R&B Divas: LA Season 1 Episode 7: Lil Mo keeps bitching about Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson. Michel'le finally gets some performance time, Kelly Price throws another tantrum and it just gets messier!

The original ratchet Divas are back in town! Yes, Basketball Wives. At least on Basketball Wives what you see is pretty much what you get but this R&B Divas? Lawd have mercy - there is so much behind the scenes drama & manipulation going on! 

Princess Double D cup Dawn at 47 (her official age) could have done a lot to mediate the situation instead of taking sides but then I explain my theory towards the end. I think Dawn Robinson is a game player and all about the coin.

I think Chante Moore was briefed about getting Fred Thomas on board. That was her part. Maybe Kelly Price has being told she was queen bee and could do what she wanted. I'm not so sure. Anyway conflict arises and boom there is drama. T

This show is about how good is your R&B Diva manager. Phillip got Lil Mo to write the theme tune, Chante Moore's manager got her a lot of air time and maybe as time went on the wizard/puppet masters found out they didn't really need Kelly Price's weight behind it. Behind all this 'friendship women together' facade are huge massive egos! Take everything with a pinch of salt and remember this is partly staged and constructed reality show.

Yet another rehearsal where Lil Mo is bitching and sounding off

Either Lil Mo is nagging her husband or bitching about Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson. Let it go. Is that the same as last week? Or a new reshearsal?

Lil Mo's husband Phillip comes in and even he says things have changed so they need to focus on just the four. Simple.

At some point Michel'le play acts like she too is dropping out.

Claudette Ortiz and her troubles.

We learn Claudette Ortiz's daughter was in an serious home accident were she got burned. I just hope the girl is okay and not scarred.  Something about her and her brother playing with something with steam. Home accidents involving children happen all the time and it's very distressing for the parent. Just look at Usher and Tamika Raymond's son.

It's also potentially damaging because when children come in with certain type of injuries the hospitals may be obligated to file in reports. Anyway her manager Ashley tells Claudette Ortiz it's about going out there and making things work. If Claudette Ortiz is not earning it means her manager isn't too!

Claudette Ortiz's schedule is now backed up so she has to see it through and focus.  When she makes money she can take better care of her kids and afford better health care. Heck I'll add employ a nanny too!

  Claudette Ortiz gets an appointment to see Rodney Jerkins. Now that is an honour. See what doors this show can open.  They talk about what songs she wants to dos.

  Claudette Ortiz  is like she doesn't want to be just a singer and singing glamorous on stage. She wants to sing meaningful songs. Rodney Jerkins agrees with her and tells him his best works comes from that. 

Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz and Michel’le have a life coach session.

All four are there Lil Mo starts to bitch about Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price. I'm over all this because I don't care any more.  CO stays she has invited a therapist to help them. Lil Mo wants to know if it a real doctor or one like Dr Dre. Michel'le is like No!  Lil Mo starts to bitch more about Double D cup Princess Dawn Robinson but what she says is a bit below the belt so I'm not going into it.

Co is surprised and says she never thought Princess Dawn Robinson could get angry. Michel'le tells the group that Dawn is like everyone else. Dawn can go to a ten like everyone else. Michel'le is very wise and says we all have our animal behaviour and Dawn is no different. Michel'le is like she's never seen anything like that so she covered her face with her book. They show Dawn yelling at Lil Mo calling her a godly woman and where is her God now?

Anyway at some point the doctor Nicole comes in and tries to refocus the group. She tells them it's not about Dawn or Kelly but it's about what they want to achieve now.

So CO is about her story, Michel'le is about acceptance and knowing she's not the only person going through things.  The doctor Nicole takes them through telling their truth and owning their own stories. Basically all that self development stuff.

Michel'le finally gets some air time on the show

Let's just say it seems Michel'le's management stepped up and put pressure for her to be given more air time. At first she in the studio both her CEO and manager. I'm not sure why they both had to there but I guess since Kelly Price's manager, Chante Moore's manager, Lil Mo's manager and even Claudette Ortiz's manager got air time why not Michel'le.

Well conversation is around her next album which either the CEO or manager says has to be very good after 20 years old of the game. He tells Michel'le she cannot have an okay album - it has to be good. There is some debate about which songs are best.

We get the same old tired chat about introducing her to new generation of fans with new music. Yawn! I say this because we all know it's the reason why all the divas are doing the show.

Then we see Michel'le in band practice. She is doing one song which she doesn't like and has an argument with the CEO or manager.

He basically ignores her and is like that's what you are going to sing.  You can see Michel'le still has some old school 1990's moves which she'll need to upgrade.

Finally we see her along doing some live performing.

 There is no point her being a side kick on this show when she is so talented.

Michel'le was happy with the response and reception of the crowd.

Kelly Price and Lil Mo

Lil Mo arranges to meet Kelly Price at some coffee house. Lil Mo is like Kelly is not replying her text messages and not speaking to her at church. Church? This acrimonious mess has entered the house of God? I just want to know how they say the Lord's Prayer and keep on beefing. Lord Prayer's has the powerful line about forgiveness - I never say it unless I'm ready to let bygones to bygones. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving others - it was teacher in my high school that gave us the real meaning of that prayer after that I approach with caution. Of course it doesn't extend to future beef...

Anyway Kelly stomps in wearing shades again. As I said Kelly Price always gave eye contact so wearing shades indoors meant she wanted to keep her eye contact hidden.

  And in the background Kelly is telling her husband that she is not doing a publicity stunt. Remember her husband is her manager as well - however I think Kelly had to do the scene because it was in her contract.

  Anyway Lil Mo starts with her speech about Kelly not replying to her messages and text. Then Lil Mo asks Kelly to reconsider coming back to the show. Kelly snaps and yelling for her husband then she  bounces off the couch still yelling.

 Lil Mo then goes outside and rings her husband to come (also remember Phillip is Lil Mo's manager). I think that was staged because being Lil Mo's manager and would have being there. Also it may have been too expensive to keep the camera crew waiting around. Ya'll remember there is a budget.

Anyway Lil Mo goes inside and speaks to Kelly Price who says she came singing Kubaya and everyone is singing Eef... Kelly. It boils down to 'he said she said' conversation between Lil Mo and Kelly Price. Kelly Price is super aggressive speaking her husband and ignoring Lil Mo. At some point Lil Mo starts saying she bought her whole family down to LA incl starts shouting about moving her family there and Phillip left his business.
As usual Phillip is super cool and indicates that Mo should go sit down again. Kelly Price says she's not doing it and it's now the Chante Moore show. Ouch!

I think this scene was set up and staged  (on the part of Lil Mo) because Lil Mo and Kelly Price had nothing to say to each other. this was why Kelly Price got mad  but her husband may have told Kelly it was in contract that she had to do it.

 Princess Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price

Kelly Price is walking down with Dawn Robinson who is being sycophant (brown-nosing) about how wonderful Kelly Price is and how it was her idea in the first place. Anyway they walk a bit and after a few minutes of Dawn doing some Kelly Price ass licking we see bill board for their show.


  Well it seems Kelly Price did have time out of her busy schedule  after all to do her own monologue show with Princess Double D cup Dawn.  I shake my head because the only person who really looks a fool is Dawn. Dawn seems to have no self-respect or maybe she can't see the world beyond what she wants - very self interested woman. It's so immature - she's not 20 or even 30  or 40 years old. She was in a position to smoothen things over with Kelly using her age. 


 On the other hand this is my theory - after that discussion with Phillip and Lil Mo in which Dawn said nothing. The producers (behind the scene wizards/puppet masters) must have spoken to Dawn Robinson and told her to go along with Kelly Price so they will do a rival monologue show which will bring more conflict and drama to the show. Remember everyone including Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price are under contract to the show and all contract negotiations are confidential. No one but each woman and their managers know what is happening.

 Dawn Robinson has a reputation in the industry for two group break ups and other contractual disputes - so don't be fool. I think Princess double D cup Dawn Robinson is a game player and she cut a deal. Dawn anit no little girl. This woman is 47 years old and some. Dawn Robinson is a business woman through and through and likes her coins. If you read all her interviews about break-ups it was about the money and contracts - I don't think this is any different. The other women on R&B Divas  are technically business associates so  if Dawn gets a better deal to be Kelly Price's friend and ally why not switch?

Also notice that Dawn Robinson is more prominent in the monologue poster and gets TOP BILLING. This means her name came before Kelly Price indicating she was the bigger star. My guess is that was in her contract or deal she may have cut! Otherwise it would have been Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson not Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price Interesting...

I mean it's Kelly Price's idea so her name should come first.

Edit March 2014: Well, it's being quite a while but someone has posted a comment regarding Dawn Robinson's side. So I'm posting it here since we can't beleive all we see in front of the cameras. Fair is fair, isn't it. It's always good to get another point of view. It was just a pity Dawn Robinson couldn't come on the reunion show to defend herself or repudiate accusations - it's one thing maintaining a dignified silence and turning the other cheek and it's another thing standing up for yourself and not allowing a show to sullen your hard earned reputation. Oh, well, it is what it is - so commenter Terrell puts foward his own view.

you need your dumbass facts straight. because if you did, you know that Sylvia Rhone tried to sucker En Vogue out of some money. Dawn saw that ahead of time and tried to prevent it by warning the ladies, but wouldn't listen which is why they are where they are now.. at the bottom (referring to Cindy & Terry of EV). As for Lucy Pearl, she left that group because she found out Raphael was doing some sneaking stuff under the radar, which is why Ali Shaheed sued him. next time, get your facts straight before slamming someone. if you're listening to Lil Mo, DON'T!!! she's not a superwoman, just a super-bitch