R & B Divas LA season one Episode 6 - Dawn Robinson and Lil Mo finally go rachett at each other, Kelly Price Quits, Chante Moore's custody drama with Kenny Lattmore gets serious filed and whole show decends into chaos

OMG!!!! I don't know what is truth or false anymore. Does every show have to boil down into a hot mess so we don't even know what's truth and lies? At first I thought Chante Moore, Kelly Price where just playing but now I'm not so sure.... Now Princess Double D cup Dawn Robinson throws her axe in the ring... There appears to be a puppet master behind the scenes (also know as The Wizard).

So many cast interviews out there casting shade on each other! I can only write on what I watch so I too am manipulated by the camera.

The highlight of this season is Kelly Price and her props - timberlands, vaseline and a straight edge. This 'timberlands, Vaseline and a straight edge business' has being milked so much it's impossible to have a scene without Chante Moore bleating on about it. There is also  plenty of sublime shade going on.

Wendy Williams has got the gig of hosting the reunion so that should be interesting.

Let's begin

The Divas meet up for yet another discussions on the merits of Vaseline, timberland and a straight edge.

Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson all  meet up except Kelly Price (was Claudette Ortiz there? Not so sure now). Chante Moore rehashes the whole rehearsal night with Kelly Price acting the fool by laying down a fresh pair of timberlands, Vaseline and a straight edge.  Apparently it seems she was intent on cutting on someone. Foolishness if ever believed but kinda funny.

 Chante Moore is like she don't need not timberland or Vaseline to fight. She can do them in her heels - seems like some Basketball Wives Maimi Evelyn Lozada talk here. Can you really see Chante turning rachet?

Chante says Kelly Price accused her of being two faced, talking about her behind her back and Chante repeated about the one woman show quip with Kelly sarcastically saying she wanting to buy a ticket.

Lil Mo and Chante continue to yada yada yada about the rehearsals. Michel'e is like well since Fred didn't get fired by them or didn't fire himself he's still hired. Lil Mo cosigns by saying you can't give nobody your vagina like that. The monologues are their vagina. And they do need a producer. As a singer you wouldn't go into the studio and produce yourself. Chante Moore is like produces herself.

Michel'le who never gets it twisted goes straight to point. Michel'le is like she sleeps with the producer and when that happens music take a back seat. Michel'le make fun of herself a lot - but that makes her open. Michel'le's attitude is this is me, my history and I know what you all think of my reputation but who cares?

However Fred Thomas gets the women's vote - probably because he has met with each of them at least once. And I think honestly Torrey Russell appeared on the show as a favour to Kelly Price.

 Chante and her business manager/friend

Chante meets with her business manager/friend at a poolside yard drinking red wine like the rest of us do. Chante tells her manager about all about the rehearsals. She goes on about how Kelly Price called her a two faced monster and how Kelly said she could see who Chante really was.

The other woman is shocked at Kelly's behaviour with the Vaseline, timberland and straight edge - how very unlike Kelly Price.  However Chante doesn't seem that bothered and says she's going to Kelly's 40th as she doesn't have beef with Kelly Price.


On a more emotional front Chante Moore  goes on about how kenny lattimore has filed the custody papers for their son and now she has to counter file. It's really the kid that sufferers however without knowing the inside story both Kenny and Chante have thier own reasons. It's at this point you can see the emotional strain on Chante and she's about to break into tears.

Her friend counters that Chante is a great Mom - we don't expect her to say otherwise do we? Anyway it seems Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore will try and mediate so it doesn't got to court.

   It's never a good thing to take away a woman's children from them unless there is a question of harm or neglect on the part of the mother. Or if the mother can't cope with bringing up the child -  bottom line is  Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore want what's best for their son the only thing is that they disagree on what exactly that should be. And lets hope Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore keep this custody thing private and not allow it to become a public media circus.

Lil Mo and Fred Thomas

Lil Mo meets up with Fred to let him know he's the choice of all the Divas except Kelly Price.  Lil Mo tells him she is Team Fred so he better not let her down, quit or walk away. He agrees and they shake on it. Lil Mo takes loyalty and longevity seriously.

The thing is Fred has being in from the start so he's shown what he can do - he's also very calm, soft and gentle.  Torrey is coming in when a lot of things have already gone down so it's difficult to take a different direction.


 Lil Mo warns Fred that Kelly Price is headstrong and stubborn when it comes to business. Kelly Price doesn't like to back down so it's Kelly's way or the high way.  Having said that Kelly Price's business head should have told her to have arranged for Torrey Russell to come in at the beginning instead of mid-way when all the women had already discussed their monologues with Fred.

Chris and Dawn go to adoption agency

Thank Goodness! Princess Dawn Robinson's boyfriend Chris seems to have finally spoken some sense into Dawn about exploring other options. They got to see the adoption/fostering agency.  The woman tells them the formality and about private adoption where the birth/biological mother can choose who she wants to give her baby to before birth but has thirty days to change her mind.

Chris is like - is that like shopping from Macy's where you can return a baby. He cracks the tension with a bit of humour and a few more jokes so everyone relaxes.

It looks like Chris couldn't care less about having kids and is only exploring it because Princess Double D cup Dawn wants kids. And what Princess Dawn whats, Princess Dawn gets.

Lil Mo gets a new tattoo and talks moving to LA with Phillip

Lil Mo is addicted to tattoo - any reason any occasion - good bad or ugly is a reason for a new tattoo.  Lil Mo drags husband Phillip in tow visit the tattoo shop.  And over the drilling noise of the tattoo razor Lil Mo starts nagging Phillip about them moving to LA.

Phillip tells Lil Mo in Baltimore they have a business, family and a lot going - it's a lot to give up. Lil Mo continues to nags and whines some more. Phillip then changes tactics saying they had a three step plan - to come to LA check it out - go home and do some evaluations then decide. He accuses Lil Mo of by passing all the steps and wanting to stay in LA.

Lil Mo jumps up from the tattoo couch and starts to say if she does really well professionally in LA can they stay.

She goes yada yada nag nag whine whine like a stuck CD until like any sane man Phillip agrees probably just to shut her up. It works because Lil Mo does shut up.

Michel'le and Chante

Michel'le is a very intelligent woman and razor sharp. She meet with Chante and they go over the whole thing again about Kelly and Chante drama.  Michel'le is straight to the point there is no point her doing anything until the air is cleared. Michel'le is like she is confused and she comes out with a brilliant one liner which I shall remember - with confusion comes conflict and with conflict comes chaos. That is so true.

Chante Moore gets defensive saying that she addressed everything in the meeting - that they are all professionals yada yada yady. Michel'le just says the meeting got heated but it was okay to address to it. I think Michel'le agrees but not the way it was done in a confrontation manner.

The subject changes to Kelly Price's 40th birthday. Michel'le says she hasn't be invited but is Chante going. Chante is like yes because she just invited herself.  I think what this means is that Michel'le doesn't really know Kelly Price well. Like they don't socialise in the same circles. And we can see that Michel'le is very private and doesn't have a big part in the show. This show is about her getting back in the limelight and not her family - that seems to be very clear. Probably because of  Dr Dre and Suge Knight she has  locked in confidentiality clauses into her contract.

Chante Moore goes Go Karting with Lil Mo

The whole Vaseline and timberlands raises it's ugly head again. But then Chante Moore tells Lil Mo about the custarty battle with her ex-husband Kenny Latimore.

They do the 'Oh I can so relate' talk to each other until they get called 'Cynthia and Chante' to the track. Lil Mo is like 'Oh they used my government name.' No Lil Mo they used the name your mama and daddy gave you.

Kelly Price 40th Birthday

Chante decides to turn up. I'm not sure if she was invited or uninvited but all the other diva seemed to be and eventually Chante sat with the other women.  Kelly looked nice and was excited. Chante dressed a Christmas trees wrapped in foil or tinsel. Her dress was over the top.

 She made a catty bitchy comment like I went to Kelly's party looking fabulous.' It was like she wanted to upstage Kelly at her own party - you know the kind of woman who upstages a bride at her wedding. Claws are out I thought - sorry I mean Chante decided to put on her mental timberlands, imaginary vaseline  and draw out her sublime razor. This is possibly the only time I thought Chante Moore was out of line!

This is the first time I thought this is pointless! How old is Chante Moore allowing herself to be manipulated into such chicken manure tactics? Why would you got to somebody birthday party just to be messy or upstage them. Birthdays are meant for celebrations so unless you are going to make peace or apologise don't bother. This show is business and birthdays are personal - don't cross that line and don't get it twisted.

Kelly was like she is tired of these play yard antics - she say - he say - it's good when you are 13 years old but not so cute at 40. I agree because I thought it's all being so childish. Even with Kelly acting up at rehearsals it's just being plain childish!

Kelly goes on stage and gives thanks to God.

Dawn Robinson goes to some Holistic Fertility Experts

Dawn goes to some quacks - yes I said it Quacks!! I will call some Holistic Medicine practitioners that because they only tell you common sense  and they bleed desperate and vulnerable people dry of money. They gave Dawn all list of common sense things - like exercises, eat well - 90% she could have got from reading a book or off the Internet.

It gets more scary when Dawn reveals her condition. At 47 she's already had one ovary and Fallopian tube removed. Ouch! She also had a history of fibroid. Double Ouch! Let's be real - with that history even at 18 years old it will be difficult to get pregnant. 

There are the odd few cases where miracles happen but with this new holistic method Dawn might as well - look after herself, get a bible and join a prayer group. Find a church and start tilting.

Lil Mo, Kelly Price and Chante

Lil Mo and Chante are waiting in a coffee house for a meeting with Kelly Price.

Our favourite comic actress Kelly Price walks in - wearing the darkest dubious sun shades ever.. Lil Mo has a lot riding on this so wants to mediate between Chante and Kelly Price. Are those thigh high white boots Chante is wearing or is her leg in a caste?

Now I notice a few odd things. Kelly Price never took off her sun shades.  I must say this is probably the first time in the whole season I noticed that Kelly Price has had her sunglasses on when talking to another person.  She's always give eye contact - so it makes it a little dubious. What exactly is she hiding?

Anyway she is all smiles until they get down to business. Chante goes on about the Vaseline and timberlands. Lil Mo is like that Chante thinks it was directed at her and it's really a hood thing.

Kelly Price seemed surprised at that. She said she had a bag of props and it was about her childhood. Fair enough Kelly Price does have a point because she was focusing on her traumatic childhood for the monologues. I don't think Chante buys it but I believe Kelly because if not for the beef Chante won't think that. Anyway Chante says she took it as a subliminal attack at her.

Still wearing her thick black sunglasses Kelly tells them she is quitting because of her busy schedule and she's missed so much altogether. She tells Lil Mo and Chante that she has a schedule fully booked with tours, performances and studio time so she doesn't have the time however Kelly tells them she support them. Lil Mo is shocked and says they are all busy - she is too in the studio but she can't just quit.

Hmmm...this is my theory... I don't think Kelly Price ever had the time to do the monologues. If you remember back to some earlier episodes where her husband was reeling off how busy Kelly was and Kelly was like yes she can handle everything. I said it looks like it's some foreshadowing - it is telling us this schedule business will take a place in the show.

I also think Kelly Price was half committed to it from start and when she saw how she coming over on camera (see her school play yard antics comment above at her 40th) she decided it wasn't something she wanted to be a part of. There are reports by other cast members of her extreme diva behaviours and aggression but who knows what is true.  And in all honesty I don't care because when the show finishes I get back to my own life where drama is plenty! As I said they needed a known name to bring in the crowds & ratings and Kelly Price and Chante Moore were good brands to have.

A lot of people are taking about Kelly Price's behaviour but reality shows put cast members in extreme pressured situations in which they react - look at each on from Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop etc. It is easy to judge from the outside. It's all edited and manipulated to an extent to get a storyline. Even bloggers are manipulated because we can only report on what we see on camera. Even if we have inside information it's usaually one sided and biased. We don't see the footage that ends up on the editing floor.

Will it affect Kelly Price's brand? No. Why? Because Kelly is a singer! Kelly's voice is an instrument that moves people. Just because Kelly is being messy on TV does not mean folk will stop listening or buying her music.  She hasn't commited any crime or done wrong. It's just some  reality show so get real. The same is stands for Chante Moore and the others on the show. This show serves as a platform to expose Kelly Price, Chante, Lil Mo and co to new opportunties and a new audience who hopefully will discover their music. Otherwise there is no reason why they should air their business on national TV.

By the way Lil Mo is coming to the UK! I'm so excited and I'm going to see her at the Jazz Cafe  London UK on the 27th September! And if not for this show I wouldn't even know who she is!  http://mamacolive.com/thejazzcafe/listings/upcoming-events/8729/soulgigs-com-present-lil-mo/

Singers and artists only lose their brand when the lifestyle starts to affect their art. So with the Late Whitney Hostuon her addiction affected her voice so it no longer too fans to the place they wanted to go and then affected her sales of later music.

Were the monologue really Kelly Price's idea or the producer's idea? Was Kelly just the front woman to bring all the divas together - ie like the big name to draw in the ratings.  Was it planned to pitch Kelly Price and Chante Moore - the most famous divas against each other?

Whatever the truth Kelly Price decides to bow out with her dignity intact because she has a number of projects on the go including her own reality show Too Fat For Fame plus all her singing events. But we shall find out the truth at the reunion show - I know there are already spoilers of on internet.

Lil Mo, Phillip and Dawn Robinson discuss Kelly Price Leaving

Lil Mo tells Dawn about Kelly dropping out of the show. Dawn is some ways about it - she seems agreeable but we shall find out later things are not as they seem.

Phillip is all business. He's like with one woman down - Kelly Price - he can work with five women and it may be slightly easier.  Phillip is not having any emotional nonsense - this man has left his business and family back in Baltimore just to support his wife's (Lil Mo) dream.

The show will go on! And it's true because in the end Kelly Price is already based in LA so it doesn't really matter to her. Lil Mo and her family have relocated to LA to see how things go  - and Phillip is making sure things will go one way or another.

Rehearsal Time again with Fred, Lil Mo Michel'le and Princess Dawn Robinson making an entrance.

Michel'le and Lil Mo are with Fred talking about Kelly Price dropping out.

 Mo is still sore about it when Princess Dawn walks in and tells them she doesn't want to do Monologues. Okaaaay! Do these chicks ever get down to rehearsing - do should the stage be just a boxing ring? Why are the troublemakers always making an entrance and why are they always late?

At this point Fred knows like any man that anit crazy it's time to disappear so he exuses himself from the stage.

Dawn Robinson is like she doesn't want to play catch because she has missed so many rehearsals. Like whose fault is that? Then she gets even messier by saying it all seems disloyal to Kelly Price because it was Kelly Price's idea and it seems Kelly Price has been thrown under a bus. Lil Mo isn't buying it and tell Dawn what exactly is the problem? Does Kelly Price manage her or something?

This is the first real conflict I can see in the whole show. Wasn't this the same Dawn Robinson who sat down and discussed with Lil Mo and Phillip about Kelly Price leaving the show?  I think after meeting Phillip and Lil Mo in the studio Dawn Robinson must have gone speaking to other people about it.

Dawn then comes back saying the decisions where made without her. Decisions like having Fred on board. She thinks that this should have being a group decision.  Has Dawn being on the same show we are all watching? There is some super-messiness going on somewhere behind the scenes.


Lil Mo is like can't you make a decision with Kelly? Lil Mo is like in Vegas it was the same with Dawn Robinson not wanting to sing. Dawn is like she don't know what Vegas has to do with this. I'm not sure if it's the editing of show but it's not surprising that Dawn is quitting. Right from the beginning Dawn is always pussyfooting - she can't do this or do that. Or Dawn is scared of this and afriad of that.

Dawn was worried about her monologue even though she was putting her most intimate parts of her life on blast. The editors and producers of the show have carefully protroayed Dawn Robinson as a weak and flaky personality who can't stand up forself. And at 47 she decides she is ready to have babies - even thought she's had major problems .... They have made her into a cartoonish bimbo air-head character who doesn't live in the real world. In two or three years she is going to be 50 - and who knows if 47 is just her singing artistic age?

And if the producers of the show set a trap Dawn Robinson has walked striaght it.

Michel'le gets upset and so do I because it's just so unnescessary. Lil Mo and Dawn gets into in a slagging match  trading insults - I'm surprised at Dawn.  Dawn is saying she isn't afraid of Kelly Price or Lil Mo! But at 47 years old she should be medinating between all the diva not taking sides. She is 47 years old - she ought to have act her age!

Who says wisdom comes with age? Dawn is just childish and immature. And I think it's because Dawn has only ever being responilbe for herself and everyone has to look after her.  If she had to look after other people like family members she would be mature - or even a professional capacity as a manager she would have a different outlook.  But with only herself to be responsible for Dawn Robinson hasn't grown up at all.

I wonder if Dawn would have carried on in that manner if Chante Moore was there? Chante Moore and Double D Dawn Robinson match each other in many areas where as on a level Dawn may feel slightly above or more sophiscated than Lil Mo. I think Chante would have just rolled her eyes, shrugged and dismissed Dawn. 

Anway I digress Dawn walks out still shouting and Lil Mo is getting hyperactive about the whole thing calling Dawn pretenious - ouch! She didn't use the word pretentious but she meant that.  Dawn yelled back something about Lil Mo being a hypocirtcal christian and mentioning God. That got Lil Mo into a bit of a jig.

Lawd Lawdy Lawd... that was rachet! It played out the most rachet scene in the whole series for me.  Not even Kelly Price's antics in the rehearsal with the texting, stepping up to Fred or revealing her props - straight edge, vaseline and timberlands could beat this Lil Mo and Dawn Robinson Drama. 

Five just became four.

I know there are a few spoilers on the internet and stuff but who cares the show is still interesting. And Wendy Williams host the reunion show.To be fair I think everyone related should have tighter contracts like Love and Hip Hop Crew so it doesn't spoil for us watching it. TV One needs to take note and look around at other successful reality shows to know how to monitor the information out there on the internet. Otherwise they will lose ratings if everyone knows what will happen. Love and Hip Hop put more teasers out there than spoilers.

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