Love and Hip Hop New York Season 4 Episode 1: Peter Gunz the byronic and bad boy hero, Rich is still talking dollars and all the foolery we expect from the show.

Wow! This season threatens to be hotter than Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Now I'm going to be brief because I have a lot going on timewise.  What exactly? Well work, studying and more work.

The show

Same old faces but I missed a whole season three so I'll have to start from afresh.

 Peter Gunzs is hot! He is the Byronic Hero - which means sexy, dark and brooding.  The orginal bad boy women loves to tame. However you do have to be over a certain age to appreciate his looks.  He is not pretty boy handsome like Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington, Tate Scott. Nah, Peter Gunz is a rough rider! Rough, rugged thug-looking man that can make women over a certain age melt.  It's his height and his body build.

He's the kind of man you'll feel safe with.  However be warned like any untameable bad boy he comes with a warning on the tin. Unlikely to be faithful. He is dog! Before I digress he has two female on the go. Tara who is his baby mother and live in wifey but no ring. Then there is Amina who is the sexy artist but with his ring! Yes, his wife!

Rich and Yandy are going to have their own record label a part of me thinks Mona Scott is the third party there.

Yandy is whining about Mandeecees Harris who is in lock up.  If you can't do the crime don't do the time. It's not shocking that his seven year son purnished with the same Mandeecees name found out. All I can say is Mandeecees don't drop the soap in the shower.

Boring Joe Budden goes for testing for STI before he has unprotected sex with his current girlfriend.

Erica is now gay - okay. She's put on a bit a weight so looks a lot healther than when I last saw her. I think that's it.

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