Pastors of LA Season 1 episode 4 - Foolery and Stupidity Nothing is sacred any more

I just discovered this show. Church has arrived to reality show! Ya'll know I've loving this already. However I'm keeping this blog short and only commenting on things that stood out.

It opens with pastor preaching the Gospel and people waving hand in the air. I'm loving this - drama in the name of the Lord.

Single father and Minister Deitrick Haddon - If u shack the lord will give you a heart attack.

Never heard of him but this man stinks of playa. I gather he's found the pastures of sin more interesting than spreading the Word. He's very slick with his words and likeable.  Let's face it this man has the gift of words and he also looks as if he can really pleasure a woman in bed which is probably 99% of the problem. His restlessness nature still says he has a long way to go before settling down.

Anyway this show we see him rent/buy a house for his and his baby momma Dominique.  God afforded him a mansion or may Oprah did for the show but Haddon says this is what you get when you walk hard for the kingdom. Okay, maybe I should go train to spread the gospel.

 Sinner Preacher Haddon is bring God into is chat as he proposes to Dominique. He tells us of his past transgressions but how God is still blessing him. Then again Dominique should known better that to spreading thighs before marriage.  However Haddon has such a gold glinted sweet talking tongue it's hard for any woman under age of 90 to resist him. We can figure Haddon is good is bed. 


Bishop Clarence McClendon

I'm sure in real life, Clarence McClendon comes over charismatic and charming but on a reality TV show he comes over self-important and full of himself.  There is something about 'ambulance chaser' laywer about him. I think he's just too slick. And into himself.

 He's okay in small doses like on Sunday service when you are sitting in the congregation or he's prepared something with focus but as a person. Nah.  

Anyhoos Clarence McClendon walks in ORANGE pants! WTF? With a navy blue blazer to greet former P Diddy Butler and PA Fonz. Okay he thinks he is stylish. Each to his own.

Some holy bromance going on.  They look at twins. they both yada, yada, yada, taking about family. Pastor is taking about balance - I'm bored because Bishop man is looking like a pimp. Okay Pimp for Jesus- lets keep it moving.

Clarence McClendon needs security

He is a TV minister and now has security.  He compares himself to A List celeb. Okay. He had a meeting with his security.  He bleats about security. Jesus will save. Wouldn't just saying a couple of psalms be enough?

 Clarence McClendon tells his sons about needs security

He lectures his children about security but the youngest just wants to eat pizza.  I think we too have had enough. However he does have a nice pool.

Bishop Ron Gibsons and Operation Rescue Drug Addict Shaun.

Ron Gibson calls a family meeting about his sister Shaun who is on heroin. They decide it's the last straw - I assume probably for the 100th time because we learn Shaun has being tripping off drugs for about 30 years.  Has any one considered that Shaun doesn't want to come off drugs?

Bishop Ron Gibson and the Gibson Women go Crompton to rescue Shaun

They all go in a SUV and surprise surprise we see Shaun walking down the road. She complains the  smack is hurting her stomach but she looks tough though. She is a hard hustler - not sure she needs rescuing.

They take her to a restaurant for the same old 'pull yourself together and get in rehab' talk. Shaun rings her boyfriend/dealer/pimp.

We then see them take Shaun into rehab. I'm thinking Shaun just played the game is probably on in a heroin den near you. But we hope not.

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