Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 2: Evelyn confesses to putting Tasha Marbury's chef business in her book. Is Tasha Marbury the new Jennifer Williams bougie princess replacement? Suzie acts depressed. Evelyn Lozada reminds Tami Roman they have to be positive human beings and role models. Tash Marbury gets questioned about the chef story.

I'm tired of this wife-beating head butting Chad Johnson dominating yet another episode. It's like watching bad reruns of third-rate syndicated shows.

Evelyn is still milking this wife-beating douche bag Chad Johnson situation. She's even being upgraded to ex-wife of Chad Ochocino Johson in the credits - technically a Football Wife. Remember she used to only the groupie girlfriend.

Evelyn talks like they were married for forty years of something instead of the three weeks or so. This is coming one hot commercial publicity seeking mess. That said Chad Johnson is still a bum male hoe and a wife beater so Evenlyn keep milking it but remember at some it will get boring and I think that point is now.

Tasha Marbury meet with Evelyn Lozada

We get introduced to Evelyn Lozada's friend of 14 years Tash Marbury (wife of  Stephon Xavier Marbury). In real life this 14 year friendship probably meant Tash and Evelyn meet at a few fundraisers and said hi to each other. Acquaintances really.

Evelyn whines about her spiritual connection with Chad - I think she means sexual connection and chemistry. It's funny considering how short the marriage was the word husband rolls off Evelyn's tongue easily.

Don't get it twisted Evelyn - sexual chemistry may seem spiritual and  lasts for a long time but it isn't. Also there is nothing spiritual about headbutting unless it's demonic.

Suzie Ketcham is lost

Suzie Ketcham is more quiet and weathered looking than normal - not her usual bouncy self. I'm not sure what's really wrong with Suzie Ketcham but she is very withdrawn compared to her normal bubbly self.

She says it's because she is now single - I think she must have broken up with somebody- we are not told who is he. Just she had everything and now things are different. She tells Evelyn that she wants something new and needs some direction.

 CHEER UP, SUZIE KETCHAM! PLEASE ,CHEER UP, SUZIE KETCHAM, PRETTY PLEASE WITH ICE CREAM AND CHERRIES ! Before I used to think that Suzie was messy but a depressed Suzie Ketcham is just depressing! I miss old Suzie! 

Suzie Ketcham just realised her old life of drinking and being a party girl was empty but this new older wise Suzie Ketcham is a bit depressing.

Tami Roman and her daughters

Not really much to say but we get to see Mummy Tami Roman is really about equality. Tami pretty much gives her daughters the same grief she gives everyone else.

How do we know? Well one is learning to drive and Tami volunteers to teach her. The girl is thanks, Ma, but no thanks - you get too edgy behind the wheel. Tami Roman's girl is way polite and respectful but we know what she means. 

Evelyn and Tash Marbury get fit

So  Evelyn Lozada and Tash Marbury are doing so yoga stretches and talking about when they last go laid or had sex.  Evelyn feels she needs to come clean about some characters in her novel The Inner Circle (and no I haven't read it).

 I'm not sure if this a plug or free publicity for Evelyn's book but she mentions one of the charater's husband is having an affair with the chef and Evelyn says she kept it really fake so it was never clarified if this was concidence or actually based on Stephon Marbury (Tasha's husband) alleged affair with his personal chef.
Who else did Evelyn talk about in her book? Anyway if it is based on the Marbury Chef incident what a nice friend Evelyn is to put her friend of 14 years private busness in her book.

  Tash isn't impressed but doesn't say much and gives a tight smile. Tash Marbury probably knew this was going to be part of the deal but hey she gets to publicise her a weave and extensions salon called Celebrity Sew Ins, in New York. I'm always one for supporting these girls in their ventures so check out her site at and it also seems Tash Marbury is looking for stylists as well so apply if you are a hairdresser living in New York.

Evelyn and her family

Evelyn does the whole family thing with her mother, sister (who looks like a bigger Joseline from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta - I wonder if that's how Joseline will look with a few pounds on?). She is still morning her brother in law'd death.

Evelyn cries again. I know it's emotional but Evelyn can give a good cry when ever the situation demands so we are never sure. Her sister in law gives her a necklace with her late brother-in-law's ashes which I think is spooky but it  might some kind of Portorican custom - who knows?

She wines about the situation with Chad milking it for all it's worth. I think she wants us to know she is keeping her options open with turd floater Chad Johnson Ochocinco. Whatever. Gash on forehead this time, body bag the next - anyone hear Traci Chapman's Last Night. Chad Johnson Ochocinco is a elite athele built like a powerhouse. This bottomfeeder of a man played Professional American Football  NFL one of the most roughest, toughest games around - they wear body armour for crying out loud!

Tami Roman now doing nail polish.

Now Tami Roman is building her business empire. First weave and now branching out to nail polish.

She consults some consultant about it and jokes even if a chick can't lose ten pounds she can alway get her nails done. No details as of now but former castmember Jennifer Williams used the show to promote her Lush line of lip glosses so go Tami Roman!


This is was rather a bit too long so I'll just do a brief summary.

For some reason it seems there is a lot of hinting that there will be drama and conflict between Tami Roman and Tash Marbury and I'm not really sure why. Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O Neil meet Tash Marbury at some resturant.

They tell Tash Marbury about the rest of the girls and Tasha tells them about her new weave and hair extention bar. They bring up Tami Roman and say Tami is a weave expert - a weaveologist with her own time.

Tash Marbury confused as I am thinks what does this have to do with her business. Surely Tasha already has her suppliers? However Tasha graciously says she will be delighted to meet Tami Roman and get some advice. Celebrity basketball wife needs advice on weave? Please.

Tash Marbury then decides to invite the girls over to her place for a meet and greet. Basically a dinner party for the rest of us. Anyway for some reason Evelyn Lozada seem worried about Tami Roman's behavour.

Evelyn tells Tasha Marbury who is a champagne/wine girl - that Tami Roman is beer drinking girl who is lethal when it comes to shots. Yes we saw a number of incidents with Tami Roman - bring in the shots and it can get real physical quick. But then again normally when Tami Roman is already irritated and annoyed with somebody. Tami normally needs time to brew and bare a grudge.

Anyway I think this conversation ensued because Tasha Marbury just wanted to know the real deal behind everyone. Oh and Tasha Marbury is OCD so everyone needs to take off their shoes in her home. I think it's the expensive Italian Marble flooring  - but does she tell workmen and her Stephon Marbury's friends that? How does she throw dinner parties - its a very complicated.

Evelyn goes shopping with Tami Roman and tells her than  Tasha Marbury has invited them. Tami rolls her eyes and isn't really impressed with meeting another new girl. She wants to know what kind of person Tasha is but isn't impressed with Evelyn's answer.

I think Tami is thinking 'here we go again'. Tami Roman doesn't want to meet anyone new. However she knows it part of her basketball Wives contract to do these scenes. Tami Roman has being on this show for a number of years and most of the times ends up with Tami thumping or nearing punching out some girl. Even Tami Roman is tired.

She just wants these chicks to understand who she is and for some reason they never get her. Evelyn reminds her that this season is supposed to be positive. Given that last season Tami Roman got some free anger management sessions and promised to be on best behaviour this season Tami agrees with Evelyn. 

Tami goes on to say she is a nice person but people just get her wrong. Okaaay!

Tami doesn't really like the sound of Tasha Marbury and so meets up with Suzie Ketcham who is still looking depressed. Tami Roman does her concerned bit act listening to Suzie whine on about how she needs to rediscover herself. Suzie Ketcham tells Tami she is thinking of going back to school and Tami makes encouraging noises before telling Suzie her real news.

Tami Roman basically is already brewing and harbouring a grudge against Tasha Marbury for some unknown reason.  I'm not sure if Tami thinks Tasha Marbury a pretentious snob. Or just the bougie Princess type but for some unknow reason Tami wants to cut Tasha Marbury to size. 

Tami tells Suzie about Evelyn's book and Tasha's husband's Stephon Xavier Marbury alleged affair with his private chef. She wants Suzie to ask if it's true? Tami reasons if she asks Tasha it will come out wrong and bitchy but Suzie can ask the question with innocently.  Tami also asks Suzie to do some research on TMZ. Well Suzie did it there - the same way she did it with Kenya Bell and found that awful video of her dancing.

There are articles on it on the web but it's a sorry affair. Cheating and adultery are bad enough with but with a trusted household staff member can break a partner. Tasha  Marbury is a strong woman becuase after that it's all about trust. It's one thing these groupies going after athletes but another thing going into their home!

The evening starts off well. Evelyn and Shaunie arrive and take off their shoes. Then Tami Roman and Suzie arrive - shoes come off too - so far so good.

Tasha Marbury being a considerate host got in some beer for Tami. The extra brand she likes - Tami scores her points for that. However there is a bit of an offish exchange when Tami asks Tasha if she drinks beer. Tash saus no. Tami swallows her beer and says in confessional - it's obvious because Tasha served warm beer when it should be warm. Okaay. 

However when Tash starts talking about her weave bar Tami changes to best behavour because it could Tasha could be a good business ally. Tami thinks she could supply  Tash's weave bar with weave.

A big fat chef enters and serves the food. Cue Suzie Ketcham with her inappropiate question which starts off with something like I know you don't me and  you can tell me to shut up but is the chef thing a true story?

Tasha Marbury does not miss a beat, looks Suzie straight in the eye and says - "What do you think?"  

Which I think is polite for  "None of your business". But we don't know if Tasha Marbury did elaborate after that. However Tasha Marbury is till married to Stephon so discussing the alleged affair with others might put pressure on her relationship.  And frankly it's none of their business.  However she must have known it would come up at some point given the show is in the 5th season.

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