Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 8: Who is crazier? Evelyn Lozada or Kenya Bell? Does Evelyn have an inferiority complex? Kenya steal styles

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Nothing really happened this show and I don't why I watch it. Well I do and I'm not proud of the fact I do. It's just a senseless waste of time where I can switch off from the real world and step into the Basketball Wives Hot Mess. It's escapism into luxury and plush surroundings with a bunch of money grabbing ghetto heifers in dressed in Louboutins, Gucci and Prada.

Who is crazier? Evelyn Lozada or Kenya Bell?

In the aftermath of all the drama we (the audience) suddenly realise this is not drama where it is scripted - it is reality TV. And what Evelyn Lodaza did was very dangerous. She threw a bottle and a plate at someone. Now you know this is how a lot of people end up in jail because sometimes inocent people are caught. What is Shaunie O'Neal was hit in the cross fire?

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So with all the talk about Kenya Bell being crazy we know Evelyn has a violent nasty temper that could one day land her in serious trouble. Evelyn is out for Kenya Bell but it seems so silly - I'm not sure what fighting will resolve.


Jennifer ' no friends' and Royce meet 


 Royce Reed and Jenny 'No friends' Williams meet up to squash beef. It sounds quite stupid that Jennifer Williams was not talking to Royce Reed over something Royce alledgely said on twitter. Oh, wait for it - not that Jenny No Friends actaully read it on twitter - someone told her. Dumb!

Did anyone see Jennifer Williams lifting those heavy weights and muscles rippling in her back like a man? Even vile sneaky Suzie was packing weights like a pro.

Tami Roman talks her mother about her early life and therapy.


Does Evelyn have an inferiority complex?

There seems a new girl in town Nia who is Evelyn's assistant and Jennifer's former friend. A few points to raise here. Evelyn Lozada comes over quite vulnerable when she talking about her issues with Jennifer Williams and it seems to suggest Evelyn Lozada has an inferiority complex. It came out with Kenya Bell that it made Evelyn lash out at her. Now it's whining about how Jennifer has new friends who are good photo opportunities and after ten years they are no longer friends.  There is suggestive subtext that seems to colour her words with an inferiority complex. It even comes out in wedding talk when she says she never thought she would get married.
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Also I thought Evelyn had a wedding planner who was on the show at the beginning of the season. Maybe she got let go - anyway we see her and  Nia go shopping.

Maybe Evelyn needs to go for therapy as well. We forget behind the scenes that her brother-in-law is ill (well according the earlier shows) and she might have added stressed from behind the scenes.


Kenya accused of copying/stealing style

Kenya is also accused of stealing the cast members style. Not too sure why I thought her weave was more Donna  Summer.
Kenya Bell - Donna Summer weave not Tami Source: VH1

 I don't get this because they all dress the same way. The weave Kenya has on was more Donna Summer of 1980's disco error than Tami Roman. Anyway there is nothing wrong it experimenting style and lets face it most of them have stylists.

Jennifer Williams is quite masculine/manly that she has to over do the girly/feminine act. You see her pump iron in the gym? Not sure it's a look Kenya would want.

Tami Roman is styled a lot that sometimes she puts on stuff when one just shakes her head. Like the dress she wore to the dinner where she gave Kesha Nichols a dressing down.

Evelyn Lozada dresses quite trampish - even if expensive.

Suzie is nondescript and so is Royce.

The only real elegant one is Shaunie O'Neal.  But then it's her show so the stylist will be on call.  savvy.