Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 Episode 14: Kirk blames peer pressure, Karlie has leaking breast implants and begs Bezino for cash for new ones, Mimi gets new breasts, Scrappy want to get married again, Joseline proposes to Stevie J

 It starts off with Shirleen Momma Rasheeda driving off and telling Kirk she's not finished with him. This points out to me that it's highly unlikely there will be a reconciliation.

 Douche Bag Kirk lets us know he can beat on OLD WOMEN

Knucklehead Kirk starts talking about giving his mother-in-law a free pass otherwise it would have been another matter. Okay, I think we get the bike was an extension to Kirk's dick/penis/manhood so Momma Rasheeda kicked him where it hurt by mashing up his bike.

Anyway Kirk doesn't think before speaking because why would you want to fight an old woman. This is where he's a total moron and imbecile - only a crackhead desperate for a hit would fight an old woman. Maybe the bike is on lease and he hasn't finished making repayments on it. Whatever it is Rasheeda's mom is like over 60. Kirk is a disrespectful jerk.

 Kirk and Rasheeda talk and he blames peer pressure.

Moving on swiftly he and Rasheeda start the same old talk. Four earring Kirk comes out with normal excuse of how those bitches meant nothing to him and how he loves Rasheeda, the new baby and their son. Then he says in typical man talk that Rasheeda is unreasonable with all her yelling, screaming and shouting. He's like he only made a mistake - yes on national TV. However time out - I do think he may have been sort of set up in a way VH1 got the women and booze flowing when he thought he was going for a boys weekend.

Rasheeda and Kirk continue to discuss this problem. Kirk speaks with the emotions of cold water fish - he wants to be with his family. He blames peer pressure - does he mean Benzino? To be fair Benzino did warn Kirk.

The worst thing is that Kirk is calm so he makes Rasheeda look irrational. He's like you kicked me out yada yada yada. He is too cool. Rasheeda just gets angrier and angrier till finally she tells him normally in the State of Georgia it's a 50-50 split but with adultery she can get it all Rasheeda means business. Kirk now pays attention since it's going hit him in the pocket - think of all that child support he'd have to pay if he separates from Rasheeda. Plus division of their business assets and the house.

Cold Fish Kirk meets No-neck Benzino for advice and more peer pressure

He goes meet with no-neck Benzino who tells Kirk he has two options. Option one is to beg and woo Rasheeda with a new car (whip) full of bags and shoes - is that what these two jerks think? Give a woman a nice bag and a pair of shoes and all is forgiven? Really?

The second option is Benzino has a number of a good divorce lawyer so Kirk can lawyer up and not get thrown out on the streets. Kirk probably reckons getting an whip full of shoes and bag is cheaper than engaging lawyer services who charge by the second.

Erica and Mimi

Erica and Mimi go to a golfing range and it's all about baby daddies and now these men try to manipulate them with money and gifts.

REAL LIFE SOLUTION - instead of bitching about how useless Scrappy and Stevie J are s when it comes to money and child support Mimi and Erica can go the local Atlanta Department of Health and Human Services Child Support Enforcement Division and pay the application fee and file the child support paper work.

The Department of Health and Human Services Child Support Enforcement Division will serve Scrappy and Stevie J, get an order established and start garnishing wages.

 If Scrappy and Stevie J get in arrears for over $5,000 they will lose all professional licenses, driver’s license and will not be able to leave the country.

However that is too simple and not as fun as Erica and Mimi bitching about their baby daddies. So Mimi continues to whine  how whenever Stevie J gives a gift it comes with strings attached - Erica is more blatant about it. Scrappy wants sex. Mimi concedes it's all about power games.

Then Mimi says she wants a new pair of breasts. She breastfeed Eva for three years - given Eva just turned four - was Mimi still breast-feeding in season one? Anyway Mimi just wants perky breasts - who doesn't? I personally part of the reason is that Mimi has also lost a lot of weight which may have affected her chest.

Erica and Mimi go to a surgeon who does the due diligence of asking her the reason why she wants the implants - she tells him for herself. This is all rubbish because people will just lie on the form. So it's agreed.

The surgeon hands them some implants and Erica cracks jokes about the size of Joseline's implant. 

Joseline and Stevie J

So 'Everything I've been Through' Joseline is getting a bit boring this season. Anyway she give Stevie J her savings to make a video and also a ticket to Puerto Rico. I'm not saying anything about her paying for Stevie J's ticket and her own video!

Sleazy Stevie J not being one to turn down a free holiday and a wad of cash accepts. However in a minute he's down the bar trying to buy his baby mother Mimi's attention. Stevie tells Mimi about the video shoot and Mimi is like a porno? Stevie is no just Joseline's music video and Mimi is like that's what she meant. Ouch!

Anyway this douche bag Stevie gives Mimi a present - a bag with a wad of cash.  I suspect that's Joseline's money. Mimi says nothing but just takes gift and  the cash - I think Mimi's just found her money for a new pair of perky titties.

Mimi goes for surgery.

Mimi flirts with the surgeon while he marks up her breasts for surgery - yuck! She is rolling her eyes and trying to look cute with a soft voice.

But then again no one looks good in a srugerical gown and cap. So no Mimi, it's not going to work

 Joseline and Stevie J in Puerto Rico

This is where it gets a big funny! Joseline is an AMERICAN with Puerto Rico roots! She left Puerto Rico when she was seven years old - second grade. Given that her official age is 26 that's like nearly twenty years ago. She's about as Puerto Rican as about Stevie J is African. So all this Puerto Rican Princess is just about having a sense of identity. I thought she was more like Rihanna who left Barbados at 15 and had definite ties back in the country.  But it's the first time Joseline is going back in 19-20 years.

Anyway Joselines starts singing the old song 'Everything I've been Through' - her mother was a junkie, her father died of a drug overdose, she was treated very badly. At some point she and Stevie J had a competition on who was poorer and had hand-me-downs.  Stevie J's story I take with a pinch of salt - Joseline's is true but I think we get it. She's gone from streets- stripping to being a star. Stieve J changed her life.

Joseline starts crying. She is always crying on this show. She has no family, no father (I guess that was her stepfather that turned up to last season's reunion), her mother didn't care - she had nobody. Coming back to Puerto Rico was stirring up old memories for her.

Stevie J feeling awkard tells Joseline he's her family and he loves her. It's a touching moment but then we know Stevie J will say anything to get out of a situation - after all he did give Joseline's cash to his baby momma Mimi.

So Stevie J is lovey dovey and for the first time tells Joseline he loves her and he's loved her since day one. Very sweet but knowing Stevie J's mind he's probably making the difference between being in-love, loving someone and loving someone as a freiend and business partner - he just gave her the editted version.

Vedio Shoot

Nothing interesting much apart from Joseline looking very nice with a beautiful  it does look like she had butt implants.

Joseline proposes to Stevie J

Well, Joseline proposes to Stevie J.  The first thing Stevie J doesn't is swallow a mouthful of liquor - buying himself time to answer.

Let's look at Joseline's plan to get her man but will it work?

  1. Takes him on trip to her homeland where she had a rough childhood
  2. Crys about her situation  Everything I've been Through - tells Stevie she feels all alone with no family so Stevie J responds he loves her and will take care of her
  3. They have fun on the beach
  4. BOOM - the proposal knocks Stevie J out. He is in no position to say NO!
  5. How can he say no when he told her he was her family and loved her.
You can see Stevie J's mind ticking about what to say. He accepts but there is a twist. You know there is a twist becuase Stevie J doesn't want to give up Mimi. So jugding from next week's finale we'll find out.

Scrappy Drama

Self confessed Marijuana Pot head Scrappy has a press conference and asks all to pray for him. Given he's a celebrity he can now have the Lindsey Lohan/ Hollywood treatment where he's allowed to swap a jail sentence/lockdown for rehab.

Scrappy's lawyer warns him about keeping it real and tells Scrappy failure means going back to rehab facility in jail.  Scrappy is like he doesn't want to go back to jail for smoking pot/blunts/marijuana. I think Scrappy is missing the point. He had violated conditions of his probation - it's not the smoking. It's his release comes with conditions attached and Scrappy needs to be responsible and not violate them. Whether it's keeping a curfew, not getting into fights or drug taking.

Scrappy and Erica

Scrappy thinks he's irrestiable and God's gift to Erica goes to meet up with her. He thinks by offering marrage again it will fix everything - that's what every girl wants, right?

Scrappy says all the right things about his Momma Dee being disrespecful and how he loves Erica and wants to marry her. It's  a different version of the same old story Erica has heard from Scrappy and this time she's not buying it.

Erica has grown and matured over this show - I think it's probably because she is a reality star in her own right so star-fame appeal of Scrappy had lost it's shine. Marrying Scrappy after seeing him cheat and his mother Momma Dee being disrespectful isn't appealing. She is no longer ordinary-worker-star-struck Erica the baby momma for a semi-famous cent-less rapper.

The biggest obstacle in their relationship is Momma Dee. And Scrappy needs to make a decision there - is he going to be always manipulated by his mother? Erica doesn't really care, I think, now she has exposure she can always get a new man on a higher level than Scrappy.

Karlie Redd needs new titties too and goes to Benzino for funding

Peer-Pressure Benzino is leering over a video he made as as a dis to Joseline. Isn't this like a few months old? Karlie comes acting all surprised and questioning him about it. But then Karlie Redd can't afford to annoy Benzino since she needs his dollars.

Apparently Karlie Redd's breast implants are leaking and she tells Bezino she needs about $4,000 to get them fixed. This is just basically prostitution at it's worse.

Doesn't Karlie get paid enough on the show to repair her leaky titties/breasts?  Benzino acts a leech and tells her he say to be nice to him. It's disgusting, begging Benzino for money on TV and then kissing him. And they all have the audcity to make fun of Joseline and call her a prostitute.