Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 episode 15 - Finale: Joseline is humilated by Stevie J, Rasheeda and Kirk still play ping pong, Scrappy blames everyone but himself and K Michelle moves to New York

We come to end of this season after 13 weeks - whoa! It's a reality show along a fixed story line and sometimes things change Che Mack was dropped because she was boring and allegedly wouldn't sleep with Stevie J. Her interview  is here then she was dropped from the reunion show.

Shay Bucky Johnson probably expected a move positive portrayal but was shown as a trouble making hoodrat while Erica portrayed as the long suffering angelic baby mother/fiancee.  However it appears away from the camera Shay was also supporting Scrappy but it didn't fit into the show's format.   See her interview with the Breakfast Club - Power 105.1. Discard what she says about Erica (because it's just women being nasty and bitter to each other) but you can also hear how close she is to Scrappy.

So the show does manipulate, edit and dictate the storylines. Even here sometimes I'm rooting for someone but then something happens to reveal that person in a different light. It's all fun and games....


As expected Stevie J didn't give Joseline a straight answer. He just tells her to give it TIME - which is Stevie J code for no.

Joseline being simple-minded and naive believes she is making progress. Joseline may be wise when it comes to the street but in matters of the heart she is very young.  So we get a lot of cross communication and miss-communication.

What's worse is Stevie J going on in the confessionals about how can woman propose to a man. The guy is creep but then he's the best thing that has happened to Joseline so what can anyone say. It's all relative - she's used to low life losers who just treat her like a piece of junk so this jerk looks like Prince Charming.

Anyway they are now life partners but Stevie J is only thinking about his penis and the cut he gets from being Joseline manager. Remember he'll be due a cut of her check/cheque from the show too.


We are going round in cycles with these two. A part of me still thinks part of it was planned but it went out of control. Whatever - Kirk turns up in some cheap-looking jeep filled with just balloons and some cheap looking baby clothes. Kirk apologises to Rasheeda. She doesn't accept and then tells him to go away and think about what he really want. She is like even if he bought Louis Vitton and channel - which is obviously DID NOT - the VH1 budget did not stretch that far. Also why does Kirk dress like a teenager?

I'm tired of all this playing around. We know Kirk cheated. We know he's a jerk but we also know Rasheeda kicked him out. This is not about wrong or right - when someone leaves the marital home - it's usually the last straw. The first is sleeping in separate beds the second is moving out.

Wrong or right the instant a woman kicks a man out - it's out of sight. So it's always a risk. There is right. There is wrong. There is reality. The Frosts are boring again and frankly I don't really care with all this yada yada yada ping pong. However I think they are back together again. So happily boring ever after.

Oh, I forgot Rasheeda got the girls to pretend to paint some room so she could bitch about Kirk yet again and have Erica whine about how inspiration Rasheeda (whom she's only know for a minute on screen) was to her.


So Darryl Scrappy in now in celeb rehab wearing his clothes and not orange jumpsuit with a number on it. He has his own apartment with a kitchen, lounge and bedroom. No bunk-bed, two by four cell here. Nope A List Scrappy Darryl is living it up in rehab. The only thing is that there is no weed so he's plain sober and he's not used to that. In lockdown he probably could have scored a little something something. Anyway with a clear mind and clarity Darryl Scrappy can actually see things clearing.

So Momma Dee pops in  to see her little prince Scrappy Darryl and like the spoilt brat momma's boy Darryl is he starts to blame his mother, Erica and Shay for making him smoke weed. His mother is not having. Deborah as we now know she is called puts her foot down and says smoking weed was his own fault. They may have been triggers in his life but Scrappy Darryl needs to take responsible, stop blaming everyone else and be a man about it.

I think that's probably the first time Momma Dee Deborah has actually told her son to take some responsibility. And to be fair to Scrappy Darryl he does in his own way but he is caught up between two very demanding women - Erica and his mother.

Anyway Erica comes to finally dump him - or give him back his ring. Saying she doesn't want to marry him anymore. And she pawned the ring out of spite - I think we all got that bit. In season one I thought Erica was too hot-headed and wanted Scrappy to do things her way.

I wasn't impressed when she expected Scrappy on probation to beat up Stevie J. It could have violated the conditions of his probation (which he did anyway by smoking weed). However overtime I think she has grown and matured. Also become more self confident due to the show. However and the big however is that this show depends on her connection to Scrappy.

I have been asking where Shay Bucky Johnson was with all this drama and it seems that she was in the back ground however it didn't suit the storyline for her to be featured. So a lot is going on behind the scenes. Which was why Scrappy mentioned Shay's name to his mother. Shay did a radio interview (the Breakfast Club - Power 105.1) and she said some things. You have to take a few things with a pinch of salt but it appears she and Scrappy are good friends. So if you have time check it out and listen for yourself.

As for this marriage thing - I don't see Scrappy marrying Erica unless it's for the show. Erica has grown and matured but the ticket to her reality fame is still Scrappy because in terms of reality she's not interesting enough. And the same applies to a lot of the women on the show with the exception of K Michelle and Rasheeda (no matter how boring) who have careers in their own right.

Look at what Karlie Redd had to do to stay in the show - go and beg No-neck Benzino for money for a new boob job. Are you telling me she can't raise the money for that by doing some shows, or even ask other rich 'friend'. Did Karlie Redd have to humiliate herself asking a lecherous Benzino on TV for money who then goes to her like a trick  and says Karlie Redd has to be 'nice' to him like Karlie is some cheap corner hooker.


K Michelle announces she is going to New York and Erica who had never being two miles out of Atlanta not to speak Geogia state asks what's wrong with Atlanta. Emmm.... do we really want that answered?

Anyway I think Mona Scott has drafted K Michelle to help the failing franchise of Love and Hip Hop New York. But I doubt even K Michelle can save that lot. That was really the Chrissy Lampkins and Jimmy Jones show - even I see it now. I tried watching Joe Buden and co but turned after three shows. The man has no charm or charmisma. No does Consequence and his Jen Pen.

He's just a plain Joe loser. I go in hard with Stevie J, Scrappy and Benzino but these men have some appeal. They are charming in their own right. Joe Buden is a second rate Kirk Forst and that ani't good because Kirk Frost is third rate. Richard Dollaz is a side kick and so is Erica Mena. Olivia is plain boring - yawn yawn yawn - maybe K Michelle will chuck a wine glass at her and start some beef - who know *shrug* but more importantly who cares?


Anyway I digress they entire female cast including Joseline except Rasheeda and Mimi all gather. Not sure why Erica has beef with Joseline but Joseline is on best behaviour and tells then she is practically engaged. Oh yes, I remember Joseline whupped Erica in season one when Erica and Scrappy ambushed Joseline and Stevie J at the studio - see how a VH1 cheque/check can make you break bread with your enemies and haters at the dinner table or in this case share cocktails?

A few surprises around the table though they start to bitch about it when they hear she proposed. Joseline acts all tough but you can see it does get to her a bit. In those situations you can see Joseline still needs a little bit more polishing because she seems awkward and uncomfortable.

Ariane seems to have some sort of thyroid problem because in some scenes she seems slim then an extra twenty pounds. She seems to go from a size 6 to a size 14 in a minute then back down again. Anyway she announces yet again that she is gay  - boring. Joseline is like nah - I just like men.

At some point Karlie Redd (who does anything for a Love and Hip Hip Atlanta pay check/cheque) arranges a meeting between K Michelle and Rasheeda.  Boring boring nothing much apart from Rasheeda playing the pregnant woman card saying meeting K Michelle could have affected her condition.


This is from a woman who'd just watched her husband on a fake threesome orgy - if that didn't induce labour what would. Also being down the lawyer's office to find out about her rights. She is the kind of female back home in Africa that will be working on the farm till baby drops - that's how strong Rasheeda is. Good strong woman.
Anyway Rasheeda and K Michelle act civilised and shake hands.


So Erica and Ariane just couldn't leave it messy Karlie Redd to give Mimi the news about Joseline and Stevie J however Mimi is more interested in showing her new pair of titties... breast implants and even Ariane has a feel at them.


Benzino says sorry and that he lied about sleeping with Joseline or maybe Karlie Redd lied about him telling her he had slept with Joseline. It's confusing. Also the fact a near fifty year-old man would behave in this way. It's creepy. Then some fake Joseline look-a-like comes in and starts bitching about Joseline. It's too much so all we need to know is that Benzino is sorry. Then at some point he apologises to Joseline and gives her some cheap chocolates.


I wonder whether Benzino was told to do it to keep in the show. Maybe Benzino was getting boring and was told by the show he needed to keep relevant so it was this Joseline BS. Benzino has being mostly a side piece this season with nothing going for him.

Benzino whines about having no chicks but we know he's planting it between every spread he can get - he needs to play a part to get a VH1 cheque/check  and that's what he's doing.


Stevie J gets Joseline up to some penthouse room with a piano. I think he's given her a theme and there are some flowers I believe yellow rose petals scattered on the floor. He's on the piano with three champagne glasses.

Joseline appears wearing a nice yellow dress all excited. She is a bit puzzled by the third glass but rolls with in. Walks in Mimi with her new breasts - bought with the cash Stevie J gave her - probably Joseline's video money. And it looks she's also had some liposuction on her tights. I don't recall her thighs being that thin but whatever it's her body and she looks great. She sits down.

 I'm not sure what Stevie J was thinking when he arranged this. Anyway he makes a little speech about being life partners to Joseline slips a ring on her finger then turns to Mimi and gives her a ring.

Joseline very hurt and humiliated leaves the room and Stevie J goes after her. She is so hurt that she pushes the camera out of her face. Then she thumps and kicks at Stevie J and the crew and security have to separate them.

Then we cut to Mimi who seems to be having fun smiling and drinking her champagne but I bet she was told to behave that way because it seemed so fake.

 There are no winners here because Mimi needs another season of being connected to Stevie J to stay on the show and be relevant. Without all this pandering there will be no VH1 cheque/checks so she is as much a victim as Joseline is in this circus.

STOP PRESS it appears Stevie J did get married to Joseline after all. Not sure how true this is but good luck to them if it is - however this doesn't change my opinion of Stevie J. Or maybe they are just trying to help out Benzino's failing magazine.


Joseline was exploited, humiliated and made to look a fool. Not even I expected this ending from Stevie J and it left a sour taste in my mouth. All jokes aside, I can see why this man is a loser. I mean a real loser. A failure. Both in his work and personal life. To humiliate someone you say you love like that is beyond what I can think.  The relationship with Mimi is supposedly finished - it's supposed to be about co-parenting and he has four other children somewhere around. This man was working with the likes of Shawn Combs (P Diddy/Puff Daddy) back in the day - now he's washed up and messing  women up for the reality TV on VH1. Joseline is 26 years old and he's about 46 (but take care of himself). In the hood he's old enough to be her grand-daddy.

I like Joseline because she's honest - she can be bitchy at times to Che Mack and Karlie Redd but it's human.  The problem with Joseline is that she has no real talent apart from being herself. I saw the video which was appalling - basically what Mimi said - a soft porno and she couldn't sing.

Without this show and Stevie J love triangle Joseline knows she'll be back in the club stripping so she really needs to have an exit plan for all this rubbish. She needs to invest in herself and do something that will give her a launch for the long term - even if it means going back to school or something. Because Stevie J is a one-way ticket to loserville and Joseline needs to do better than that.

She is going to be back there doing the same old stuff with Stevie J and Mimi - talking rubbish but the problem is that Love and Hip Hop is not like the Real House Wives or Basketball Wives that are focused on women - Love and Hip Hop is focused on the MEN and THEIR women.

Anyway I wish them all luck and I hope Joseline gets it together because she is the most vulnerable of the lot.

Oh I find the wrap ups just fake and as for Drew and Traci - please. That is just another cheque/check because unlike the others there is no real relationship. At least Mimi was still with Stevie J when she started - there is nothing interesting about Traci's seven year's drought waiting for her baby daddy Drew to mature - but like K Michelle says - it's about safe sex and checks.