R&B Divas LA: Episode 101 - Kelly Plans Open Mic, Claudette opens about abuse in City High, Dawn Robinson says no cash gained from En Vogue and Former Boss Lady of Death Row Records aka Suge Knight & Dr Dre Baby Momma - Michel'le sings like an angel

I LOVE IT ALL READY! Now ya'll know there is going to be drama so let's get started. We are off to LA where the sun shines, nothing is as it seems and all that glitters isn't gold. You also know no one eats in LA so there will be no chowing, chopping or chewing around any restuarant tables.

It starts off with Kelly Price giving us her resume yada, yada, yada but the real reason I think Kelly never made it was beause of her size. She was too fat, in fact obese. Right now she is half her size - and unfortunately in this shallow world of music a person's appearance can count for as much as their talent.

Anyway in come Chante Moore - you - I've got a Man and also - known as  Duwanye Wanye aka Kardeem Hardison's ex-wife. He was in the day with A Different World - the Cosby Show spin off that featured Jada Pinkett Smith, Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison. Anyway she had a very beatiful voice so she visits Kelly and Kelly tells her about an open mic show. OK. So far so good.

It cuts to Dawn Robinson of En Vogue fame. That was the ultimate R & B origianal girl band - you can say Destiny's Child was next.  

Anyway Dawn is like she made no money from En Vogue which is such a shame because these girls went global - so clearly someone was making all the cash.  It could be they were on salaries, didn't own the band and basically just vocal voices on the track.  Anyway Dawn is soooo sweet - kind of vulnberable in a way.

Anyway I think she hooks up with either Kelly and Chante Moore who tell her about the open mic gig. She's nervous because she doesn't do flow and likes everything planned in advanced. Open Mic is difficult because it's unforgiving in terms of sound and bad equipment.

Then the original Boss Lady - Michel'le. Her voice is so high and squeaky like Melissa Rauch who plays Bernadette on Big Band Theory. She is one of the best singers but what makes her the Boss Lady - it's her baby daddies - Suge Knight and Dr Dre. WTF?? How does a chick do that? But as Michel'le says 'You don't need to be in love to have babies - you just need to have sex.'

I still can't get over Michel'le having a child for both Dr Dre and Suge Knight. That's just craziness but I think having her on the show is GREAT!! 

Then there is Lil Mo who is comparing herself to Beyonce - she is loud and might want to be pushy one in the group however I think there is such a mixture of personalities it will be different -  Michel'le and Chante will not definitely put up with any BS.

Then there is Claudette from City High who somehow managed to sleep with both her band members. There first one was an ass and the second one rescued her however she has both their kids. A  messy situation.

Not much happens that is worth remembering though Michel'le is probably going to be my favourite because she has a good sense of humour and is straight forward. When Dawn told he about having kids -Michell'le was like she'd like to lose her baby daddies.  I just cracked up laughing.

Claudette confines in Dawn Robinson about the abuse in City High and how she married the second man Ryan until they separated. She started quite young in the band so probably didn't enjoy it and was manipulated.

So like the Atlanta one all these women want to have a second chance and use this as an engine for their careers. Anyway they do the open mic which I must say Michel'le and Chante Moore were impressive. Lil Mo made it into church which was cool as well. And Claudette did well.

Anyway having established they could all sing it was time for the big announcement. I rolled my eyes thinking on not a tour again but it wasn't.  Kelly Price wanted them to come together to do a kind of Black Woman Vagina Monologue thing. Interesting...

I think this will be a fantastic show because it has a great balance of characters and personalities. Dawn is soft, which Lil Mo is loud and bossy. Michel'le is not to be underestimated but will be very witty, funny and sharp - so will Chante while Kelly Price is easy-going and calm.

This is so different from some of the thirsty chicks in R & B Atlanta because each has a different motivation. Like you know it aint about the money or paper with Michel'le and Chante Moore.  I think it's really about the singing this time. With Lil Mo she just wants to be famous superstar again. 

This will be an interesting ride.

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