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R&B Divas: LA Season One episode 5 - Kelly Price acts up and pulls out Timberland and Vaseline, Dawn Robinson goes to see Fertiliy Doctor, Torrey Russel makes an appearance

R&B Divas hmmm... nothing more to be said apart from it there was an Emmy for most entertaining show episode of the year this should win it. I can even take it seriously because I was laughing and clapping my hands through most if it. We didn't see any  of Michel'le my favourite Diva and Claudette Ortiz only appeared in one scene.

Lil Mo and husband Phillip

So the show kicks off with Lil Mo and her eye candy husband Phillip who is pretty much one of cutest things to walk through the doors. He's like a giant teddy bear you just want to hug. Anyway Lil Mo is touching base with him about what she wants in the show and it's about her rebirth as an artist and he's just listening.

Lil Mo is looking really nice I love her bouncy curls.  Her hair has such body and bounce. Anyway Lil Mo does an impromptu performance and says she needs to balance the operatic performances - does she mean Chante?

Then she goes into the confessional saying it's about rebirth and she knows she can sing. Lil Mo is like she looks at the list of famous singers and thinks she has better voice, better personality and better everything. We all know but sometimes life isn't fair in some ways.

Dawn Robinson checks out Fertility Doctor

Dawn goes about her desire to have kids. The doctor puts her straight and tells her she is too old. Well the fact is because you look 16 or 20 your body is as old as your years.

 47 years old is pushing it even though women are pushing out babies but then if Dawn has the money I guess if her body takes the strain she can have kids. I thought she was about 42 to 45? How old where those En-vogue Girls?

She doesn't agree with the doctor but he was telling the statistical truth and not the magazines or celebrity truth. Some older women conceive naturally but one never knows the real deal.

Fred and the Divas with Kelly Price giving attitude

Now this is where the comedy starts. I tell you it's the funniest thing on TV right now and there is no point even taking it seriously. So most of the divas are seated and of course Kelly Price starts to play up. Kelly Price is Priceless - She's like the class trouble maker who has authority issues with the teacher. Too much foolishness.

Fred Thomas JR takes Kelly Price in his stride - he's very good and I'm impressed with him. But Kelly keeps the comedy rolling. She is the conflict queen of the day and constantly being disruptive. She's wearing a lovely purple jacket by the way. It's also so funny because Kelly Price has such a lovely sweet face so the attitude comes over odd and out of character. Kelly Price really comes over like a five year girl having a tantrum because she can't go out and play. Maybe they should have a naughty girl corner for time out.

Anyway Kelly goes in for shock factor with Fred and jumps in his face.  Kelly is like can you deal with me being abused as a child. I'm like whoa! What a bombshell! I wasn't expecting that! Kelly goes on to say what if she didn't want to go there. I'm like you just did Kelly. And Fred also told her that she just did.

Like a defiant naughty child Kelly rages a bit more then sits down again. I'm just shaking my head. It's complete bratish behaviour. The others look on in shock and Chante doesn't really say much about it. And  Claudette Ortiz says they need to have their business heads around them.

Then at some point Kelly goes on about being safe and breaks down in tears. By the way her weave is still of kilter but hey she's a very pretty lady.

Mo and Dawn.

It's a full house down at Lil Mo's with all her kids essentially put to work trashing the place with their toys.

At some point it looks like Dawn is trying to make sure the baby doesn't get into mischief as he tries to wiggle from her grip. He does escape on the work surface a few times till Dawn grabs him back again.

Mo and Dawn talk about the monologues again and Mo is like at some point she'll like to actually rehearse or wise it will end up being a concert.

Fred Thomas, Chante Moore and Lil Mow with Kelly Price giving attitude

They all meet again however instead of behaving as a five year old Kelly Price has matured into a sulky teenager mode - she sits away from the stage either texting or playing with some game on her phone- who know? It's like she is in a lesson she doesn't want to have. She is still a long way off from rachet!

This time she's wearing a lovely yellow top blouse with a diamond brooch - she also had on some nice demin blue heels. Her hair is still messy probably to give more of an effect to her bad attitude. At some point she goes to the stage and her disruptive messiness starts again.

Fred is focused and disciplined because frankly it is like dealing with a child. So when he starts Kelly asks to be him to excused. There is a bit of an exchange but then Fred Thomas leaves the women and Kelly takes charges. The funny this is that she draws up her stool next to his and I'm like Kelly are you going to sit on two stools?

Kelly Price tells Lil Mo and Chante that the bickering process has stop otherwise it will go crazy. It's her idea so they have to go with her.

She goes in on Chante about going it alone with a one woman show.  Chante can't be really bothered and tells Kelly that she meant if Kelly quits the show will go on. Kelly is like she'll buy a ticket.  Chante is like excuse me? Really? What does that mean? Kelly is like she will buy a ticket to see Chante Moore's show. Ok.  She also goes on about achieving so much on her on and wanting respect for it. However did you notice during when Kelly was saying that she avoided eye contact with anyone?

I must say this is the most sophisticated cat fight I've ever seen. These two chicks Kelly and Chante going at it as it they were drinking coffee in Starbucks. Chante comes over more bored and irritated than annoyed and Kelly just brattish and dear I say like a real diva.

And to crown it all Lil Mo doesn't really know where to look. Also the fact that Chante and Kelly are friends Lil Mo didn't want to get involved.

Dawn Robinson and Boyfriend discuss babies

Interesting storyline but the dude is still Dawn Robinson's boyfriend and they have only being going out for less than a minute.

He's a bit funny with his three options - keep trying with treatments, adopt a child or get one off Madonna. OK I think I'm done here.

Fred Thomas meets with Lil Mo and her Husband Phillip

Lil Mo meets with Fred and tells him she wants Phillip to be on board as the musical director.  Phillip is as calm as always and asked how many songs. He's told seven songs and it needs to be put together in three weeks - not a long of time.

Lil Mo also goes in on Fred for leaving. She is like he is the director so he needs to be in charge - he needs to assume leadership.

  I agree with her up to a point but he also needs to play it carefully. Anyway I think he's good having seen his creative vision for the show and the fact the girls have being working with up to now. Well apart from Kelly and Dawn.

Kelly Price Rings Torrey Russell

Goodness knows when this was scene was shot however it's only in this episode it crops up. Kelly is doing band practise when it suddenly she take time out to go sit on the stairs and ring her good friend Torrey Russell.

So I'm thinking it's to update Torrey Russell about the project but I' wrong. It's to ask him to be involved.

 Hold up - you mean Torrey Russell hadn't being asked? All this drama and Kelly's choice was still only an idea. So Torrey Russell says yes but what if he'd being busy?

So it makes it all the more comical because all this drama when she hadn't even secured Torrey Russell. So technically the monologue project idea was really just an idea. Kelly Price has a great inner comic timing so whatever the story is behind this who drama she'd make the wonderful comic actress.

Monologue Rehearsals again with Timberlands and Vaseline

So Chante, lil Mo, husband Phillip (now musical director) and Fred are on the stage discussing when in come Kelly Price with Torrey Russell.

 This is the one of best and most comical scenes ever - it was hilarious! They need to a Broadway show of Kelly and Not the Mama! Monologue Rehearsals because I'd never laughed out so loud. So Torrey Russell comes in tow behind Kelly and they both pull up stools.

 Kelly Price now in sulky teenager mode begins to either text or play Angry Birds on her phone.  It's so childishly funny. As Fred starts speaking about the show Torrey pulls out a note pad, takes notes and starts reeling off scenes.

This is so funny and I know a lot of people are taking it seriously but this is my opinion I think a lot of it is tongue in cheek. Because when you think about it - these two directors are professional and respected. However it's a reality show and both Torrey and Fred are getting exposure from it.  Also I don't think both of them would put themselves in that sort of situation in the real world.

Also what makes it really funny is that some how Torrey Russel had already planned out the show without meeting with any of the women or knowing what they are doing to say so I think a lot of it was for dramatic and comic effect. And if it was. It worked.   Also another thing was if it were serious Kelly would have being listening to Torrey and not playing with her phone!

Anyway things take a turn for the worse when Kelly Price decides to bring out her props. A pair of timberland boots and jar of Vaseline! I'm ignorant to all this but however I got educated real fast. Chante Moore and Lil Mo explained the timberland boots were for slapping and kicking and the grease - Vaseline was to rub on face so slaps slides off. OK, but does that really work?  So once again Kelly Price is trying the rachet way but failing.  In a real rachet reality show the bust up would have been a few weeks ago. This is way to civilised.  

Anyway it seems Kelly Price was sending out a message she wasn't to be messed with. It was so funny I just kept laughing though Chante Moore seemed to miss the joke. This show can't be rachet even if it tried but that's why I like it. The characters have too much respect then again next week I see Dawn is storming out so we'll see. Anyway at some point drama will need to keep rolling to keep TV on TV One.

On another note Kelly is assuming the role of executive producer for her own show Too Fat For Fame It is a talent contest for those who consider themselves too fat for fame. To be fair Kelly has lost a lot of weight and maintained it - that is kept it off. She was pretty much twice the size she was now so good for her.  Anyway check it out.

So everyone is taking sides Team Chante or Team Kelly but I enjoy it for what is is entertainment. It doesn't have the bad energy or vibes of R & B Divas Atlanta with Nicci Gilbert and Syleena Johnson.  That was ugly.

And honestly I can't see Chante Moore nor Kelly Price getting it that twisted. On the other hand drama puts butts on seats, keeps rating ups and brings in advertising money. I like it this way but still we'll see how it goes...


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