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Business woman Miley Cyrus out to steal Rihannah's crown while coming of age at VMA

I like Miley Cyrus though her VMA performance was excessively in poor taste and lewd.

However Miley Cyrus is young, sweet and just trying to break out of the sugar coated Disney Princess mode - by any means necessary. Then again Miley Cyrus is also 20 years old - a young woman and  a business woman who has being working and earning an income since she was a kid.

At age 17 she was named #19 on the "Top 20 World's Richest Female Singers Of All Time" list, with over $100 million in earnings in five years, which made her the youngest female artist on the list and in 2011, she was named #1 on the Top 10 Richest Teens in Hollywood, with fortune of $120 million. Source:

In terms of record labels - its seems Miley Cyrus decided to upgrade that too until 2013 she was signed with Hollywood Records (founded by Michael Eisner, the CEO of Disney), a record label  with label mates Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers.

Now Miley is all about corporate and world domination and signed to RCA records – one of the biggest music labels in the world that owns the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Pink and Kelly Clarkson. International Stars not just teen-bumpers waiting to mature.

It seems now Miley Cyrus has thrown down a pretender's challenge to Rihannah's crown. The whole VMA performance might have be ill-advised because she went too far - but it is paying heavily in free promotion for her album - promotion that money can't buy. So Miley Cyrus in an age where bad attitude, shouting profanities and obscenities, and very bad behaviour pays off - pulled off a business risk  and only the Billboard Chart or the iTunes Chart will tell if Cyrus's risk has paid off.

However we still don't know anything about Miley Cyrus's private life because all this is just a public persona and based on a perfomance. You don't see Miley Cyrus falling out of nightclubs drunk and half naked. You don't see Miley Cyrus being arrested on drink and drive charges, you don't see any of that drama - all you see is shameless self publicity - which pays off for her target market.
It's part of growing up, coming of age and changing an image. I was shocked because it was extreme dancing but Miley Cyrus has what she wanted publicity - so maybe it might work. Not sure how this will affect her Hannah Montana revenue streams now. Robin Thicke does come over like a creepy old man - a drunk who wears those gold medallions tricking for a hoes in a strip joint.

However the crazy thing about it is that America seems to think Miley Cyrus is under-aged just because of Hannah Montana.  I guess I understand why the Olsen Twins left the business - once a child star always a child star. People are going crazy because of one performance  It's only one night of squalid, excessively poor taste- crotch grabbing and sleazy entertainment.  No one commented on Lady Gaga going about in a thong that did nothing to cover her butt cheeks. That's obscene too... What about Beyonce's stage clothes?

Rihannah on the night didn't look too please but I guess it's probably because the song was originally written for her. But even worse it was recorded in her style. As someone said Miley Cryis sounded like a 'country singer doing Rihannah outtakes.'

The performance was also edging on Rihannah's style though a poor execution. Because you really don't dance with a man like that unless in the most polite fashion - you are and please excuse my language - fu*king him.

I also think as a gullible young star who wants to impress, shock and belong Miley Cyrus is has believed the whole "Queen of Twerking" business. She's taken the usual modern day attitude that when people criticise her they are haters and when they admired her they are fans.  But as mentioned she's also a business woman so a very cynical view may be to consider it just a huge publicity stunt. As for Robin Thicke - well it's hard to judge these things till it's done. It might just alienate his older female following who think he's great. Who knows? Do you want to buy a man's music who's image is of some twenty year old grinding into him like he's at strip joint? I think not.

Also aspiring to rip-off Rihannah's pop princess crown would means heavy commercial success for Miley Cyrus as Rihannah's picture often appears in the FT (Financial Times) whenever they are talking about her parent record label.

Rihannah - probably annoyed and jealous at the Miley Cyrus being a pretender to her crown. Let's face it both are business women and commercially it's pretty serious which was probably why her record company made her attend the event so she could source out the competition. Why is Miley Cyrus a serious contender for Rihannah's music crown?

  1. Miley Cyrus is signed to a different record company so it's all about competition and it's not about pleasing their big star and cash cow Rihannah.
  2. Miley Cyrus is younger.
  3. Miley Cyrus has a restless following of post Hannah Montana fans
  4. Miley Cyrus can also hold a good tune - yes probably is a better singer than Rihannah.
One the other hand  does Miley Cyrus have

  1. Rihannah  has a great work ethic.
  2. Rihannah knows to how to self publicise and use relationships to her advantages
  3. I won't say Rihannah is a better dancer though - however she dances with men she has chemistry with so it comes off as if she is.
  4. Rihannah knows about self preservation
  5. Rihannah is more self made than  Miley Cyrus. I know Rihannah was hand picked and groomed by Jay - Z but she had to work to get there. Miley Cyrus was handed her on a plate.

It's all gossip,  fun and games over all  Miley Cyrus is just experimenting about what next to do - remember she can do Pop, Country, R&B (gasp horror) or Rock - she has a lot of avenues open to her as a singer and performer however I will say she should try and keep her tongue in her mouth. So we can only keep watching and see where it goes.

Does Miley Cyrus really have Rihannah's motivation, drive and attitude to pull it off or is she just dipping her feet into various ponds before deciding where to go?

Anyway since Miley Cyrus is a very rich young woman who pays her own bills let's just watch and see.


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