Basketballs Wives Season 5 episode 5: Jokes about headbutts & helmets and chefs roll on. Shaunie's 'it may go real right or real wrong' comment niggles Tami Roman. Evelyn turns shows her true nasty obnoxious nature by trying Tami - Tami wins. Evelyn doesn't like being the butt of helmet jokes and gets on her moral high horse and lectures about domestic violence.

How you have a whole show regarding comments of  heatbutting, chefs and 'it may go real right or real wrong' is beyond me. But you can and basketball Wives has proved it.

Evelyn and the headbutting situation rolls on.

Evelyn has another session with her daughter Shaniece, who seems fed up about the situation. It appears Evelyn is really trying to convince herself she doesn't want to go back to headbutter Chad Johnson Ochocino.

And it also appears Evelyn was disappointed that Headbutting Chad only replied with one text message rather than the 8 obsessive ones begging her back.  I think she's started to realise that maybe headbutter Chad has moved on. Or Chad Johnson was sleeping with some chick so he couldn't be bothered to add the extra 7 text messages.

Anyway Evelyn goes through the whole thing about loving him and learning more about relationships.  And after her long confessional she gives Chad the finger. I thinks Evelyn is still pissed he only replied with one thank you message on his birthday. He probably had some chick in bed. 


Shaunie is thinking big and becoming the next Tyler Perry. First start off small doing stage plays then taking them on the chitlin circuit before you know it she will a studio owner producing films.

Okay I'm done here. She is basically just promoting her new stage show and Marlon's acting talents. So Marlon has done a lot of short films (code for student director films) and commerials (just eye candy) but no real work. Hmmm... Boring.  Oh one for thing - she is also going to go into acting. What ever.

The Rehabitation of Tami Roman

Tami sees a life coach on Basketball Wives and VH1's money. This is the real problem with these chicks - Evelyn and Tami. If Tami Roman wanted to really change she'd be paying for her own private therapy off the show instead of waiting for VH1 to pick up the tab.

Tami Roman talks about getting angry, waving hands, people's speaking tone and popping bitches while saying she is trying to change. Apparently now it's everyone else's fault why Tami can't change. Tami Roman already is aware of her trigger points and what sets her off so she could easily ignore it but she chooses to respond to it.

Tami Roman blames Evelyn and Shaunie for bringing her 'bitch popping-thumping-whacking-whupping' past to the present moment and the it can go 'right-wrong-right-left' comment. Have you ever heard someone complain so much about changing and becoming postive before?

The bottom line is that 'Whacking-punching-hitting-thumping bitches' is Tami's defence mechanism. Wrong or right - that is Tami Roman's weaponry and armour in dealing with the world. People deal with situations differently and Tami is one that uses her fists. Tami grew up in a rough enviroment where that was what she needed to do to defend herself. Pop first and ask questions later.

 So now Tami needs to be offered or taught an alternative way to defend herself when she feels attacked. It's no point telling her to ignore people and act all grown. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Everyone has a defence mechanism - some hide, some lie, some use humour, some walk away - but everyone has a way to deal with it. So now the inner subcousious Tami Roman needs to shown  a new way otherwise she will continue to deal with conflict this way.

Tami goes on blah blah blah not really promising to change and now she realises it's her past experience that makes her that why - but she already knew that because she said it was condescending tones and waving of hands.

Life coach Vasavi Kumar  tells Tami Roman common sense. She advises Tami to turn up and be her best self, manage her triggers (probably stay off the booze will be a start) and ignore other people's judgement of her. Right like that will ever happen. Easier said than done to ignore other people's negative opinion.

Anyway Tami signs off saying she is working on herself. Okay but then Tami gives her disclaimer. She is not mother Theresa. Okay we get it - she will still pop a bitch should the situation rise. Which doesn't really change anything because it's not like Tami goes randomly popping people. She only does it when provoked. No difference.

Shopping for Tasha Marbury's birthday present

This is why these chicks get into trouble. Suzie Ketcham, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie go into a sex shop to get Tash Marbury a present but the thing is they don't know her like that. For some reason they forget to invite Tami Roman.

Suzie picks up a pair of panties with a big hole and starts with the chef jokes. They all laugh though Evelyn goes and does a disclaimer in the confessional disassociating herself from Suzie Ketcham's joke however she didn't exactly tell Suzie it wasn't funny. Then Shaunie suggests they get her a vibrator because Tasha comes over very uptight.

Evelyn Lozada goes one further saying Tasha Marbury is too perfect and needs to loosen up. Hmmm... The shop assistant tells Suzie Ketcham, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie that they know Tash best - but they don't know her, do they? And that is the problem.

Saying that I've seen an interview with Suzie Ketcham and she is a nice laidback woman. She is also a game player and professional reality show caste member so she will be messy on camera if she thinks it's what show needs.  The show pays her a check and she delivers what is expected of her.

Suzie Ketcham is very clued up about her role in the show and does not get it twisted. She not there for women to relate to her story- she is there to do a job. Which is why she asked the question about the chef even though Tami Roman asked her not to and she will make these comments. She is a professional stirrer on camera and unlike Tami Roman Suzie knows her role on the show and plays it well.

Evelyn then goes on in the confessionals acting like an innocent girl taking about the toys.  My guess given that Evelyn moved with ballers and was a single mother at a young age - she knows a lot more about sex toys than even the sales assistant.

Tasha, the weaver bar and her 'headbutting' comment.

Tasha is stressed that the weave bar won't be finished on time.This is highly unlikely since most of the unfinished work were just comestic. I mean it's not like they needed to know down a wall or get planning permission from city hall.  It's just things that the work  men will have to work overtime.

Tash makes a 'head butting' commenting to her partner which is also repeats to Shaunie. Now Shaunie makes an interesting comment about 'What she is investing in' And I wonder if Shaunie is a silent investor in Tasha Marbury's weave bar.  She also picks up on Tasha's 'heatbutting' comment. Apparently it's okay to say kick, punch, slap and pop a person but it's not okay to say 'head butt' because who says that? I think it's just Evelyn's situation so everything someone says head butt we are thinking and assoicate it with Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson Ochocinco. So head butt is a dirty word on Basketball Wives.


Even with Lyric Tami uses aggressive words in a friendly tone- 'I will curse you' if you don't like it. Lyric is a sweet girl and used to her aggressive mother.  Tami thinks Lyric is like her. Hmmmm. I don't think so because Lyric's nature comes over as soft and sweet where as when Tami is being nice it looks like she is pretending. Good on Tami on raising such a lovely girl.

Addressing the Several Pink Elephants in the Room

Now you know when ever all these girls meet to break bread and resolve conflict it gets worse.

The Shaniue Comment.

Tasha didn't take offense at Shanuie's comment and didn't think it planted a negative seed however instead of stopping there Shaniue goes futher to say both Tasha and Tami are similar in personality. I don't see it. They both talk real slick and real quick. Hmmm... all I say is that Tasha has a dry sense of humour which may not be always understood.  And when she gets attacked or is defensive she tenses up and disconnects from the situation which can come over as if she is aloof or snobbish. That is her defensive mechanism. Tami Roman on other hand as we know - pops a bitch. There is a difference.

Evelyn's defends herself with her mouth and waves her hands but as well all know from pervious seasons she is not s fighter - Evelyn Lozada is more of a thrower. Let's face it - if the incident had been in a house or restaurant Evelyn would have reached for something and aimed a missile at Chad Ochocinco's head. Let's be real about this but in a car she couldn't defend herself.

Shaniue as executive producer of the show has never being put in a situation where she was attacked on the spot so we have never seen how she reacts but I'm sure Shaqulle O'Neal will have a few stories to tell.

I digress Shaunie goes on to say both Tami Roman and Tasha Marbury have smart mouths - whatever that is. Tash is surprised and disgrees. Then Tami goes in about re-living the past and negative seed then I notice Tami's hair flicking that Shaunie brought up with Evelyn. If Tami Roman does not agree with something or with what is being said she flicks her hair. Interesting.

The bickering starts off with Shaunie and Tami talking about the past tomfoolery and new changes - this is how Tami gets angry and ends up popping someone. She has being triggered off. It doesn't matter Tami is on best behaviour and wants to forget the past by Shaunie is saying Tami has to own up to being responsible for her past behavour. This conversation will roll and is a lose-lose situation because both Tami and Shaunie are right.

Tash concludes that no negative seed was planted or that she didn't take it that way.

Evelyn Lozada tries it and disrespect Tami with her hand.

Then Evelyn starts with the hand.  I'm not sure why Evelyn did it but Tami already angry is pushed futher. She tells Evelyn not to put her hand up. Evelyn does it again. Hmm... I think with all the Chad Drama and everyone being nice to her Evelyn has forgotten who Tami is. That is provocation in my book.  

Tami is not having it. Shanuie tells Tami about the new her. I disgree. So it means that the new Tami Roman can be disrespected. It's what I said before. Tami takes that hand geature as an attack however she's being told her old behavour is unacceptable but Tami still needs a way to defend herself however she hasn't been give one. So what the life coach should be covering are tools which Tami can develop BECAUSE TURN THE OTHER CHEEK DOES NOT WORK WITH TAMI PERSONALITY.

So it's not condoning bad behavour but Tami stills needs to able to cope with situations in a acceptable manner. For example Tasha Marbury does it by looks and very measured speech. I personally would have looked at Evelyn then said I find that very disrespectful and walked out. My defence mechanism is to walk out or avoid confrontation.

Then Evelyn turns back into her true obnoxious and nasty Evelyn. Pre-media victim of Chad Evelyn. Evelyn's nasty self shows by testing Tami again. And Tami reacts.  I think they had security ther because Evelyn was crusing for a Tami brusing with her actions. 

If the cameras wheren't there Tami would have pop Evelyn one. No disrespect but if Evelyn thought Chad was back Tami would have revealed another level. The gloves are off there. Well done Tami for not reacting. I'm proud that Tami swallowed it and sat down again. It could have ended badly.

Tasha and Evelyn talk about Headbutting and Chefs

Can't Tasha talk about headbutting without Evelyn taking offensive? With Tami we are reminded behind underneath all this exploiting Chad headbutting sympathy business to change her image and become a role model Evelyn Lozada can be still nasty and obnoxious.

Evelyn goes all victim saying that Tasha said about headbutting. Tasha Marbury levels the playing field. Tash is like you know me. It wasn't a comment about Evelyn and anything she has to say about Evelyn she will tell her.

Then Tasha Marbury reminds Evelyn about putting her personal business about Stephon and chef in her book. Evelyn didn't exactly tell her about it. Tami smirks and sniggers when Evelyn is put on the spot. Shaunie doesn't know where to look. Evelyn is speechless - there is a first time for everything. She is making money off Tasha's personal misery.

Anyway Tash says since it's all coming out she brings up the helmet situation. When Evelyn goes dating she should wear a helmet.  Evelyn not liking being the butt of the joke is offended that Suzie found it funny. However she did laugh when Suzie cracked the joke about the chef and the strap-on. The thing is if this didn't happened to Evelyn, Evelyn would have being the ringleader in making all the jokes and bitchy comments. It's just the joke is on her and it's not very nice for her.

Evelyn gets on her moral high victim horse about domestic violence and preaches it is a serious situation. That's it. Jokes are not funny if you are victim or the butt. Sexist, racist, religous jokes are most popular because they are forbidden so people laugh at it.  It's not funny that people watch and laugh about grown women bickering, quarrelling and popping each other.

Evelyn goes on about Suzie Ketcham's jaw and reconstructive surgery but Evelyn fails to understand the joke was about Evelyn wearing a helmet. Evelyn made jokes about Suzie's lisp so it doesn't  make it any different now because it was some man that dislocated Suzie Ketcham jaw. 

Then true to form Evelyn Lozada goes all dramatic with her domestic violence head butting speech and starts to cry. Again. We are sorry about Chad and what Evelyn went through, we have insulted Chad but this isn't the 'Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocino Dealing with Life After Domestic Violence' Show.  It's getting tired and depressing.

Everyone looks sad and Evelyn looking very distressed decides to leave.  No one goes after her. Let's just say domestic violence is a serious matter but it doesn't stop poeple from exploiting it for financial gain and so they should because it is their story. It's her main story this season but it happened to her in real life so it's her business how she exploits the situation for maximum benefit.

So this display wasn't for Tasha, Shaunie, Tami or Suzie. It was for us the audience to make sure that Evelyn still had our sympathy vote a year later and five episodes into the new season because this is her main storyline unless something else develops further into the season.

 The problem is that Evelyn had to be on her best behavour for at least this season though true obnoxious nasty Evelyn is fighting hard to surface.  Her normal Basketball Wives character - the one we are used in in basketball wives - showed up with Tami and the hand.

Evelyn is really trying to be something she is not with all this best behavour role model stuff so it will be interesting to see if she really serious about it. However Evelyn's behavour in taunting and provoking Tami proves Evelyn may be still have a very nasty and obnoxious side to her.