Love and Hip Hop New York Season 4 episode 3: Nya thinks she is Jay z, Tara finds out Amina is Peter's wife. So who is the side chick now? Will the real Mrs Peter Pankey Gunz step forward

This episode is full of women wearing tight hot pants - Yandy Smith included. Do these chicks get crotch rash with the 'tight tight' hot pants they wear? Outlined vaginas and butt cheeks are very much on show.
I'm just touching on points I found interesting so for a full recap on the show check out VH1 blog   -

So let's start with Peter Gunz who incidently is also a grandfather. Not a big deal but some of children are younger than his grand kids.  How messed up is that? The man needs to grow up. I admit he's sexy but he needs to pack that thing away.  
Creepers Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz talk about creeping 

It starts off the marriage is still a secret and grandpa Peter Gunz touches base with cornball Rich Dollars. Peter Gunz says he is not a bad person - just a liar, serial cheat and all around jerk. Sexy jerk but still jerk all the same. 


Grandpa Peter Gunz imples Tara drives him to his indiscretions (cheating and sleeping about like a dog) because she constantly complains  and nags - talk about passive aggressive.
 Is that the reason to marry someone else?  Cornball Rich Dollar tells grandpa Peter they are both creeps. 

Peters Gunz tells Tara she may be his side chick.
Grandpa Peter Gunz decides it's time to come clean to nagger and whiner Tara. He tells Tara about Amina forgetting to mention he put a ring on it. 
 Tara punches and lashes out at Peter - just wait till he's married to Frau Amina Pankey. . I bet Mrs Amina Peter Gunz doesn't do fists.  So we know Tara is handy with her fists.
Nya the former dancer talks big
There's a scene of has-been Joe Budden in a hoe club and Nya talking big like she is Jay-z or something. Take several seats in the park, Nya.  As for Joe Budden he looks spaced out. I'm not sure what the attraction is of having barely naked women rubbing themselves against him when he's supposed to be in a relationship. Something isn't right.
The she goes all crazy with Erica about how good she is. You may have a big bosoms Nya but we are yet to see your talent.

Peter and Amina hold family talks about Tara
Grandpa Peter Gunz and his wife Amina have a conference about Tara's behavour. Mrs Amina Pankey lays down the law. Mrs Amina - wife of Peter Gunz orders her husband to tell his now demoted baby momma Tara that the husband  Peter loves his wife Amina. OK. 
Peter is not just smashing some random hoe he's fufilling his obligation as husband to his wife Amina. In terms of sin it's Tara who is on the wrong side.

Peter Gunz seems relultant to do anything about it so Frau Amina Gunz decides to take the sitation into her own hands - like any other wife.  She is going to tell his baby mother to back off. Wraped but makes sense.

Cut to Tara goes crying her eyes out. How Tara loves Peter so much! 13 years of pure love! Yet this man put a ring on someone else's finger - something is wrong. Mayve too much nagging, whining and never asking Peter Gunz to make it legal. Who knows?

Erica chasing chicks - okay. Next.

 Mrs Amina Pankey Gunz tells Tara  who is Peter Gunz's real Boss lady 

Yandy gets messy and sets Tara up. Well she thinks she is setting Amina up but it's really Tara. Yandy talks abouts hoes - little does she know technically in the eyes of the law and Lord her friend Tara is the hoe - just saying. Amina is legal folks - like it or hate it!
Tara blasts Amina about going with a family dog - sorry I mean family man. Amina insists that she and Peter Gunz's are pure love. 

Tara goads and jeers at Amina about Peter loving Amina. Bad move Tara.  Tara issues an ultimate to Amina that Amina should prove that Peter Gunz loves her . You and I know never issue ultimates in reality shows unless you want to look a fool. 

Picture slow motion - Mrs Amina Peter Gunz Pankey dips into her bra. She is pulling out a weapon? A Knife? A gun? Nope a marriage cerificate of some kind. 
Bang!  She show Tara the card and makes her declaration. Tara jumps up and slaps Amina. Well not a big deal because all the kicks, slaps and curses are not going to trun back the clock and make Peter Gunz unmarry Amina. 

This scene is strange because I feel Tara was set up. Amina knew Tara was coming. Why? Because she came armed with her emotional weapon. I mean which chick goes around carrying marriage evidence in her bra.  
 Messy girly cat fight ensures. Bad decision. However it Peter Gunz going to divorce Amina? I doubt it. Let's see what happens.

What I can see is that Tara is sweet but physically violent were as Amina is more of a cry-baby but can fight if she needs to. Amina also cries with Peter while Tara uses her slick mouth and fists. Men tend to like criers.

As for Tahiry - Joe Budden is still enjoying strip clubs so best she moves on....

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