Love and Hip Hop New York Season 4 Episode 2: Byronic Hero Peter Gunz plays Amina and Tara, Rich Dollaz is called a loser and clown and the normal foolery and buffonery that comes with this show.

Now I'm just doing a free style review and commenting about the episode as a whole rather that just a recap.

For a full straightforward recap check out VH1's own review.

 Lets Rolls...

Byronic hero  (a type of romantic bad boy hero who women want to tame) Peter Gunz has being putting it about for YEARS.  Peter Gunz the orginal bad boy has a son who is nearly the same age as his wife Frau Amina  (Frau is German for Mrs so it's Frau Amina Pankey)and baby mother Tara - chicks are still trying to tame the untamable Peter Gunz.

  I don't know, ya'll. Anyway in this show Frau Amina is demanding her wifely respect and rights and threatening to tell Tara.  Tara on the other had is is demanding love and attention.

Peter Gunz is anxious that Frau Amina would tell his baby momma Tara that he married her.  Apparently it is supposed to be secret marriage. Well secrets have a way of being revealed. Peter Gunz wants to tell Tara himself. However Amina  breaks into tears.

 WHY DID HE MARRY HER? Well, there is speculation that it's a green card issue because Amina is German. However this is when business and pleaure collide into an explosive mess.

Rich Dollaz implicated Yandy by telling her about Peter Gunz messing with Amina - not that they are married. Yandy isn't impressed because it puts her in an awkard situation since Amina is about her money and Tara is friendship.  Oh well.

We meet stripper chick Nya (an  Olivia lookalike) who calls herserf a dancer and a boss chick (the last boss chick we heard gaver her husband a free pass to cheat - Rasheeda and dimwit Kirk Forst anyone?). Nya curses Rich Dollaz out. Telling him his a corn ball - which is probably code for loser. K Michelle said he was corn ball. So we now get Rich Dollaz is seen a joke in the industry.  So Rich Dollar is a man who like to think with his second head located in his nether regions.

Then there is Saigon with another Baby momma issues. Some chick called Erica - yes another Erica has his kid. Peter Gunz tells Saigon another rapper wannabe to get aDNA  parenertiy test to see if the kid is his. Some chick Erica Jean is his baby mother but the kid doesn't look like him.

So really this show is around byronic hero Peter Gunz telling his baby mother and live in lover Tara that he is married. The problem is that when she finds out is Tara going to leave? Nope, she is just going to ride it through. Peter Gunz going to divorce Amina or stop seeing her? Nope he is just going to keep on balancing the two chicks.

There is also the problem that both Peter Gunz and German Amina bond over music. It's a very hard bond that like the Steve J and Joselyn bond in the Atlanta version. Tara doesn't seem to bond with Peter Gunz to the level. You know music can be very intimate.  Also Tara looks sweet but Amina looks sexy.

However the thing about Peter Gunz is that he does have a heavy sexual attractiveness about him. And he know it - this sexually attraction can make him very addictive to Amina and Tara. Peter Gunz is not about his look but the whole package. He is sex on legs.

A woman can be angry, annoyed, hate him but he'll still be able to seduce her and have her screaming. It's really just about his sexual aura and engergy which the other men on the show don't have. He behaves like a real man - a man in control.  I would have a one night stand with him or even a fling however not a relationship because he is untamable.

Joe Budden, Rich Dollars, Siagon and Mandeecees Harris are just mere boys against this sexual power house called Peter Gunz. But as I said it may be an age thing but Peter Gunz has a sexual animal magnetism about him.

Honorable mention to K Michelle for calling Rich Dollaz a clown. Hmmm.... interesting comment and messiness starting.

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