R&B Divas LA season 1 episode 3: Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson all go to Vegas, Chante Moore is all about female empowerment and self-marrage, Dawn Robinson reveals more about her hurtful and abusive marrage also struggles to have a child,Lil Mo and Chante Moore save the day singing at Boardway in the Hood.

This show is pleasant, honest and easy to watch. I think they have go the balance right in this case because I can see people like Chante Moore, Lil Mo, Michel'le and to some extent Dawn Robinson not standing for any behind the scenes rubbish - however time will tell since it's still early days.
These women are hungry  in a different way to the ones in R&B Diva's Atlanta. With the exception of Claudette Ortiz- these are very cast full of strong women and know their worth! I say that because Claudette Ortiz is the youngest by a good few years.

So given that the foolery that is Basketball Balls Miami will be starting with Tami, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O'Neil soon this is a good cool down show.

 Lil Mo, Dawn Robinson and Claudette Ortiz bond over  'All we have being through' discussions.

It kicks off with Lil Mo, Dawn Robinson and Claudette Ortiz all discussing the monologues. Yada, yada, yada they keep on talking.

 For the hundredth time in the show Dawn Robinson tells us how scared she is about exposing herself and she doesn't want people to judge her story. It's a bit too late for that in the day I think. We already know she was abused, humiliated and cheated on. Also she desperately wants a baby - it comes out at every chance.

Vocal Lil Mo says she uses tattoos to cover her pain because self-harm isn't her thing. I know a lot of celebrities do that. There was a time whenever David Beckham got a tattoo you could tell a news story was about to break about him.

Anyway they all agree life isn't all roses and rainbows and it's best to tell your truth and keep moving. I'm thinking maybe Love and Hip Hop Joseline would love to join this group so she too can discuss 'All she has been through'.

Kelly Price invites Michel'le to Vegas

Kelly Price and Michel'le meet up for a chat. Kelly tells Michel'le she wants all the girls to go to Vegas.

They joke about what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas then Kelly Price tells her the real reason is for a Non Profit/charity called Broadway in the Hood she supports.

It brings theatre into impoverished Las Vegas neighbourhoods and introducing children, teens, and adults to the arts.

Vegas Trip

The Divas land in Vegas - Lil Mo give us too much information about conceiving one of her kids there. She even gives us the exact suite.

Anyway the divas - Kelly Price, Lil Mo, Dawn Robinson and Claudette Ortiz - all meet at pool side when Miss Chante Moore makes an entrance doing a wonder woman thing though Michel'le thought it was more strip club.

They start talking yet again about the monologues with Dawn Robinson's insecurity nature coming out. Dawn Robinson is a strange one because she is so afraid of getting things wrong or taking risks and at the same time it's like she is walking on thin ice or egg shells all the times. 

Anyway Miss Chante Moore who is probably more bossy than Lil Mo orders them to own their story. Chante is writing a book called 'Will you marry you?'. It's about internalising and reviewing onesself and actions.  She started when she married custody-Sue Kenny Lattimate.

Michel'le who is brilliant at one liners says if Chante had written this book twenty years ago it would have saved a lot of wrinkles. Chante Moore is like your story is your story. Be strong, adamant and own it. Ok, thanks preacher Chante Moore.

 Question and Answer session with the kids at Broadway In The Hood

So Kelly Price takes Lil Mo, Michel'le Toussaint and Claudette Ortiz to a rehearsal of the kids but Chante Moore and Dawn Robinson are missing. I understand probably Chante Moore and Dawn Robinson are having business meetings else where - remember there is life off the camera and we don't see everything.

Kelly introduces the girls and there is an excitement in the air. We hear one of the questions which is they typical one that gets asked 'What advise you do have for these kids who want to go in the business' or something like that.

 Lil Mo is all bibled up and religous Christian girl she is - she goes in hard and says something along these lines. Put God first because the industry is demonic -  full of vipers and snakes. Man says something but God puts you where you sit.  You will make mistakes but keep going.

Michel'le Toussaint is more easy-going and says - you can't fail if you don't try. I think she meant you can't succeed if you don't try.

Claudette Ortiz told them your talent and artistry are your gifts and will always be there. Hmmm... not strictly true because I think you don't use it you lose it and sometimes things go but we know what she means and it's too encourage kids.

Kelly Price was like beware of the 'yes men' and always have someone who will check you. They will they you your stuff stinks - think she means be truthful - and know who you are.

After that they ask if the girls can sing a song which they do.

Chante Moore and Dawn Robinson discussing babies and dating.

Chante Moore and Dawn Robinson meet up in a bar and Dawn tells Chante about her history. Dawn goes on about how she wants kids and her ex-husband demoralised her by not only being abusive and cheating but also having three children outside when she really wanted one.

Right now she is dating some British man (from Wales) and she really wants a kid. Chante doesn't really know what to say - she seemed kind of shocked that Dawn still wanted kids but was encouraging all the same.

Dawn Robinson is like what doesn't kill you make you stronger. Her marriage was so hurtful that it was either she be strong or die. I think Dawn is okay telling her story in a small group or one-to-one but gets stage fright. 

Diva Chat with Lil Mo, Michel'le Toussaint and Claudette Ortiz

The desert wind is blowing hard in Vegas and weave is flying about. Michel'le tells us that there is something about her marriage being fake - well anything to do with Suge Knight will have drama. Allegedly hte FBI and IRS told Michel'le her marriage was fake.

Lil Mo tells the others she doesn't buy into the 'Will I marry me' book and what about 'Will I divorce me?'  She is on husband number two. Anyway Lil Mo says it's easier to sell pain because something about it that sells - no one wants to hear about flawless nails or anything.

I agree but I think it's because one thing that people can relate to is pain since success comes in  degrees and is different for everyone. But pain is pain - rejection, hurt, anger and death are what they are are. It's pretty universal and people want to know how to cope with it. So by dealing with pain and failures - you can live okay since success is relative.

Divas go to Broadway in the Hood performance

Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson  minus Kelly Price  rock up for the event and to to the pink carpet.

Correction on 29 July 2013 to Miss Kelly Price non attendance:  I've been informed that Miss Kelly Price was not going to attend  the  Broadway in the Hood musical event due to a prior engagement and that charity was aware of this. I was also asked to share this with my readers (please see comment below from the charity). Also to say that Miss Kelly Price is a committed and dedicated supporter and patron of  Broadway in the Hood family - see her promo video supporting their worthy cause http://youtu.be/_patOqpevuU on YoutubeAnd also check out Torrey Russell's response on facebook and You tube http://youtu.be/oP5sXUxbqt0 regarding Miss Kelly Price.

We all know producers behind the scenes create drama and conflict for ratings. Also not everything we see is real and sometimes  the cast and situations can be manipulated.

So in this instance just understand that Kelly Price is professional and this is just PART OF A  STORY! You know when people add a bit of salt and pepper or a little something something to sweeten the story.

So back to the show. Miss Kelly Price is a no-show due to a prior engagement and we now know that charity was aware of this. So the charity knows and obviously the R&B Diva show know but that doesn't help in creating drama because nice sweet professional reality stars don't get bums on seats in front of TV One to help ratings and advertising - messy ones do.

So all of a sudden it's where is Kelly Price? Suddenly there  is a 'Where is Kelly Price?' buzz in the air.  The blond woman presenter keeps on asking and everyone keeps asking and finally the divas are ushered in. However on the same night, at the same event producer of  Broadway in the Hood Torrey Russell responsed and you can see his response on  You tube about Kelly Price not attending  http://youtu.be/oP5sXUxbqt0.

The Broadway in the Hood show is amazing and at the end the producer asks if Divas can sing at the end. Lesson learnt from R&B Divas Atlanta is that singers don't like to be put on the stop. Now with new information come to light I think all this fuss/drama about singing may just be for our benefit - be honest how many of you will keep on watching if there is nothing messy going on? Anyway they decide to give it a go and luckily Lil Mo's husband is at hand to play the piano.

They can't decide on a song and Dawn Robinson who is so afraid of everything quits telling them she can't do anything without preparation because unprofessional yada, yada, yada. The truth is that these some of the Diva's are recording artists so to do a live performance they really need to prepare. Also because the show was so good they didn't want to risk being bad. Have you seen X Factor or American Idol where the contestants are a lot better and talented than the actual artists singing on the show?

It appears they divas are about to quit when Lil Mo's husband calls her aside and tells her to do something simple so she decides on a church ditty. You know the kind of song with simple melody that anyone can follow.

Lil Mo sings the song and Chante Moore finishes it up. 

Kelly Price joins the Divas for catch up

So with Broadway in the Hood keeping it 100 percent about them being aware that Miss Kelly Price wasn't going to attend and doing their utmost to protect Miss Kelly Price's reputation we now understand why it was never bought up when the girls sat down in the morning.  All that happened was that Kelly Price had to explain for the benefit of the viewer (us at home) that it clashed with a with a gig of hers. However now we know that the show already know, Broadways in the Hood already knew and probably the Divas knew about it. Then factor in a bit of editing - ta da - drums roll - it becomes a drama about Kelly Price. Anyway we now all know the truth thanks to her charity.

So the show goes on with Chante Moore going into motivational speaker/ life coach mode  starts again about her book.

Then Chante decides to hold an impromptu motivation workshop mode and give each of the women a notebook and a pen and they need to answer the following questions.

  • Write down your best qualities?
  • Write down what kind of man you want - at this point Lil Mo makes a comment that she already has him?
  • What you bring to the table?
  • Are you good enough for you?

 Then Chante Moore announces that they are going to marry themselves. WTF? - Kelly Price, Lil Mo, Dawn Robinson, Claudette and Michel'le take in it in good humour and decide to go along with it. Chante gives each a wedding dress. Kelly Price shook herself and said it was too small.  I don't really think so but I guess she didn't want to embarrass herself dressing in a white wedding gown that would make her look a lot bigger than she is.

The Self Wedding Vows

This was very emotional and started off with Chante Moore. Chante Moore - She will make no compromises and will try to make better choices.


  Lil Mo confessed she wasn't it to this since she was already marred and kept her vows scared however she would promise - to forgive herself more,  tell herself sorry and own up to her mistakes. Lil Mo said it was about rebirth.

Dawn Robinson was the most emotional one. You can see as I said before she is on tenterhook and under a lot of strain and pressure because she wants a child. Dawn said she shouldn't blame herself for not having kids and she needed to accept she may never have children and it isn't her fault.

Not easy because women are suppose to have children - that's the basic function so when a woman wants one and can't have it - it's a real strain.

 You can also imagine all the treatments she'll be having with disappointments so it's a hard one that had eaten at her soul and spirit.

Chante Moore goes up to support her. 

I think at that point everyone realises how lucky they are to have procreated so when Michel'le steps up it's short - she is grateful for all she has and just wants to be a better person. Baby Momma of Dr Dre who now is sitting on an business empire - she's good.

I can't remember what Claudette Ortiz said in her vows  - oh yes - I do now. Claudette Ortiz wanted to value and love herself as she had other people in her life.

Kelly Price was also touching and emotional. It started off the same old same old about wanting to make herself happy since she was always doing it for others but then it went deep about her fear of homelessness.

She was four when her family was made homeless and she could remember sleeping in her mother's car - before that too was repossessed.

And for the last twenty years she's being working flat out so she'll never be homeless again - I know what she means - it's like accepting every piece of work - doing things just to build up a safety net in the bank -  but you can never have enough if fear drives you. Worse of all when it's the scared and frightened four year old Kelly.  It runs deep.

Kelly's promise to herself was to now enjoy her career and talent.

Chante Moore ends it by popping some champagne.

Finally if you are looking for a charity to support, donate or do something for check out Broadway In The Hood and see how you can help others.


  1. Good Day, I happen to run across your blog and I wanted to share the truth on what really happen in Vegas ... Kelly did not diss the kids nor the organization ... we were well aware that she was not coming. Please take a moment and check out my Facebook post and a few Youtube videos with the "Reality" of what happened. I know that you want your readers to be informed and up on the truth so I hit you up personally just to share this with you. I am Torrey Russell- The Founder of Broadway In The Hood and the producer of Dreamgirls.

    "OK Y'all Broadway In The Hood were well aware that Kelly was not going to be at the show... it was originally scheduled to be held on Weds, and that was the day that she and the others spoke with the cast... the producers asked me to change the day to Thursday and Mrs. Kelly Price had another event that she had to attend ... we COMPLETELY understood! Kelly is ALWAYS with the cast and crew, she was at the auditions, the kids have hung out with her and her family in LA, and the entire Broadway In The Hood Family went to her church with her, hung out with Pastor Anthony Shep Crawford the ECM Family and had a BLAST!!! These past 3 years have been AWESOME and we look forward to 30 more!!! SO Won't NOBODY mad at Kelly ... BUT THE DEVIL!!!"



    God Bless you and thank you for sharing the truth with your readers!! Torrey Russell

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Fully understood and I've pointed it out to readers that it wasn't true at all and that Miss Kelly Price is committed and a complete professional.


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