Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 5: Cash Money Baby - Evelyn book Deal, Boozie Suzie talks Country folk and peeing in outhouse, Food stamp haunt Tami Roman, Shaunie party becomes a Jennifer Evelyn event but no broken glass or drinks are thrown..

VH1 shows a different face and angle to prejudice and racism 

Somewhere in North Carolina, Kesha Nichols rolls up in a pickup truck to meet our two city ladies. I use the words ladies very loosely for  Boozie Suzie Ketcham and Dancer Royce Reed. By rolling up in grandpa's truck Kesha plays up to every ignorant country stereotype in the book. I surprised she isn't chewing a piece of tobacco, wearing a straw hat and spitting at the kerb.

I'm pretty sure Grandpa Nichols is rich and has a yard enough to building twenty projects houses. 

FACT - farmers are some of the richest people around due to lots of government subsidises and high crop prices. It's a very controlled market so I'm sure somewhere in that 1000 hectare yard  most farmers have a BMW or SUV hiding in a shed.

We have a few nice Oprah moments but I'm not really sure it's worth exposing the Nichols family to all this all this hassle and ridicule. If it were a proper documentary or a reality show solely about Kesha Nichols (maybe there is one in the pipe line) then I understand. But not to gain and expose your family to millions of viewers and Bitchy Boozie Suzie is not a good decision. Also like Tami Roman says we all have a story. Everyone of us has being through hard times in some shape or form.

Is VH1 going to do a new reality show based around Kesha Nichols and her family. This really seemed the start of a spin off like Evelyn Lozada?

We have a few nice moments with Kesha taking us back to her home. That was respectfully done only for Boozie Suzie Ketcham who has no finesse or class to come back disrespectfully when she meets Bouji/Boogie Princess Jennifer Williams.  Boozie Suzie Ketcham comes over uneducated, ignorant in her choice of words - very narrow and small minded woman. I'm being very generous her though some hardliners would call it as it is however I think she is just stupid and ignorant like most small minded people. Get an education Boozie Suzie.

Boozie Suzie Ketcham Meets with Bouji Jennifer Williams to discuss Kesha's family and peeing in the Outhouse

Bougie Princess Jennifer William who asks stupid questions like 'did you have to pee in an outhouse?' I think she has been watching too many movies - even African farmhouses are fully plumbed with indoor facilities.  Boozie Suzie Ketcham delivers her city girl snobbery over country folk by using abusive and derogatory language terms for Kesha's family like Hickville, Hillybillies, Rednecks - not everyone in the country is that - infact the some of the richest people live countryside. And how hard is it just for Boozie Suzie to say 'Kesha's folks were nice and made us feel at home.'  It's like a double insult wrapped in a compliment.

Then  Bougie Princess Jennifer William says 'I'd rather be from the bougie than from the country'. Sorry, Jennifer, unless your people emigrated to America in the last century - your ass is from the country too. What is so wrong with country... ignorant woman.

 Battle of the breast (implants?) - Jennifer vs Evelyn

What is going on with these breasts? Are the fake? Are they real? Must these Jennifer and Evelyn always show their boobs close up? Please please please - we don't even know where to look.  I suspect that both have had jobs done. It's the way they sit on the chest.

Evelyn promotes her book with Cash Money!

So Bryan Williams - better know as Baby or Birdman rolls up with his pretty daughter Bri (who probably nagged Dad to take her along because she wanted to meet Evelyn). Not sure how long Baby will continue to call himself Baby or lil Wayne call himself lil for that matter. Even lil Romeo has outgrown all that l'il business and is now know as Romeo Miller.

I digress. This is a two way promotion thing. We get to know the Cash Money is a publisher and Evelyn wants a book deal and free promotion.

 Evelyn is writing about all her past relationship based on a series of old journals - whatever. However in the meeting she is very honest. Evelyn Lozada knows her worth. She is set to make the cash while she can.

Evelyn's Lozada lists of achievements since Basketball Wives
  •  Signing a deal for a new show with Chad Ochocinco Johnson.
  • Her online T Shirt shops where she promotes on Twitter and interivews and sometimes the show indirectly. Also using social media such as blogs - even those who hate her - all mention her shop.
  • Her new book deal with Cash Money though no word on the how big the advance is
  • Club, personal and promotional appearances
  • Her store Dulce in Maimi

It's  Evelyn Lozada 's moment now and she is capitalising and cashing on it. As she said she wants this fifteen minutes of fame to last longer than fifteen minutes. I think that's what so refreshing about her is that most of the time Evelyn is very truthful about her situations. She see it as it is - no sugar coating it.  She wants to make enough to her and her daughter comfortable and also a career if possible. So go Evelyn.

Reasons to love (or love to hate) Evelyn Lozada

  • Evelyn Lozada is not the prettiest but she know how to make the best her looks
  • Evelyn Lozada  is a great business woman and takes opportunities when they come
  • Evelyn Lozada  is her own person and appears honest
  • Evelyn Lozada   has claws and is not afraid to sharpen or use them in Basketball Wives
  • Evelyn Lozada has foul mouth that makes most of us seem like nuns.
  • There is hope that if Ev can do it we can do - but the girl has steel for nerves and a real focus
  • Take her good bits she is great fun
  • Evelyn Lozada provides drama, drama and knows how to play the Basketball Wives game.
  • Evelyn Lozada  can somehow grab all the attension and make it all about her
  • Underneath all drama Evelyn very savy, smart and  wise woman who is no one's fool. She may act at times but it's only an act.

 Queen Bee Shaunie invites Bougi/Booji Princess Jennifer to her her Party

Bouji Princess Jennifer Williams know that sparks will fly at the event with Evelyn but hey it's in her contract to attend this gig - maybe she is contracted to attend a minimum of number of appearances on the show. So she accepts the invitation. Even jokes about wearing a bulletproof vest ad says  she is okay once the drinks are flowing and not throwing.

Shaunie makes small talk about Jennifer changing and sit's good that she is standing up for herself instead of being a punk. I remember the edited - final cut show differently.

 Queen Bee Shaunie had implied that Bouji Princess Jennifer did not take responsiblity for her action. So not sure what to believe because Shaunie comes over a bit two-faced.

 Queen Bee Shaunie O' Neals - Set up - Punch Up Party and a JenEv event.

We all know there is no way we can get all Basketball cast members in a room with free booze and no food without having some drama. Wait Kesha Nichols is missing. Wasn't Kesha Nichols invited? Shaunie does the typical thing and keeps them waiting this means more time to booze and get drunk. Cue Boozie Suzie more drunk by the second on free booze. 

Kenya gives a speech about being free from marriage.

Boozie Suzie makes an ass of herself and food stamps come back to haunt Tami Roman.

 There is nothing wrong in state or welfare assistance. That what it is for (people in need) and now Tami Roman is paying giving back in TAXES more than some people will earn.

Cue Boozie Suzie who drinks a toasts to Shaunie for helping them with their bank accounts and then throws at Tami Roman something like ' Right Tami, off the food stamps.' Not nice. Tami Roman wants to punch her.

Boozie Suzie Ketcham knows she can't handle her liquor or hold her drink so why does she persist in making an jackass of herself?

Evelyn Lozada makes a toast speech about fantastic Queen Bee Shaunie

Evelyn is having an Oprah moment. Telling us how inspirational Queen Bee Shaunie O'Neal has been in her life however Evelyn always one for maximum effect uses it to take hidden swipes and barbs at Jennifer. Somehow this becomes a JenEv event.

Evelyn Lozada makes a toast/speech to Shaunie - thanking her for being a good and loyal friend and giving her (Evelyn Lozada ) an opportunity to make something of herself. Well she is right - the spin-off series with Chad Ochocinco, her proposed book with Cash Money and also free advertising for her shop and mail order business. So Shaunie has given her and Bouji Princess Jennifer Williams platforms to launch out on their own.Then Evelyn starts to cry. Yes, cry ... it hard for me to believe but then she has had a few drinks.

Not to be out done  Bouji Princess Jennifer Williams starts her own toast to Shaunie.

Yes Jennifer stands and starts to toast Jennifer only this time Evelyn starts to rolls her eyes and head taking offence at the toast thinking it selfish because it is all Bouji Princess Jennifer  'me me me me' Williams is talking about herself. She says it's all was about Jennifer and Jennifers' World.

So a very irritated and drunk Evelyn stands and does another toast about blogs and loyalty plainly referring to Jennifer. Then Jennifer says the word disrespectful and tells us she went to college - yeah, like you need a college degree o appear on an reality show - who cares?

VH1 image

Then it all kicks off and they start to quarrel - cue the drama starts. Shaunie takes it as her cue to leave and takes Eve with her. However somehow Evelyn manages to tap or wack depending on who you read on the head with her purse.

However no glass is broken and drinks are thrown at this event. 

Outside the resturant VH1 image
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