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15 minutes of fame: Greg Smith and Goldman Sachs and Princess Diana Sydrome

Greg Smith seems to be what the Late Princess Diana was to the British Royal Family in his five minutes of fame. Only he did not give birth to a couple of heirs to the throne and therefore his importance less. And still like in both cases the firm shall remain.

It's just a sorry affair that it has come to this. Someone should have pulled Greg Smith back before he did this. Maybe there is a book or he didn't want to do banking anymore. Maybe he wanted to opt to become an academic carreer. It's a pitieous affair with no winners.  He has courage, he is brave and he is trying to make a difference - however he is still cut of the Goldman Sachs cloth so there might be a hidden agenda to this.

Good Luck Greg Smith - you are still a young-un with principles get to my age and you wouldn't give a flying f%&k. Work is just a place to make money to pay for a lifestyle.

Now for my five minutes of fame. 

Geez, what a lot of fuss. No one has mentioned how much Gregie Boy - Greg Smith got paid for his New York Times article. To be fair if you were in a 'services' industry no matter from the man on the corner market stall to the elite echons of Goldman Sachs all this fuss is clearly common.

What people fail to see is the Goldman Sachs employs thousands of people and therefore you can't hold a few managers or what not responsible for it's culture. Nor can you publicly go and air out dirty laundry. There are ways to do this. Things gets exposed eventually but then maybe that exposure came the way of Greg Smith.

I don't care for Goldman Sachs but people should get real and realise an organisation is made up of people. Each person has a different agenda and motivation for working at Goldman Sachs and believe me it's not to make others richer. So get real - Goldman Sachs is not a charitable organisation - it is a bank where the so called best of the best work long hours to make money. They challenge themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. They work long hours and sacrifice a long - family time, children parties or whatever. So WTF! 

Get more than two people in a room and there will always be an ethics isssues. If he didn't like it he should have left but hey banking is about money. You become one to make money. And at the end of it Goldman Sachs is a 'service' industry organisation. So Smith just told it as it was because it is what is it. It's about one-up- showmanship, competition and making money. Profit.

You don't die and have etched on your gravestone Loyal Goldman Sachs empolyee - helpful to clients. You'd be lucky if even clients noticed you've gone. It will be as if you never worked there. So this is just a tiny ripple in an ocean that is have already smoothened out. This is fairly common to most workplaces.

Who cares really? This is just copy.


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