Basketball Wives season 5 - Episode 4: It's all about Evelyn missing wife-headpuncher Chad and Tami seeking drama over what Shaunie said to Tasha Marbury. Suzie Ketcham says jaw surgery was to correct assault on her jaw used as punching bag by some unnamed ex of hers

This was show all about Evelyn 'Will-I-go-back-to-Chad' Lozada and Tami 'I'll-punch-you-in-the-face' Roman.  It's got to be the most boring Basketball Wives I've watched.  And it was so boring so I'll just cover some points and in no particular order. I hope it makes sense in some way?

UPDATE: NOTE: Tami confirms in her blog that her mother died at Tami's home surrounded by her family - that is Tami and her two daugthers who were with her when she died.

Evelyn continues to whines about Chad Johnson Ochocinco

Evelyn goes on and on about Chad Johnson Ochocinco till at some point I start to feel sorry for the man. This is too bad because I can't believe that I feel sorry for Chad Johnson Ochocinco. Never thought I would say this. POOR CHAD. Seriously, Poor Chad Johnson Ochocinco. I really do feel for him because it's like an nightmare that will never end. For him and for us. Evelyn too because she has that horrible gash on her forehead. No one wins except VH1 making money from advertisers.

Every week it's like Chad Johnson is standing trial the jury are the VH1 veiwership. He is a head-butter and wife beater - but can't we get a break from Chad's misdeeds?

Evelyn goes on about how her brother-in-law told Chad to take care of her then he died two days after - I'm not sure if that's the wedding or headbutting incident. Chad, Chad, Chad Johnson Ochocinco you messed up big time, boy.

You messed up and for the second time the entire TV viewing population is reminded of what messed up situation it is.   Dr Nixon is like people feel Chad will batter or head butt Evelyn again if she goes back to him.

Evelyn is like she and Chad so right for each other yada yada yady- listen up, Evelyn. I fell in love once and thought this guy was my whole world but he was a loser and is right now sucking sh$t in some ditch. Everything was perfect at least I thought so but it just didn't work out.

Evelyn goes to the lawyer to get the 'don't contact' order moved then starts saying she has a pre-nup and her own money blah blah blah.... she wasn't a gold digger blah blah blah.  I never thought Evelyn was a gold digger - I just thought she wanted to get married. A lot of girls/women dream of getting married or at least a fairy tale wedding to a handsome man.

 I never once thought Evelyn had anything to gain financially - what she gained was respect. So it cleared up all those 'always-a-groupie-never-a-wife' insults. Even now some people will treat her differently because she was married. Sometimes in the world marriage means respectability for both men and women.

Suzie and Evelyn chat about broke jaws and head butting scars.

We find out the Suzie Ketcham was a victim of domestic abuse though she does not name the person. She tells Evelyn that the person dislocated her jaw which lead to two operations.  So her jaw surgery was not for cosmetic reasons but because man who shall remain nameless had punched Suzie in the head.  Nasty. Low life but there is no naming and shaming as in Chad's case or even Dawn Robinson of En Vogue.

Suzie Ketcham's wake up call was when she was in the Emergency Room (Hospital) with head injuries which lead to all sorts of complications including her lisp. Silly Evelyn is like 'oh and I used to make fun of your lisp.' Well at least  Evelyn knows the lisp was because bottomfeeder took his fists to Suzie Ketcham's jaw. Evelyn starts about her scar on her forehead.

Then outside Evelyn's scenes the others dicuss her. Suzie Ketcham thinks she shouldn't go back. Tasha Marbury says Evelyn is an adult and will do what she wants.To be fair all the women except Tami have a talk about ' Should Evelyn go to back Chad or shouldn't she?' At this point I don't care because it's boring to have this for 4 weeks in a row and secondly it's Evelyn Lozada's business and she can do what she wants. 

Tami goes about how her changing to a postive person

I've being defending Tami in a lot of blogs and forum but this episode showed a hardness in Tami Roman. This is very sensitive issue so I'll be respectful.  I was surprised that the Spa date with her mother was on TV but I more shocked she decided to speak to her mother about going into the hospice on national TV.

Tami went on about how the massage room was quiet but there were the spa attendants and also the film crew. I felt so uncomfortable with the situation. The woman was dying. Then Tami brings up about her mother going in the hospice and her mother is no she is moving out because she doesn't want to be in a hospice.

And unfortunately I think Tami was ill-advised/ badly advised to bring that on the show.  The fact her late mother said she was renting a place for her final days. It's not even about that it's just the way Tami expresses herself at times. It's something Tami Roman can't take back because it's on camera.

Please note after this episode aired Tami confirmed and clarified in her blog that her mother died at Tami's home surrounded by her family - that is Tami and her two daughters who where with her mother when she died. Tami's mother did not go into a hospice.

Tami sees Suzie Ketcham for the low down on the  PETA event with Evelyn Lozada. Suzie doesn't say much other than it went well. Tami says she couldn't make it because of her mother. Suzie sympathise because her father died of cancer as well.

Tasha and Tami Saga of will it go right or will it go wrong

Tami is all dressed in green like a hoodrat leprechaun goes talking to Evelyn. She looked so ridiculous. Tami goes about saying how wants to be postive but she will punch Shaunie in the face if something happens. I've never seen Shaunie being physical so I'm not sure how to take this.

Tami Roman meets with Tash Marbury and give her the same old advice and Tami Roman Rules of Engagement. "Talk to me and not behind my back and we will be fine". This has never worked in the past and I doubt it will work in furture beause the show is based on each woman talking about each other behind their back - or at least discusing their problems. Can you imagine Evelyn saying what Tami said? There will be no show. Get a grip Tami Roman and stop acting a fool. You are way too told to be this stupid.

At what point will Tami Roman realise
  1. This advice has never worked because she always ending up hitting or punching someone out.
  2. The show is about bitching about other women behind their back. Face it that's all reality show women do - gossip about one another - what else is there to talk about? 

 Tasha meet with Shaunie to comfirms the Tami Roman Rules of Engagement.

Shaunie laughs them off. I mean what else is there to do? Tami has already started beef and making threats based on one simple conversation; she's warned off Tasha Marbury about talking about her behind her back and it sees at some point she is going to threat Evelyn.

Doesn't Tami Roman see she's being used by this show to create drama?

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