Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 16 Reunion : Part 1 Boring, predictable and dry. Same old Stevie J, Scrappy and their women

This reunion was mild compared to last season.

Nothing much happening apart for a bit of shouting, screaming and yelling. I don't really have much to recap on it. In some respect the characters have grown. Erica's blue dress looked like a pre-strip dress  a stripper would wear before she started to take off her clothes. How can Joseline look more elegant than Erica? Anyway last season Erica was something more like an underslip chemise so I guess it's an improvement from last year.

Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline

So all intros are in then for some reason Joseline and Mimi start bickering. I think it's about Joseline wanting to get married and Mimi's new pair of breasts implants. Anyway Joseline jumps off the coach and wants to throw her shoe at Mimi - at that point I realise Joseline is quite a small woman. She is tiny - not very tall at all. You all know we have never seen her in flats.

 Anyway they bring on Stevie J at some point and they bring up the life ring situation.  Joseline is annoyed that when Mimi drops off her daugther Eva to Stevie J, Mimi just ignores her. OK. Then Stevie explained why he gave Mimi a friendship ring.  

Stevie started saying he was like bank of ATL blah blah blah. At some point it boiled down to sex and beefcake.  Mimi is saying that Stevie is acting up because she won't give him fellatio or sex - and he keeps on texting her. Moronic Stevie J is like lettuce and we all know lettuce means lettuce 'head'.

They go back and forth and in the end Mimi says Stevie J is just an old man manipluating a young girl - Joseline is 26 and Stevie J is in his mid-late forties. She said Stevie J was just playing mind games with Joseline. I agree with her. Joseline needs to try and come good with something for herself. She needs to use Love and Hip Hop as a platform for something. I think Stevie J  and Joseline are now married but who know? Nikko was not mentioned at all.

Traci and Drew

Can't really see the point but Drew doesn't care and Traci wants to be respected. Not sure I get it.

Shay Bucky Johnson and Erica Dixon

They traded insults again I'm sure Scrappy is still seeing both of them. Even if Shay Bucky is only a friend. I mean he's in contact with both. Shay threw into the ring that Erica still wasn't married.

Scrappy and Erica

Scrappy has come a long way in terms of growing up. Even with the conversation about them getting back together - he kept it open saying he alway loved her but I think it's like last season when he said Erica was only there when she chose to be there.

So it could be that Erica only turned up because VH1 was shooting and told her because it was in her contract however when there was no cameras she didn't make an effort. He didn't come out and say that but Scrappy implied he needed someone he could rely on. Hence I guess that's why Shay is still in the wings as a friend. Scrappy was pretty gracious in the whole thing.

Erica broke into tears. Momma Dee Deborah or Mignon didn't say anything - so I guess it is finished.

Kirk and Rasheeda

Yellow bellied Kirk turned up in yellow - show exactly what kind of man he was. 
Rasheeda looked like Rasheeda nothing much there apart from the baby is going to be called Carter Frost. They are going to be on next week if anyone cares.