What to write about now? Basket ball Wives has finished, Love &Hip Hip Atlanta is in recess

I'm at loss of what to write about next.  My addictive reality shows are finished for the season and starting is Love and Hip Hop New York but I can't stand the people on it. Really - it's that bad.  I tried to do the third season but it got so bad that I just gave up blogging on it.
I am thinking of giving rough draft excerpts of my novel.  It's like my normal writing  - appallinglygrammer, typo and lack of proof reading. However I am editing it so a finished product will appear on Smashwords.

It's totally excapism and no realness involved. I'll think a little more about it or I might try watching Love and Hip Hop New York but to be honest the cast members on that show just irk and bore me.