Basketball Wives Season 5 NO REUNION SHOW! BECAUSE EVELYN LOZADA CANCELLED! Is this the end of Basketball Wives? Is this why Shaunie O Neil was promoting her stage play?

Well Evelyn Lozada cancelled her appearance at the reunion show so the producers decided they couldn't be bothered. Read the rest on Dail Mail:It's clear who's the star! Basketball Wives reunion CANCELLED after Evelyn Lozada says she won't appear

I feel we the fans have being left hanging - however it may have being too boring and I do understand her reasons for pulling out.

Does this mean BasketBall Wives is finished for good? Shaunie was heavily promoting her wives of Basketball on the show - that makes sense now. Also having no fights seems to make it a postive ending.  I'm not sure the brand can survive not having a reunion show. Only time will tell.

Also time will tell if Evelyn can be a star in her own right without the backing of Basketball Wives.  She is very interesting but that is in a group of girls or with a partner.  I'm not sure she is that interesting to have her own show - it's rumoured she is looking for a spin off.

 The cast member who has the big personality -  is Tami Roman. Love or hate her - she can hold a show.

That is because Tami Roman is intelligent, can play up her foolishness and in a strange way is likeable. Tami Roman also has a talent for good comedy be it her side shade or trouble making ways.  She is very interesting to watch because she generates drama and conflict very easily. She is also brutally honest.

Evelyn is beauitful but needs something to fall back on.Anyway as I said only time will tell and good luck to them both.