Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 10: Worst Finale Ever!Tasha Marbury's stalker gets five minutes of fame, Kenya Bell because a third rate Riahanna and Myline Cyrus Combo, Kenya Bell goes for Suzie Ketcham.

Ahem...last show in the season before kick off time at the reunion. Boring is one word to describe it.

 I'm not having much hope for this reunion because all the girls seemed to have kissed and made up during the show. Also Tasha Marbury is pretty level headed so is unlikely to react at any shade. She just raises about all that rubbish - great in real life but it makes lousy TV.

It was truly boring so for a fuller account and recap check out VH1's blog :

Oh, whatever happened to Suzie Ketcham getting her life together?

Decision to meet Stalker

At the last supper in London England the women decide it's best for Tasha Marbury to invite her stalker nutter on to the show and confront her.

How to treat a Stalker 101

Tasha Marbury's thirsty stalker gets her five minutes of fame. I'm thinking if this is true why not give the woman some real help instead of parading her in on a TV show for ratings.

Because in real life the first thing people do is call the police. Because this chick is having fantasies and thinking them real it's dangerous.

Tami Roman tells the others about Kenya Bell

Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami go bowling and Tami tells them about Kenya Bell invitation. She also on informs them that Kenya had a record deal. Suzie Ketcham thinks Kenya is nuts.

Shaunie O'Neal and Evelyn Lozada are not quite sure what to expect. Suze drones on about how much she hates Kenya. However they all agree to go see Kenya Bell.

Other bits in the show

At some point in the show Evelyn Lozada invite Tami Roman (who apparently she is no longer talking to) and Suzie Ketcham for drinks.

Evelyn thanks them for their support and she tells them she had put behind the past. I'm taking that to mean Chad Ochocino is no longer on the agenda.

Then Shaunie O' Neal takes time out to has to remind us veiwers that her stage show is coming to a venue near you on the chitlan circuit.

Kenya Bell's  Performance

They go to the club Kenya Bell is singing at. It's pretty empty. Suzie brings a bag of tomatoes to throw on stage. Shaunie shakes her head and puts them back in the bag.

Kenya Bell comes out and flips her middle finger. How immature.

The women embarassed don't know where to look when Kenya Bell starts to Va-jingle her way through a dance routine. It's so boring. At some point Kenya goes over to talk to the women but at that point I'm over this scene.

Paying Homage to Kenya Bell

Suzie 'Follower' Ketcham, Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami all go and visit Kenya Bell. This is why Suzie is a follower because she didn't need to go if she hated Kenya as much as she claimed.

Tami offers some Tami-styled constructive critique which I also think comes out shady. Kenya shuts her down telling her politely to mind her own business. However Tami is telling the truth about Kenya bad performance but always comes over salty.

Suzie throws a meatball at Kenya and it kicks off. Unfortunately what no one told Suzie was that Basketball Wives needed at least one fight so since Tami Roman wasn't playing ball and Evelyn Lozada was now a role model. Shaunie is the good one so the hot-mess had to be Suzie.

Well, Kenya Bell isn't Tasha Marbury so Kenya Bell really goes for Suzie Ketcham however the cameras don't show the fight and only cut to a very roughened up Suzie looking like a wreak. 

Shaunie tells Kenya to leave for sometime out.

The girls leave and Evelyn blames little Tami for Suzie's behavour but not before Kenya gives them some evil looks.


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