The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta episode 17 Reunion, Part II: Blockhead Kirk is still a yellow livered moron and thinks pulling out is a birth control method, Nikko is still dealing with and dating Mimi, Shay and Erica can't stand each other, Stevie J needs to grow up!

I'm just covering what I remember of the show for more details check out the VH1 Blog

Kirk and Rasheeda

It kicked off with yellow lily livered 'Pull out - method of birthcontrol' Kirk wearing yellow sitting on the couch opposite his pregnant wife. They played his video about him being unhappy about baby Frost whom he calls a setback. Poor Carter "Setback" Frost imagine the baby watching this at some point in life.

Anyway Kirk is like he was in a bad way - mid life crisis, his son was going through a trial and Rasheeda was focused on her career (well touring and bookings etc) and didn't have time for him. And the blockhead Kirk still thinks 'pulling out' is a viable method of birth control.  I can even go into that ignorance.  Despite the millions of dollars poured into sexual education and campaigns you still get people who think like Kirk. It's just poor education showing.  Goodness know what Kirk tells his sons about the 'birds and bees'. 'If you want to keep in raw, pull out, boy and you'll be okay' Ewww....

 He also accused the cameras of not showing all their fights.

We have all established that Kirk is a second rate Benzino when Benzino is third rate. Kirk is just a moron, imbecile and fuckwit. He is simply a blockhead because he doesn't understand the bigger picture  THAT HE EMBARRASSED HIS WIFE ON NATIONAL TELEVISON! The man has the emotions of a fish - cold. He simply doesn't think. He's a disgrace.

So it was addressed that we out her including myself might think it was set up. Rasheeda denied it saying she was still consulting a lawyer and she and Kirk were still living apart like 'separated.'  I still think it was set up however it went too far. So yes I think to some extent Kirk was set up by VH1 and the producers by getting the women there. However you can take a horse to a river and can't make it drink - this fool and buffoon drank.

Anyway Bezino had his say so did Traci Steele yelling pop corn ho and bitches.  Apart from that there is nothing to say about their situation apart from wish them luck.

Stevie J, Nikko Ariane and Mimi

Mimi tells Stevie J she will be his friend but he lies too much and even Joseline agrees. Stevie J seems to be trying to manipulate Mimi but she really had moved on.

Then Nikko comes on stage and it gets interesting.

This was just about two ugly bulls - Nikko and Stevie J locking horns over their egos and Mimi.  Stevie J starts throwing money in the air. It gets so tense that we all know if Stevie J could sleep with Mimi he would. The only reason why he doesn't is because Mimi's thighs are clamped tight with no passage of way.

Anyway Stevie J is childish accusing Nikko of giving a fake Rolex to Mimi. Mimi doesn't say much on the matter - she is very dignified about the whole thing. However we find out that she and Nikko are still dating - and to make it worse Nikko accuses Stevie J of ringing Mimi interrupting their 'love' time.

It's very easy to see Stevie J is insanely jealous that Nikko is with Mimi. Oh and as usual Ariane disapproves of Mimi's relationship. But who really cares?

Scrappy Mama Dee Deborah, Erica Dixon and Mignon Dixon.

This is a hard one and I don't think there is any solution. Scrappy says he tried but can't seem to please Erica however if you notice Scrappy has being consistent about Erica since season one. Erica accuses Scrappy of cheating first with his ex, then with one of his homeboy’s babymomma. That's very low on two levels. Low for Scrappy to do and low for Erica to bring up - because at the end of the day each of Scrappy's homeboys will be think who and it can cause trouble. But ya'll know Erica has a mouth on her when she gets angry.

 Anyway with all this Scrappy Bashing Scrappy snaps and turns the focus on Erica - he accuses her of going with a married man a getting pregnant by him. I'm not sure who said it may have being K Michelle or Rasheeda who said Scrappy don't. The whole place is shocked. It's more shock because both Erica and Scrappy took it to the personal level.

Momma Dee Deborah still refuses to accept Erica but I think what Momma Dee said about Erica's Mother was low and wrong. She refered back to her drug addiction days and told Mingnon to go smoke on a crack pipe - Momma Dee Deborah was out of order.  That was too low and Momma Dee accepted that was wrong though she did not apologise. Well done to Mingnon!  It's take so much effort, motivation and disclpine to get off drug that it should be  never used against someone! Shame on Momma Dee!

Shay is called to the stage and it goes into a messy with her and Erica just being plain mean and nasty to each other! Sometimes these women fight for the cameras but sometimes it goes deep - like with Erica and Shay.

The exchange between Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon was disgusting, disgrace and degrading. The insults traded back and forth  were just immature but Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon are jealous of each other- it's not even about Scrappy. It's just two envious and jealous women dealing with each other. Individually each is a pleasant young woman (I mean both Shay and Erica)  but put them together and they become like female pack dogs. And as I said it's to do with a lot more than Scrappy.

Benzino, Karlie Redd, Stevie J and Joseline: Who is telling the truth?

Who will ever know the truth? I believe Joseline here but then I also believe that Benzino showed Karlie Redd a video of Joseline online doing her thing. And I also believe that he may have bragged about sleeping with Joseline even though I believe Joseline different. Why? Joseline is open and honest about her life - which is why she is so likeable - well I like her.  So if she slept with Benzino she will says she has. She doesn't view it as a big deal.

However to complicated things more I think Karlie Redd and Benzino are still knocking boots or sleeping together - hence when Bezino got annoyed with Karlie he revealed her text message to him.  Which he shouldn't have really because it was private and it's all a game.

So leaves us to season three - well nothing was left on a cliff-hanger. It just seemed a bit boring as if everyone has had their five minutes of reality fame.  K Michelle is going to Love and Hip Hop New York which is tired and a waste of TV watching time.

In Atlanta it seems most people are at a stale mate or going round in circles so something new will have to happen next season. Unless Scrappy does something new it will the same cycle of Erica and his Momma Dee which after two seasons of I think we have exhausted.

Stevie J and Joseline I think is has given all it can. Maybe introduce another angle because we are tired of hearing of how big his private parts are or how good he is to Joseline when he's really an old man - well mid forties manipulating a  naive young girl (yes I mean Joseline) who puts on a tough front and attitude - she is only about 26 years old compared to the worldly Stevie J 46 plus - which is why his other baby momma's tolerate her.

Kirk and Rasheeda - if not for this humiliating and embarrassing story line might have being dropped from the show.

Traci and Drew - non event. Need I say more?

Till next season...