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Love & Hip Hop New York Season 4 Episode 4: Tara keeps hitting Peter Gunz, Amina takes in Peter Gunz, Peter Gunz jokes Amina should learn to block and duck Tara's blows;Nya racially profiles Latina women

This show cracked me up laughing out loud. It's just the antics of Peter Gunz - that man is just too calm and collected at times. He can handle the pressure though at times he gets a bit irritated. Peter Gunz is a bad man. Very bad man but sexy too. However that does not excuse his badness and cheating ways.

A full recap is available on VH1:

It opens at the fight scene with Tara still going crazy. Now everyone is taking about how Tara popped Amina but in European women tend to be more civilised and don't behave like street fighters.  The real problem is that Tara though as beautiful and as sweet as she is has anger management problems.

This can be seen as entertainment but it's never justified to hit a person. And for Tara I think if this is how she lashes out it may have affected her relationship with Peter Gunz in the  past. Also if she does it in front of her sons what example is she setting. Violent parents?

After the Amina- Tara fight cools down and the bouncers carry Amina to one side of the room Rich Dollaz rings Peter Gunz with the classic line - Your women are fighting about who loves who and who loves what. Peter Gunz isn't too impressed but he didn't seem to rushing down there in a minute.

Saigon and Erica Jean

Next we have Saigon mouthing about the DNA test. Maybe it anit his kid. Won't that be dramatic? Nah wrong it's his kid. Boring for drama but good for third Erica in the love and hip hop series. Yawn.

Erica the third (after Erica Meanz, and Erica Dixon) turns off the water works about the whole family business. Idiot man Saigon starts with the same old same old uncommitted talk about teaching this son to be a man but doen't have time to put a ring on the finger.

Maybe Saigon is waiting for some chick like Amina he can manage to marry like his man Peter Gunz.

Tara throws Peter Gunz out

They live in a normal low key neighbourhood and it looks like rented apartment rather than owned.  I just hope this show gives Tara enough cash to stash away. Not as bad as Erica Dixon's first appartment in Atlanta.   It also looks like Peter Gunz has being living off her so not sure what he does with his money. 

Tara keeps on saying she is mother of Peter Gunz's children like it's some qualification. It is but Peter Gunz has lots of KIDS and a couple of GRANDKIDS. Listen Amina is not even a babymomma and got a ring. Tara sort yourself out. Even Mimi Faust was a business owner with her own money.

Peter Gunz goes round to Tara trying to sweet talk Tara into taking him back while she chucking his stuff in the street. He was blinking his puppy dog eyes saying 'you are my wife Tara.' Really? Peter Gunz is not serious.  Tara just keeps yelling at him and finally goes in. I think she will take Peter back at some point. Maybe this is how they do it.

Peter Gunzs meets up with Saigon and Rich Dollaz

Peter tells them his wife found out he was married to his wife. Well his common law wife Tara found out Peter was legally married to his legal wife Amina. Saigon being a dimwit advises Peter to divorce Amina. This is the man that had a child with a group and got a DNA test years later. OK. Grandpa Peter Pankey Gunz ignored this young'un.

To be honest Peter is enjoying drinking from two wells and he seems happy to keep on tapping both. He is more bothered about his children than he is Tara. Does this look like a man who is going to stop?

Peter Gunz just looks too smug.

Tahiry and  Joe Budden see a therapist

Frankly I don't have an opinion on Tahiry and Joe Budden because they bore me to tears. So I'm moving on. Next

Husband Peter Gunz and wife Amina have conference about Tara.

Peter Gunz explains to Amina that Tara is hurt because she had two of his babies. I love the man's logic. Two of his many babies. He tells Amina that telling Tara that they were married was effectively  cruisng a brusing.

Peter also told Amina she was selfish because she wasn't thinking about his kids or his stuff. Now this is a problem for Tara when the man is talking more about his stuff and his kids then mending his relationship. You can see somehow he is fed up with Tara and may have just being there for his sons.

Then Peter declares that he's there for Amina cracks a joke. Amina should have blocked and ducked. Are you serious?

Networking Event with Nya, Erica and Tahiry.

There is more flesh on show than a butcher's shop.  A few of them look like streetwalkers on the corner waiting for tricks. Hot Mess!

Nya shoots her mouth off about Joe Budden and Tarhiy isn't impressed. Then Nya does her own racial profiling about Latina chicks sharing men. Nya should have respected Tahriy  and not speak about loser Joe Budden like that - don't joke about other people's partners in public.

Peter Gunz collects his things from Tara

Tara has anger management issues. She cut Peter Gunz's guitar strings for the cameras - hmmm I wonder if one of the VH1 crew told her to do it to make it more dramatic. Maybe even Peter knew about it.  It's okay because she didn't break it guitar because even Tara knows doing that would be end of the relationship.  Seriously.  Do. Not. Mess. With. A. Musician's. Instrument.

Broken and cut strings - Peter Gunz can just about handle and he can always get it re-stringed so it's not that serious.  Guitars are very personal to some musicians especially acoustic guitar because the wood would be unique on each one.

Anyway Peter Gunz gets slightly fed up with Tara acting like everything was okay and starts saying their relationship had problems.  He loves her but then he also loves Amina. What a mess. I'm not sure how this will go. Many Peter is fed of getting a bruising everything Tara feels she needs to express her anger. Who knows?

All images are copywrite of VH1.

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