Weight Loss: Decision Day

Fat Albert from Albert and the Cosby Kids
Today is the day I really need to put getting fitter and losing pounds and kilos a priority. My clothes don't fit me anymore and I am taking more rests as I walk down the street or up the stairs. So I am going to start tommorrow.

I have tried most programmes but due the lack of motivation I've not completed. I've also felt a bit odd whenever I didn't lose anyweight and then so dropped out. Because sometimes I feel like the leaders/consultants were just telling me or being disapproving so I never went back.

However my belly is now spilling over my jeanss and I'm on my last belt loop. 

The first thing I should remember is that

I can do it
Most people have been where I am at some point - I mean as in trying to achieve a goal.
Lots of people achieve their weights
Some are a lot heavier than I am
I can do it

I can do it
I can do it