Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 6: It's all about Promiscuou- Evelyn called a hoe and loose.

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The show was boring and waste of time but I felt since I've started blogging about it I'll try and see it to the end of the season which is soon. I heard  a rumour that VH1 finished filming Basketball Wives Season 4  about two weeks ago and the reunion will be at the end of April to be shown in early May.

It's time Shaunie O'Neal evolved to producing better shows because this is just populated by bottom feeders better know as pond life.

Tennis with Suzie, Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols.

Nothing much here but Jennifer Williams is so annoying and irrairating with her fake 'delicate girl' act. There is nothing delicate about that woman. She is built like a power house to borrow Madonna's quote 'built like a brick sh*thouse' and it's only because she watches her weight that she manages to pull off her fakery. She comes over as a snob. Can't deal with her.

Suzie Ketcham - she needs to get some guts because this is stuff her children  may watch. I can't stand the way she comes over as sneaky and grovelling. It's too sickening.

Kesha Nichols is pretty strange too.

Bad Weave Kenya Bell comes over mean and petty with Kesha.

Hightlight of the show where they all gather and lay into Bad Weave Kenya Bell about some stupid radio show.
Then Bad Weave Kenya Bell and Kesha start to argue. Kenya who has a very ugly mouth called Kesha names but what really got me was her trying to rubbish the Kesha's dance company. That was below the belt. This also affects the livehoods of her employees and just comes over like Kenya Bell is seeping with jealousy. Name calling fine but trying to make Kesha as a business woman look like nothing was just ugly.

It was too much for me.

Evelyn labelled as Loose and a Hoe by Kenya

 Evelyn vs Kenya - well Kesha dropped that Kenya had said Evelyn was loose. When asked Kenya said 'I referenced you as a hoe!'. Now to be fair she is just said something which most cast members have though. The idea that Evelyn Lozada is alleged to be  promiscuous, loose and called a hoe is not new she had alleged drama to that effect with Vanessa Davis former wife of NBA star Ricky Davis. I guess like Tami and food stamps Evelyn doesn't want to be reminded of it.

 Evelyn is no blushing Mary Bride has as been round the block more than a few times but I guess to have to thrown in her face so near the wedding by  new comer Bad Weave Kenya Bell was too much to take. Saying that she tries to take Kenya on next week. Hmm... Kenya does not back down from a battle - girl took her shoes off when things were getting tense with Kesha.

Nothing more to be said.