R&B Divas LA espisode 4: Lil Mo gets lawyered up for custody, Chante Moore brings in Fred the Producer, Whiny Dawn Robinson reveals she's a double D cup, Kelly Price gets messy and rude, Claudette Ortiz complains yet again about motherhood, family and work balance and Michel'le does Michel'le.

It starts off with Chante Moore and her manager friend discussing the monologue and the whole Kelly no-show drama. Chante Moore too sophisticated to be dragged into TV One's messiness just says quickly that Kelly had other commitments and couldn't be there on the night.

I don't see Chante bitching about things that makes her look bad on TV. She is very conscious of her image - something Angie Stone, Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert forgot when things went a little crazy. And I think these women have learnt from the others.

Anyway she plants the seed that Kelly Price is very BUSY.  I say this because it's going to be a major conflict generator in the show. So let's just say the big storyline is Kelly Price's busy schedule however things may change.

Anyway Chante chats to her manager about the show and maybe she should get some producer/director to give guidance and her manager friend agrees with her.

So we now understand Chante is going to be muscling in on Kelly's show by bringing in her own crew. Real? Fake? Who cares and let's just roll with it.


Michel'le,Claudette Ortiz and Dawn Robinson are having a yoga date in Claudette Ortiz's backyard. And all I hear is Dawn Robinson whining and moaning about this monologue and how she has nothing to say - your marrage, wanting kids, En Vogue days trouble - thre is a lot to say Dawn...

I'm getting pretty bored of all this whining  - but then she drops that she is a double D cup. DOUBLE D BREAST CUP IN BRA SIZE? NEVER! HOW? WHERE? Then I notice she is quite busty for a thin chick. Hmmm... interesting.

Claudette Ortiz is like she needs to go for acting classes so she can relive the old stuff she has dealt with - or something like that.  Anyway Claudette Ortiz or someone suggest Chante would be the right person to contact. Hmmm... Chante Moore is now taking the leading role.


We have this scene just to let us know HOW VERY BUSY KELLY IS! As I said it's paving the way for drama in this season unless something real overtakes it like the Nicci Gilbert and Syleena Johnson drama which got so vicious and poisonous.

 However these chicks are game players and know what they want out of it. Syleena was desperate, naive and very thirsty - which lead to her being easily manipluated by powers behind the show. Syleena needed to make money. These LA divas are in a different league and  really are about getting their careers back on track. They are about the money too but for now they seem more savvy - however only time will tell if it's true.

Anyroad Kelly Price husband's main dialogue is to tell us how busy Kelly is. Kelly Price is like yes she can handle it all and some. Her husband rolls off  an impossible schedule with shows, bookings and appearances. Kelly just sits there like queen bee and says she can do it.  So now we know Ms Price is in demand, has a full diary but will try to juggle all this.


Chante and Kelly are walking down a street discussing the show when Chante tells Kelly about her plans.  Quickly Kelly Price shuts down  Chante's idea and says she isn't happy about it. Not sure Chante is listening though.

Maybe this would have been the best time for Kelly to say she had someone in mind as a producer but that's too easy and where is the drama in that?


I'm not sure if it's just the editing but Dawn is getting irritating with all this nervous whining. She whines about everything yet in some ways she is very stubborn - like when she refused to sing because she didn't have enough time. She appears soft, insecure and vulnerable but there is a hidden confidence and hardness there. Don't be fooled.

Anyway yet again Claudette Ortiz starts off about how hard it is to juggle kids and her career. She too needs to changed her script. It's getting boring.

We know Claudette Ortiz is a single mom. And we know Claudette Ortiz havs kids however Claudette not the first or only single working mother in that situation. Lots of women and even some less privileged than Claudette do it everyday with three jobs and some.


Whatever. Nothing much to say other than they get in touch with their inner emotions


Not that interesting so moving on. Next...


Fred the producer is nice eye candy for some and he's going to be directing the girls. Apparently Fred is well known but Mo isn't convinced because he knows nothing about music however she does drop he has to deal with six vagina which means a lot of coohie.Ok.


Dawn's main story line has being whining about this monologue business and it's getting boring. And now I'm getting boring with saying Dawn is boring. She goes to Kelly Price who wisely tells Dawn to just find something about her life like addressing the rumours and lies in her life.

Dawn confesses she was seen to be the bitch in En Vogue and trouble maker. Now this is totally different from LaTocha who kept saying that but in another breath ways giving back-handed shade to the rest of Xscape.

 I bought an En Vogue greatest hit CD and Dawn was missing from the new publicity shots. So there is a lot going on there.  However she's never said anything to cast direct shade on her former band members - that might changed but I doubt it. As I don't think LaTocha did herself any favours talking about the other members because it came off shady.

Anyway Kelly Price gives Dawns more tips and it's all good.


Mo features some family life. This time it's about getting her daughters down to LA. Her husband is cool headed about the whole situation and sees the larger picture. He doesn't really get involved in Lil Mo's banter and just wants what best for the girls. Back in Baltimore they have a lot of family support. He tells Lil Mo they need to do it the right way.

Mo goes sees a family lawyer who tells her she needs to be in LA for six months - I guess it depends on getting the clear for another season. Then they can serve her ex-husband some papers and if he doesn't respond the kids are hers or rather she gets full custody.

Lil Mo is like she doesn't want to be the bitter black broad or snatch her kids like the Color Purple.

However she has maxed out on her amicable card. Then she cracks a joke about how expensive lawyers can be.

There is a family gathering with Mo's parents and a big debate about if the girls should move. The grandmother is no because the girls are settled in school with friends and family - which is important. But it's also important living with your parents.

Anyway Lil Mo's husband is like this might make her ex-husband react because sometimes people don't want something till it's taken away from them. It seems Mo is overruled with her decision to take her daughters away from Baltimore.


 So we are back to the main story of this show. The vagina-style monologues. Lil Mo goes to see Kelly about the show and Dawn is there.

I don't remember much about it but I thought hmmmm... since I got some nice pictures I might as well add them in. Nothing new or interesting just discussing about the producer.


Okay I know there were two sets of rehearsal but I'm covering it all as one. Round One The divas are all seated apart from Kelly and Dawn with the new director.  He does have a good vision about the production and I can see it flowing. They all seem happy.

The shock factor comes when Claudette Ortiz announces she wants to talk about the r-word. Rape. Oh no - poor Fred. Isn't a female director better. But then it's exposure for Fred as a producer so it doesn't matter.

Chante Moore not be upstaged by the rape then says in a louder voice she wants to discuss about her vigirnity and how it was taken away from her as a child. Ok.

At some point Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson make an entrance. You could cut the tension with a knife. I'm not happy with the way Kelly looked. She is such a beautiful woman and she comes in looking as rough as something the cat dragged in - a Hot Mess in the words of Tammi Basketball Wives. Her weave is tangled and all over the place and she's looking sweaty and hot.

It's just because she is always looking very well presented then  Kelly Price is down right rude and very passive aggressive towards the man. And even I'm taken aback. She is like she has another director and this is her idea and her thing blah blah blah blah.  Then from nowhere Double D Cup Dawn Robinson gets some courage and speaks up saying it's Kelly's idea.

The man takes two steps back and does what any sane man does when confronted with a bunch of male bashing women - he runs for it. Naw for real - Fred tells the girls to sort it out while he takes time out.

Kelly is like she wants someone she knows and trust so she can talk about these things - I'm thinking so do the other women. Then Kelly tells them she wants  Torrey Russell the founder of Broadway in the Hood. Ok - it's getting hot and more tense in here.   Chante is like no way in the confessionals - Dream girls production was great but this is different.

Kelly Price goes all drama queen prima donna and says she wants a coffee. Imagine Kelly not getting her rider at a venue - there will be hell to pay. So Kelly flounders out saying she doesn't need this gig and she is fully booked and very busy. Dramatic or what? Chante Moore gets on her high horse as well saying the show must go on be it a one woman show or not. The others are just looking at each other in shock.

So how will the show go on? I might be wrong however I think some of it is staged because I doubt Kelly Price will ever behave that unprofessional in front of others or the camera. I suspect the scene was shot a number of times hence Kelly looking slightly harrassed when she came it with her hair all messed up and tangled.

Also since Kelly Price brought the idea to other divas it should be expected she would already have crew to produce it.

However that would be no drama and boring. She might as well just go and rent a theatre/theater gets the divas in and put on a show in three days. Also next week she does step up very close in anger to the director and women rarely do that unless they know the man.

Still it's going to be very interesting because now there are two directors and two Diva camps- Camp Kelly Price and Camp Chante Moore. So we'll see them battle it out and who wins... Which director gets picked.

With that said different directors will bring different things to show and it depends on whom the all the divas feel comfortable working with. Because for all the fakery, foolery and staged stuff -  Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson are revealing true emotions and  true life experiences and that must be handled with care.

So the divas are all first class -  sassy, savvy and sophiscated. and I hope it doesn't change. Even the catty bitchiness is on a different level.

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