R & B Divas LA Season Episode 9 Reunion: What a hot mess and why these women need this to work

Wendy Williams was the host and she went straight in and asked very uncomfortable questions to the Divas.  Wendy got messy trying to ask questions outside the show which was slightly uncalled for. But that's Wendy Williams.  She asked what we all wanted to know but was it relevant? Not sure!

Double D cup Princess Dawn Robinson couldn't be bothered to turn up. Yet she took the pay check. Apparently she's quoted on twitter saying she has no time for bufoonery. Maybe she and Wendy Williams have past issues. It's disrespectful to the viewers and it leaves a sour taste. However Dawn Robinson is what we called a jumped and stuck up heifer who gives herself too many airs and graces.

Anyway I don't blame Dawn Robinson because she'd have been stripped to her inner hood rat and ghetto core - don't be fooled by all fakeness soft spoken voice and ladylike mannerisms - the fact she quarrelled with Lil Mo proves her level. Classy lady - my big African behind! WTF!

All those years of media training would have being ripped off so I guess she had to preserve her image - I mean think of the questions. Wanting to get pregnant at 47 with her problems? Her abusive relationships? The fact she quit two groups? Dawn Robinson was a victim made in Wendy Williams heaven. It would have been pure foolery on her part to attend. Ima just saying with my messy side eyes.
Wendy Williams tried to bring Mariah Carey into it with Kelly Price. I didn't see the relevance to the show. And yes, Mariah Carey is one of my favourite singers. There is something about the tone in her voice that touches me. This is not about talent, technique or skill - it's purely how she sounds. The same with Beyonce - it's the delivery of the song.

Regarding Kelly Price's shade about a 'certain singer'. All singers have gimicks - it's called technique and shortcuts - You a job for long enough you will find ways around it.  Also having a good sound engineer at a gig helps.

 And as a Mariah Carey fan - I know she's mostly a recording artist and not too great doing live performances. It doesn't really come over because she always have great technical crews behind her but her singing techniques as the shade implied if it were for her is really for the studio.  Does that matter? No - not to me because I still like her voice. I still buy her records. Which is my money and what each Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo and Claudette Ortiz and Michel’le want us to do in the long run - buy their music. Double D Cup Princess Dawn Robinson is probably looking for another band to quit - low blow - maybe but then again I watch Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop so give me a break.

The world is full of talented showcased singers - look at Chante Moore and Vanessa Williams. They are both amazing singers. If it was based on pure talent these women should be superstars of pre-drugs Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or Beyonce level. Maybe Chante's time is now.

There is nothing much to say about it because it's just a rehash for the entire season and everyone is still bickering and disagreeing. Who knows what is true? I think Kelly Price, Chante Moore and Lil Mo are all telling the truth because each would have being separate things by the producers which would have lead to conflict.

As I thought, the monologue idea was not Kelly's but the production company. Now Kelly may have developed the storyline with production company before the others came on board but it still wasn't solely her idea. Also Chante Moore was invited because as a brand she could then lead on the storyline as well.

Lil Mo also revealed that the production company said they could have as much drama as they wanted but no violence. Kelly Price probably took that to mean turn it up. Lil Mo was also upset because she thought she had a 'real relationship' with Kelly Price and not just one for the show. So on that front Lil Mo felt betrayed by Kelly Price's behavour.

So what we learnt

  • Men are intimated by Michel'le's exs Dr Dre and Suge Knight - be we knew that already.
  • People want to know if Chante Moore ex-husband Kenny Lattimore is gay - but frankly it's no body's business but their own. And Chante Moore wisely told Wendy Williams to ask Kenny Lattimore himself
  • Kelly Price is a friend of Kenny Lattimore so that may have added tension to her relationship with Chante Moore
  • Dawn Robinson was a no show which was disappointing.
  • None of the men pay child support
 Overall despite the drama all the women need the show to work to pay their bills. It's that simple and once it doesn't go out of control it's fine.  Chante Moore revealed her anxeity about Kelly Price was really to do with the show. She thought with Kelly Price constantly quiting it may lead to the show being cancelled before being aired.

You hear that about a lot of shows. So all the women were riding on it being successful - which is has been. And when I mean successful I mean in terms of rating and keeping people watching. Because through that they also get more exposure, publicity and hopefully make more money.

Claudette Ortiz was living in her car going from relative to relative before this opportunity came up. They put her up in house for the duration. Like her manager said Claudette Ortiz needs this to work so she can get a better quality of healthcare for her kids. Also since her ex isn't paying any child support Claudette Ortiz really does need this to work.

Chante Moore is appears to be the sole breadwinner with Kenny Lattimore saying because they earn the same he doesn't need to pay childsupport. And yes you can take someone to court but they still don't pay!

Lil Mo is owed 16 thousand dollars in child support so these women need this show to work. Michel'le who is cool says she is owed millions but it is what it is. I think once she is comfortable and has peace of mind it's okay.

They all know it's about getting the balance right between messiness, drama and conflict because they are competing with other reality shows such as Love & Hip Hop, BasketBall Wives etc.

Advertisers (how TV one makes it money and pays those checks) only have a limited budget to spend on commericals so they will choose the best highly rated shows.

So I think they will all probably sign up to a new season of R&B Divas LA as bills have to be paid. Does that mean Kelly Price too? It depends since she is now executive producing her own show called Too Fat to Be Famous - but a pay check is a pay check. And it's easy money if you think all Kelly Price needs to do is turn up and be herself.

Also does this affect her brand? I've gotten into a lot of debates about it. People are saying how they lost respect for her and won't buy her music.  It doesn't matter because she is still getting exposure.  As a singer no one needs to deal with her because all she is doing is singing.

Now would you be her friend? Maybe not. Would you go on the road with her if your contract wasn't tight? Maybe not. But singing is singing and she would have to do something real bad for her to lose any points on that. Even then she's a songwriter as well.

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