R&B Divas LA espisode 2: Dawn Robinson and Michel'le talk domenstic abuse, the Divas talk about unplugging vaginas, working mom balance and Kenny Lattimore sues Chante Moore for custody.Claudette Ortiz meets up with Ryan Toby

So the open mic is done!

The show kicks off with Kelly Price thanking Chante Moore for doing the open mic. Kelly Price is a very pretty woman. She is grateful for everyone donating their time for free especially since lets face it these girls can sing - if Keke Whyatt was in this group she will be just another voice.

Anyway Kelly tells Chante that she is going to throw a dinner party for Chante's birthday. So Chante is excited and is her own words - is going to be 30 again!

Lil Mo and  Claudette Ortiz have a play date

So Lil Mo,  Claudette Ortiz and their kids have a play date at  Claudette Ortiz's house. Nice house I must say. They talk about balancing motherhood with bringing up children and how so very hard it is.

Okay but millions of working women are doing this - unless you are on state welfare system - and even those do backhand jobs. If you want your kiddies to have something nice - ya'll need to work. Simple. Anyway it occurs to me that  Claudette Ortiz sounds like Monifah.

Chante Moore birthday dinner party.

So far so good. No fake phony pretend BS like in R&B Divas Atlanta. These women are real in their stories - every woman on this show is in First Class mentality. Not coach allowed! Anyway the women come to Kelly's house where CO is already there making the food with Kelly.

Apparently Chante loves sea food. After a bit of female bonding and jokes Kelly tells the girls that she has a project in mind. She wants to so a monologue but with some songs - life stories with music. A bit like Vagina Monologues meet Unplugged. Sounds good to me. Let's hope no one does a Syleena Johnson shady style coup. Come on now Nikki was made to look bad but both were equally as bad.

Someone says they'll go see the original Vagina Monologue but Chante Moore is like - no way! People shouldn't be worrying about other people's vagina (I've heard this line before from Jennifer Williams in Basketballs Wives when she was arguing with Eve Lonzada).  Chante more is about everyone should focus on unplugging their own vagina. There are giggles around the table and the talk reverts to sex.

Chante is like she lost her virginity at 17. In fact it wasn't lost - it was taken by some loser who was much older than her. It wasn't what she expected.

Lil Mo cosigns and tells us about her experience. She did it and it was painful, messy worse thing was the loser idiot boy was like he wasn't going to do it again - so she went into her shell and became a tom boy. The whole experience was traumatising. It wasn't like there was music, violins playing, candy or flowers brought. It was just nasty. I agree - it was painful and not what I expected too  - even afterwards it's like let me lay down and think of England because it became boring. So I'm very sure if some people just make up about their first time - but believe me - it was no Mill and Boon Romance novel type thing.

Lil Mo and the cost of living on the West Coast.

It cuts back to Lil Mo complaining about the cost of living on the West Coast compared to Baltimore. She complained about the cost of gasoline and that can't even get a nanny to look after the baby because it was so expensive. To be honest LA, Hollywood is a money town.

Her husband is like that is where they need to be if they want to move further in their career. As a scorer and composer - it's ideal because of Hollywood so even if it's low budget TV and movies he can still earn a cent.  He can get more opportunities here - so can Mo.

Then Mo is like she want to be an artist rather than a -stay-home-mom who does music.

Claudette Ortiz and ex-husband and former City High band mate, Ryan Toby

 Claudette meets her ex Ryan to discuss things. These two still have a strong chemistry and I'm inclined say stop playing games with the on and off friendship and try and resolve some stuff. Try counselling.  I say thing because even the way  Claudette Ortiz was sitting was so obvious she was confused about the whole thing and still cared deeply about this dude.

As for Ryan - with all good intentions - the guy is a hustler. I just think now  Claudette Ortiz is on this TV show he's edging in to get some exposure for himself. However if he lives in LA that may also be a hidden reason why  Claudette Ortiz  moved - so she could be nearer him.  It's not everything that is revealed on camera.

Anyway they don't really talk much but there a lot of unresolved feelings and issues with those two.

Duwayne Wayne is in the house.

Kardeem Hardison makes an appearance - he's now a fat poppa. Chante tells him she needs him to fix her up with a date. Kardeem hints that Chante is a bible girl - good strong Christian and comes out with Jesus or Abraham.

Chante laughs but it seems Chante is a perfectionist - which is quite obvious in her singing as well. She wanted everything to be perfect - I think maybe her standards and demands where just too high.

Anyway Chante is like she just wants to date and no marriage.

Dawn and Michel'le

They are both having a pedicure when they start to discuss girls' favourite subject - men/boys. Not sure how it starts but I think it goes on to cheating and babies.  Michel'le is like she is happy single because she has no time to deal with kids.

Dawn Robinson then reveals that her husband had three kids in the marriage. It was very painful because Dawn had none. Michel'le cosigns and says there was bad in another way. Michel'le then husband had three of them pregnant just around the same time. So one ho gave birth a few month before Michel'le had her baby and other ho a few months after.

Then it went to domestic violence.  Apparently Dawn's husband suddenly changed when they married. He was a nice charmer but after that it was like a Jekyll and Hyde change. He would allegedly grabbed her by the neck. At some point it was like a Jerry Springer show.

Michel'le asked her how long before she started fighting back - Dawn was like after the second time but it became destructive because she would leave him and always go back.

Michel'le was it was after about the 15th alleged assault she started fighting. But she too started leaving but going back. And then Michel'le in true form drops one - it was mainly the gifts that did it.  Dawn is like she had no gifts - in fact Dawn implies  it was her money that was bankrolling that marriage.

Chante Moore and her manager

Chante reveals to her manger that her ex-husband Kenny Lattimore is now suing her for custody of her son.  Kenny is alleging that her son is better adjusted living with him than Chante (his mother) because she doesn't take care of him. He is also that she doesn't have the time to look after him. Ouch!

All I can say is that Kenny Lattimore has bad timing and probably made a wrong move.  He picks the moment when his ex-wife is on TV bearing her soul to tell her she is a bad mom. He has also given Chante Moore a storyline for the show. What an idiot! Now this battle is going to be fought in the public arena and everyone is going to know his son's business.  Whatever happened to mediation and resolution?

 Chante Moore and  Claudette Ortiz

They meet up to discuss the monologue and then Chante tells her about Kenny Lattimore trying to take her baby away from her. What man tries to take away a child from its mama on national TV? Lawyers are a last result

Church Do

Chante invites all the girls to support her in a video where she is going to be singing live.  She is collaborating with her pastor on a project.

The girl turns up and Chante is nervous that all this Kenny Lattimore drama will affect her singing. She steps on stage and blows everyone away.

She has an incredible voice - she is just as good as Mariah Carey  - but then back in the day Mariah did marry the Sony boss label Tony Mottola so the entire Sony Machine was working for her.

 It must be frustrating to be able to sing like that but having no opportunity to show the world.  Possibly bad management, poor promotion and marketing and mainly it not being the right time.