Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 2– Episode 13 – Joseline buys her own engagement ring, Bitching about Kirk Frost continue, Momma Rasheeda runs over Kirk's bike, Gerry Whites asks Scrappy if he wants Imani to end up in college or main attraction in Magic City, Traci Steele and Drew are still irrelevant.


The 'Bitching about Kirk Frost' sessions.

Rasheeda gave Kirk a free pass to do 'him'. While some men take time out on a spiritual path to  inner peace on the road to self discovery and enlightenment with mediation, yoga and prayer unfortunately Kirk Frost decided that doing 'him' was about doing hot tub scenes with industry hoes and ending up in a threesome in bed while being filmed on national television.Also has any one noticed no one is has actually said the L-word - Love through out all this drama. It's about fixing a partnership but no one has really thrown that question out there - I guess what does Love have to do with it? It's about commitment, partnership and making money, right?

So basically this season has been all about Kirk Frost cashing in his free pass to wild out with hoes, sluts and tramps on a lake vacation and therefore humiliating his pregnant wife Rasheeda.

Lesson: Never tell your husband to take time out and do 'him' because it might just back fire. Also people aren't always who you think they are. Anyway does not excuse Kirk for being a low down dirty cheating SOB. There is wrong and right but there are also people. Kirk's brain works differently to most people so a free pass was taken literally. The man is stupid. He really is...

 Bitch about Kirk session one: When did Rasheeda and Mimi become best friends?

Rasheeda calls up Mimi to talk about Kirk and cashing in his free pass for sex on national TV.

Yes we all know Kirk in terms of monopoly game - went pass go, collected two hundred dollars but unfortunately is now in Rasheeda's jail with no chance of getting bail.

Rasheeda cries and is comforted by Mimi who tells Rasheeda she'll talk to Kirk about cashing in his free pass for some hoes.

Bitch about Kirk session two: Mimi and Kirk talk about his free pass

Not technically a bitching session since Kirk was there but whatever.  Kirk turns up because he say Mimi won't scream and shout at him also he's known Mimi for as long (I'm not sure he said longer) than Rasheeda.

Anyway Mimi lays into Kirk and Kirk agrees with her saying the usual male rubbish excuse about feeling unloved, unappreciated and uncared for by Rasheeda.

 The worse thing was Kirk said he actually enjoyed cheating - now that's not a good thing. Kirk is still looking dull and very bored like he doesn't care.

 Bitch about Kirk session three: Rasheeda and her mother talk about Kirk

Here we go again. Rasheeda and her mom bitch about Kirk and it's started to get a bit boring because it isn't going anywhere. Even I'm tired of insulting Kirk. 

We know Kirk cheated on national TV in a VH1 approved sex scene. We know it was nasty. We know Kirk is a douche bag, bastard and ass. We know, we know, we know - now the question is what is the next step?
What is the resolution?  Do they go for marriage counselling and try and work it out? I take it he's still her manager? Do they separate  - I don't think it's a good idea unless Rasheeda calls it a day because because Kirk will take it as an extension on his free pass to do more creeping. Hmmmm... I don't know the answer but please quit bitching and whining - 'Kirk this and Kirk that' BECAUSE WE KNOW!

Anyway Rasheeda is like she doesn't see any honest effort on Kirk's part to repair their relationship but the question is does Kirk want to repair the relationship? Hear me out - douche bag Kirk is a cheater but no one has really asked Kirk if he wants to remain with Rasheeda. We all assume that he does want to remain married. Rasheeda assumes he wants to stayed married but Kirk hasn't said anything. He's keeping quiet.

Rasheeda says she is getting a lawyer involved to file for divorce because she didn't believe that docile dimwit Kirk would go to the lake and get it on with a couple of hoe, tricks, tramps or sluts.  Kirk doesn't look the type because he seems so dull but it is what it is. He doesn't even know how to cheat so goes public with his ho at an event. What a defuss!

Anyway Momma Rasheeda goes in saying that Rasheeda gives 150% in everything she does and Rasheeda agrees but however bad man Kirk doesn't see this.  Time out again  - since Kirk Frost is not a serial cheater there must be something fundamentally wrong so yes he did take little Kirk Frost who lives between his legs to go poking about but these guys need to go for marriage therapy.

Momma Rasheeda tells Rasheeda she is still beautiful and not to worry. However we find out that not only has douche bag Kirk walked out on Rasheeda - he's also walked out on the business. I guess the Mona Scott/VH1 cheque/checks are doing well.

As Momma Rasheeda leaves Kirk comes riding in on his dirt bike. Even I can't believe it and think this is a set up - it seems too planned. Kirk gives a creepy smile and says he's come to patch up his relationship - like it's that simple. Maybe he should go down the clinic first and  get tested.

That just irked Momma Rasheeda who jumped into the car did what any self respecting mother would do - ran down his bike - TWICE. Go Momma Rasheeda, Go!  Then drove off shouting she wasn't through with him. Kirk didn't even react - all he said was it was a $7,000 bike. That's Kirk's problem - the man never shows emotion about anything. He's cold.

The rest of the show

Ariane comes out as gay or bisexual or free spirit

I didn't know being a free spirit mean you self with both men and women however in Ariane's book it does. Ariane who suddenly announces she is gay or sleeps with women. Mimi knew and K Michelle was surprised. I doubt it's news  because rumours have been going around regarding this. Also who really cares about Araine's sex life?

The real question is that have Ariane, Stevie J and Mimi being in some sort of situation? Hmm... the plot thickens.

K Michelle and Josline Mock Karlie Redd

New BFF K Michelle and Joseline have a chat and for some unknown reason (maybe VH1 told K Michelle to do it) K Michelle invites Joseline to Karlie's gig. So Joseline agrees after bitching about Karlie's age. This is so last season, Joseline - please find something new to bitch about. We know Karlie is in her forties but so is Mimi, Stevie J and possibly Kirk. Definitely Benzino is in his fifties so I'm not seeing Joseline's real point.

So Karlie Redd is old and messy - big deal. Anyway the go and it nearly turns ugly with Joseline having pops at Karlie's age. But then it doesn't matter because even Joseline's beloved Stevie J has disrespected Joseline by calling her a prostitute and so did Benzino. Prostitute and old - which is worse?

Scrappy and Momma Dee

Scrappy fails a drug test for smoking pot. Then he confesses he's a pot head. Scrappy says he just can't stop. Well he could only he'll have to live in the real world and there will be no escape from his crazy mother and demanding baby momma. He knows it as well and says he smokes because he can't cope.

Momma Dee doesn't care about Scrappy's pot habit and is more concerned about breaking up his engagement to Erica. She tells Scrappy she went with Erica to make sure the ring was off Erica's finger and it was pawned. Scrappy wasn't very happy at that. I think he needs a break from his mother - I think I once suggested maybe he went travelling or moved to gain some independence.

Scrappy meets respected social worker and academic Gerry White

He goes to see a social worker Gerry White. Scrappy with his fuzzy brain can't work out why smoking weed is such a big deal - he just wants to be high with his head in the clouds but if you are probation can get sent down because of drug IT'S A PROBLEM!

Pot head Scrappy had being smoking weed since he was 12. Momma Dee needs to be given worse mother of the decade! How does a 12 year pick up smoking weed because his mother was pimping and drug dealing. She is an awful woman. Did I hear correctly that Scrappy says when he needs to smoke real bad his mother looks out for him? WTF? What does that mean? Momma Dee is too shady, too shady...I can only shake my head.

Mona Scot/VH1 probably just may have negotiated to keep Scrappy out of lock down/the slammer for teh show.  It's possible because we get to see Gerry White. Now Gerry White is a heavy weight and highly experienced professional. He was also a Adjunct Professor at Clark Atlanta University  so he's not your average social worker/counsellor. Check out his resume here Anyway Gerry White puts straight to Scrappy. He tells Scrappy he needs to take a vacation from his mom. It's smoking weed or his daughter Imani. Gerry White then drops a bomb on Scrappy.

He says Scrappy can either see Imani going to Spelman College and majoring in a good degree or being the main attraction in Magic City. Mr Gerry White doesn't mess about.

Does Scrappy want his daughter to be a professional woman like Mona Scott, Shaunie O'Neal or Oprah? Or does he want Imani end up like his mother, Joseline and Bucky Shay hustling with her body for money with some dirty perv men stuffing money down her g-string in some strip joint.

The way Gerry White put in terms Scrappy could understand and hit the spot. The bottom line is that does Scrappy want his daughter to end up with a man like himself? I think not. Scrappy may love strip joints, smoking weed and hoing around but he doesn't want that for his daughter. Fair play.

Josline and Stevie J

Joseline gets to meet Stevie J's father Poppa J. For the first time Joseline is not looking like a hooker and made an effort in a nice dress. She even toned down her make-up to make it more natural.  You could see she was really 26.

It was pretty interesting because when Joseline spoke about marriage Stevie J started looking like a boy and went really quiet and shy. Joseline wants marriage, kids and the whole nine yards. Wasn't she the one who last season had an abortion because she didn't think Stevie was fit to be a dad because he had so many children? So what has changed now? I bet the career isn't going as well as she hoped.

Stevie J was practically blushing and said nothing. Well Poppa J seemed to like Joseline and even gave her some tips about how to get Stevie J. Take him to Vegas and get him drunk. But then Poppa J has probably said the same thing to all Stevie J's other women. 

So Joseline takes matters into her own hands, go down the jewelry store and buys an engagment ring. Stevie, Stevie, Stevie J won't know what hits him. Didn't anyone tell Joseline you can't buy yourself a ring?

Drew and Traci

I'm not buying the whole story. It's like they have taken over the Kirk and Rasheeda Frost as most irrelevant and boring couple. Drew does a back ground check on Traci's dude and finds out he has a criminal record. In the hip hop music industry it's not a big deal! It's harder to find one without a criminal record. Then Traci yells at the man and breaks up with him. Your baby daddy's claim to fame is being the DJ of a wife-girl friend beater! WTF! If she wants a man with a clean record she need to look beyond the industry. Full Stop. Period.

The Drew visits her and starts talking rubbish about her letting go of the past. The only reason he'll do that is if he's meet the love of his life within the time Traci dumped that dude and the time Drew saw her again. It's just boring, rubbish and irrelevant.