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R&B Divas: LA Reunion part two: Michel'le reveals her abusive relationship with Dr Dre - 'Beats by Dre', Producers role's revealed in drama, too much shade and it just rolls on...

The second part of the reunion show with host Wendy Williams with still Kelly Price, Lil Mo, Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz and  Michel'le just covered what we already knew (at least I'd mentioned it a few time in my blog) that all the divas had different contracts and discussions with their management.

It exposed that there were lots of behind the scenes deals and conflict machine but as Kelly Price said it was about making revenue dollars for the bottom line  for example telling Kelly that Chante won't film scenes with her then telling Chante Moore the same about Kelly Price.

The show turned out with all the bickering, animosity and bad blood just suited the producers fine.  It meant more people watching it and higher ratings. And the fact that Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson broke off to do their own show was probably the best ending the show's producers could have hoped for.

As we know Dawn Robinson wasn't there but as I still think she is one about the paper money.  Dawn Robinson is not a coward nor is she scared - she is game player about the money - however because of that she never gives things a chance and drops out if they are not going the way she wants them to. Otherwise how do you explain her being in on the new tour when the Lil Mo, Claudette Ortiz and Michel'le were not invited. Dawn Robinson is probably the least talented singer in the group yet she is going on tour. She will probably drop out half way due to 'contract' conflict.

Anyway I still I think Dawn Robinson was offered a bonus contract to she appeared with Kelly in her monologues.

The bottom line is what Lil Mo said. None of the women had songs playing on the radio and this as I've said it is the only reason why they will appear and tell their story.

The problem is that Kelly Price took it too seriously and so the on-scene drama spilled over into her personal life and relationships with Lil Mo and Chante Moore.

 Michel'le said Dr Dre physically abusive and beat her so badly that she had to have a nose job.  It was so bad that in the five videos she recorded during that time Michel'le had to cover up three black eyes.  But Michel'le loved Dr Dre and thought  Dr Dre hit her because he loved her.  The funny thing was Michel'l said Suge Knight never raised his hand to her.

See I thought it was the opposite way around.  As Wendy Williams says it brings a new meaning to the head phones Beats By Dre. Anyway I have a pair of Sennhieser head phones which do the job fine.

I wonder what this revealation will do to Dr Dre's brand? Probably not much but there is going to be plenty of shade though. To find that Dr Dre allegedly knocked his ex girl friend about, gave her bad eyes and broke her nose isn't cool.  My respect has gone for Dr Dre - not that I had any before any way. I understand that it was in the past but that man is built like a power-house and Michel'le is tiny. Also it seems to happen a few times - apparently it was how Dr Dre showed his love. Really? I wonder how Dr Dre shows he hate.

Dr Dre had mad talent but yo! When the ex and baby mama say Dr Dre worse than Suge Knight who was really 'Knight in Shining Armour' compared to Dr Dre it's a sorry day. You cannot judge a book by it's cover.  Apparently Suge 'Hero of the Day' Knight made her see it was wrong for a man to lay hands/hit/beat on a woman. And the one time Suge Knight forgot it Michel'le said she was ready. So it never happened.
Let's just hope Dr Dre is a changed man now who doesn't think it right to use women as punching bag. Those Death Row days were horrible with the East Coast West Coast rivalry of Bad Boy Records and Death Row.

Chante Moore had her own nose drama which was broken by an abusive former ex-boyfriend.

Wendy Williams asked if was Kadeem Hardison or Kenny Lattimore.  Chante Moore answered no it was neither of them - but one who shall remain nameless - a bit like Suzie Ketcham jaw-bashing-and-dislocating ex-lover - it might be the same dude.

Chante rolled her eyes and said if Kenny Lattimore ever tried it she'd beat him to a pulp. No love lost there then. Apparently Kenny Lattimore had dropped the custody case  is now allegdly filing/suing for something else but Chante Moore didn't go into details about what. Maybe Kenny Lattimore should just cough up some child support payment and stop wasting money on lawyers.

There is a lot of dealings behind the scene which came to play when Kelly Price annonced there was going to be a tour with her, Brownstone, Faith Evans and Chante Moore - but the others hadn't being invited - I mean Lil Mo, Claudette Ortz or Michelle it was a tense moment. But worse off Dawn Robinson - who is probably a tour liability was going because Dawn Robinson as a reputation for quiting due to 'contracts disputes'. There is too much behind the scenes drama.

In the end Wendy Williams asks about a season two. Kelly Price isn't sure but I think she should do it otherwise they will need another messy baddie/villain. Also it's easy if the 'bad bitch' of the show is already established. So I think maybe she might ask for more money or something.

Chante Moore, Lil Mo, Claudette Ortiz and Michel'le are all in - because in the end it puts their name out there and people request for their music on radio. It also opens up new opportunities and in the end it's just a reality TV show - though some people take it too seriously. That was where Kelly Price went wrong or didn't realise in the end she could have reached out to Chante Moore and Lil Mo and Kelly Price could have said - "Chante & Lil Mo I'm just doing this to turn up the heat on the drama." But whatever.

Kelly Price should reconsider because in the end there is a check and it does give her exposure. It's reality TV and nothing is really real on reality TV. However if she does there will be many another thirsty has-been divas who will be telling their management to get Kelly Price's part.

All publicity is good publicity in the music industry. 


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