but Kenya wins mental battle.

Still now sure why I'm watching to quote Tami Roman 'This hot ass mess.' Well I do - it's the silliness of the drama and youtube bloggers who make it more entertaining. Honourable mention for who just makes me laugh.

For a more mature reveiw

Basketball Wives is one a Hot Ass Mess

The whole show is about whether Evelyn Lozada is a hoe, loose or sleeps around. Also how not to wear kitten heels. BFD! Other stories are irrelevant.  I think Evelyn Lozada is making it worse by making it a big deal instead of letting it slide. But I think deep inside Evelyn Lozada thinks Kenya Bell is looking down on her. Kenya Bell thinks she is better or superior to Evelyn. It seemed that even with all the fight Evelyn Lozada was the one who came off humilated.

They all gossip and say nasty things behind each others' backs but I think this goes deeper than that.

As for Kesha - whatever she is partly responsible because bringing up a hurtful topic like that to score points isn't really the way forward.  Okay so Kenya Bell called Evelyn Lozada loose but did Kesha Nichols really need to score points bringing it up.

It is sooo high school. Who really cares? Evelyn Lozada already dresses like a high class/expensive hooker. The difference between Kenya Bell and Evelyn Lozada was clear  in clothes, social class and attitude on the night.

Evelyn does not hide her vajaja business

Evelyn may claim she doesn't hide what she does in the closet  - but that is the whole problem. Put your business in the street and people will judge. Put your business out in the open and you can't stop people forming an opinion or talking about it. That's why people are discreet. There are probably a few fellow basketball cast members  who have probably tricked more fellatio jobs, intercourse and gotten chucked out of hotels/locker rooms than Evelyn Lozada has had hot dinners but they are discreet and quiet about it.

Evelyn Lozada gives style advice

Then Evelyn starts to criticise Kenya's dress sense saying she is copying everyone - Jen, Tami's weave and upgrading from kitten heels to Louboutins. Is that the best Evelyn can come up with? Kenya just laughed it off. Evelyn loses here again because more often than not Evelyn Lozada tends to dress like a high class hooker/prostitute/call girl. Evelyn dresses like a woman on a game in a high class bar.She doesn't dress like a cheap street walker walking the block but more one like one who goes to top bars and clubs to solicit rich business men/ballers.  Evelyn Lozada may think she is dressing sexy and expensive but in certain parts of the world she will be moved on and barred. Kenya dresses normal.

This is basically it.  Kenya's attitude was so insulting that it drove Evelyn crazy.  Kenya dismissed the whole thing.

Kenya wins mentally

Battles are not alway physical. Top atheletes and business men know this. Whatever is said Kenya Bell owned the floor at the dinner. Evelyn Lozada just got mader and madder and Kenya kept her cool. She just made Evelyn Lozada look crazy. Kenya Bell doesn't care. And that came through which was what probably made Evelyn angry. It's like Kenya was laughing at her.

Taking off her earings she decided take Kenya on by throwing a bottle at her. What if someone else was injured. The thing is that whatever is said Kenya Bell won that round by acting sooo cool and calm that Evelyn justed looked stupid. Even Evelyn's insults to Kenya  were silly and Kenya can come out with some good oneliners if she needed to. 

Kenya Bell wins this one hands down as Evelyn  made a fool of herself in this situation. There is no match really. Kenya is tougher than Evelyn Lozada in many ways and that might be hard to beleive. She has been a beauty queen, she also is an engineering graduate and has an MBA so don't let her fool anyone. She knows what she is doing. We also know from court records  Kenya Bell is not afraid to instigate a fight. If she can wack herNBA ex-husband she can take on Evelyn. So on this point there is a feeling that Kenya is letting Evelyn Lozada slide.

Shaunie thinks she probably can't take more of this

In the end, Shaunie is probably thinking why, why, and why am I involved in this mess. I hope she is thinking of a better quality of show because to quote Tami Roman 'This is a hot ass mess'.

Don't mess with Kitten Heels Kenya.

 For a more interesting view - not mine check out You Tube blogger  . Very outspoken and probably most entertaining and .

Basketball Wives Seas. 4 Ep. 7 Review by itsrox