Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 1: Evelyn tells her side about her scar and loser wife-headbutter Chad Johnson Ochocino, Shanice makes an appearance, Tami Roman give advices and Shaunie O'Neil hits she's about to get all messy.

Our favourite catty, bitchy and nail clawing girls are back! The show we all love to dislike - Yes, bring in on for Basketball Wives! Tami Roman for her sharp wit, Suzie Ketcham for just talking, Shaunie O'Neil for being peace maker (but no longer she's about to get messy too) and Evelyn Lozada for just Evelyn Lozada. Missing are Royce 'I need another man' Royce and Jennifer 'Im a princess too good for this@ Williams. Do we care they are gone? Nope..

There was no weave flying or ratchet behoviour this episode just a focus on wife beater Chad Javon Johnson Ochocino and Evelyn Lozada's fight.

We know Chad Javon Johnson Ochocino is a bully and manipulative piece of smeared toilet tissue that deserves the flush. However we all had to relive through the whole thing again with Evelyn Lozada. I'm not going into details because enough has being said about it and I'm with Shaniece on this one.

So Evelyn gave us her own side of the story but there isn't any really because turdface Chad Javon Johnson Ochocino headbutted her and gave her a scar. Apparently it seems she was only talking or mouthing off and he started to attack her. Yes people,  Chad Johnson allegely attacked her and remember the stories and police report that Evelyn had to run for her life and get shelter in a neighbour's house. And remember Evelyn was so shaken up that it was her neighbour that rang the police. If not probably would have never being reported. Chad Johnson Ochocino is a turd that just won't flush. A floater in the toilet leaving nasty skid marks.

There has being some debate about the scar well now we see the deep gash on Evelyn's forehead and it just shows us how much makeup Evelyn wears to cover it.

So after marrying her and telling her brother in law who passed away he will take care of her - turdface Chad Javon Johnson Ochocino goes hoing around.

All  Evelyn Lozada wanted a fairytale wedding. She wanted what most girls want - a handsome husband and a beautiful wedding. She wanted it to work. First because it was her dream and secondly to prove all the doubters and haters wrong.

Anyway Evelyn goes yada yada yada about it all the time. She does the interview with ABC at the time which was heavily criticised. She also went on Iyanla Vanzent to fix her life.

Evelyn Lozada and her mother

It seems that Turdface Chad Johnson Ochocino had being trying to manipulate Evelyn's mother but her mother told him where to go.

Evelyn was also angry that turdface Chad had being saying he was trying to restrain her - in a headbutt? Okaaay. Evelyn is like wifebeater Chad Johnson needed to be a man and just admit he loves ass.

Daughter Shaniece and Evelyn

Shaniece is too old, mature and wise beyond her tender age.  I was thinking who is mother and who is daughter? She is a very beautiful girl and credit to Evelyn.  Apparently Shaniece never liked the turdface  Chad Johnson in the first place and thought he was bad news.

Shaniece is like no one liked him. They probably knew he was a creep. Shaniece told Evelyn straight blank she despised turdface Chad Johnson Ochocino even more.

 Shaniece tend assures her mother Evelyn that the scar on her forehead that loser turdface Chad Johnson Ochocino gave her was fading.

Shanice looks bored but it seems she is so much wiser than her mother and I think you did well there Evelyn but I do hope Shanice enjoys her age a bit more.

Tami Anderson Roman and Shaunie O'Neil

Tami Roman turns up not looking her normal standard - she looking a bit unkempt and raggedy. Her tongue is orange from drinking so chemically enhanced soda pop or aid.  Tammi is like she had learnt her lesson so is going to think more. Shaunie O'Neil rocking a long weave says she doesn't care any more and is going to say and do what she wants. So we know Shaunie O'Neil is going to rachet it up this season hmmm... I think her first decision was sacking Royce 'Take her clothes off' Reed and Jennifer 'Fake Princess' Williams.

Tami is paying for everything and her mother is very ill. With a liver condition and that drains money and also emotions.

At least she is drawing a check from this show to help. Her ex Anderson does not pay child support.   I don't think Tami is one to be crossed this season because she will lash out due her emotional stress. Who will play with a tigress in pain? Well from the clips it seems a number of women including Shaunie.

Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O'Neil

They both meet up in Shaunie's home where she is baking cookies. Who dresses up like that to bake cookies? Only in basketball Wives.  Shaunie and Evelyn go over the whole thing again. Apparently the creep Chad is really keen to get her back - yes we know because he tattoo Evelyn on his leg but then again he might have just being desperate for attention. Remember this turdface creep had his post-baller career riding on his marriage with Evelyn. Evelyn Lozada should not get it twisted - sure he loved her but it was also in his financial benefit to get back together. Evelyn Lozada was this hoe's post baller meal ticket.

 Evelyn is saying after the incident with turd-face and loser Chad Johnson Ochocino she had to bury her brother-in-law. And she was scared because a lot of the neighbourhood came for the funeral and were also curious about her situation.

Tami, Evelyn Shaunie and Suzie girls meet up.

Tami wants more details about  Evelyn and Chad then advises Evelyn not to write Chad off. I disagree that bastard Johnson Ochocino allegedly went chasing Evelyn screaming threats. Evelyn found refuge with a neighbour who called 911. What if the neighbour hadn't allowed Evelyn in? This guy is real crazy anger issues.
It's not about second chances. Look at this way. Next time he flips and there is no one around does she want escape in a body bag?  They have watered down the serverity of the violence for TV but it's serious.

Also that loser Chad Ochocino Johnson deliberately went for Evelyn's face which is her fortune. Now Evelyn's face is how she makes her money.  Also it's like saying if I can't have you no man can.Without her face or beauty Evelyn can't function. So every time she looks in the mirror and see that scar she'll be reminded of that bastard!

You might think it shallow but say a woman was going out with a bus driver and they got into a fight. She deliberately got out a weapon and smashed his wrists - he can't work.

Anyway Suzie Ketcham has had extensive facial surgery and I'm not sure why. She's had her jaw smashed then reset and re-aligned with her teeth. Does she look better? Hard to tell because she just looks like a different version of Suzie - may be there is a story behind that.  Suzie doesn't agree with Tami because quite sensibly Suzie thinks it's always waiting for it to erupt.  Suzie Ketcham also announced she's being celibate for nearly a year.

I think everyone has a different view and it's easy to judge. For me - no way - trust is gone and I'll be scared of the man. And once I'm scared the fear takes over and there is no turning back. It's different. But Evelyn is still on about how much they love each other.

But Evelyn did say Chad Johnson had to chose what he wanted. Be married and keep his pants or be a free hoe and smash everything with a hole, two tits and a heart beat.

She also explained what she meant by the famous condom statement saying she wasn't giving him a free pass she just wanted to know because of those girls who would sleep with a baller and put him on blast. Love and Hip Hop Mary Jane ring a bell?

Anyway hopefully with Evelyn's clearing up her side about  this loser wife beater Chad Johnson we can carry on with the rest of the show.

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