Love & Hip Hop New York Season 4 Episode 5: Creep Brothers Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz talk about Gunz's female trouble; Peter Gunz is passive agressive with Tara and Amina; Dimwit Saigon uses Chuck E Cheese as a child development research centre and squares up to babymomma Erica Jean; Yandy Smith pays for Mendeecees Harris's defence lawyer who tells her Mendeecees's case is none of Yandy's own business.

If you want an in depth recap check out VH1's blog. I'm just covering bits of it. I appologise for my  grammer and spelling mistakes - its naturally appalling. This is my hobby and something I do for fun so it's a first draft straight off.  However VH1's blog  is written by paid professionals with great grammer and hardly ever any typos. Feel free to visit them too.

Tara Wallace and Yandy Smith
We start with Tara Wallace kick boxing. She says she has pented up aggression. You don't say? During the stretch Tara tells Yandy Smith that Amina was going a bit crazy on Instagram posting pictures and videos of her (I mean Amina) and Peter Gunz.

Yandy Smith tells Tara she  doesn't want to sign Amina. Wow! Yandy saying no to money?  Does this mean Yandy Smith acutally has morals and ethics? Nope - she just thinks that Amina is damaged goods. Talented but messy and reputation can affect a new artist.  You know most stars images are very clean when they first come out. Also Amina does not have stage presense.

Peter Gunz and his wife Amina

Peter Gunz tells Amina to cool it with all the pictures. He's not happy about all the drama it's causing with Tara Wallace.  Amina starts to whine about love etc. Peter tells her he knows he is stupid handsome (I agree with the STUPID bit) but he has to think about his kids - he's a smooth talker but Amina is pretty selfish and insentive and wants attention. At least she should respect his children if not Tara. 

Saigon and Erica Jean go on a date
 Yawn, boring. Next...

The Creep Brothers - Peter meets Rich Dollars for a basket ball game.

Peter Gunz  and Rich sure look like brothers.  Peter Gunz complains about Tara and Amina. Rich Dollar decides to quote some old  poem. "A woman scorned" - which is basically 'Hell has no fury like a woman scorned ' - nobody angry like a cheated wife or baby momma. That is fire.

Peter Gunz just goes on about Tara and Amina - okay dude we get it. And we don't care. Just deal with it.

Yandy Smith tell Rich no to Amina

Yandy tells Rich no about Amina.  Rich isn't happy because he is no doubt thinking with his second head. But I think Yandy is right about Amina being messy.

 Now if Yandy was a manager for models for booty magazines she could have Amina on her roaster however it's mostly women who buy music and we know Amina is messy.
Peter Gunz swaggers in like an 18 year old.  Old man trying to compete with his son.  Grow up Peter Gunz! Anyway Peter isn't happy about Yandy's decision but his Creep brother Rich assures him he will help with Amina's career.

 Saigon becomes an expert at child development and parenting skills 

Saigon meets father of the year Peter Gunz to discuss concerns Saigon has about his kid. Saigon is a jerk starts mouthing off to Peter Gunz that his two year old isn't talking. And get this, people, he went on GOOGLE and Chuck E Cheese to do some research - well at least we know he can read. Idiot Saigon doesn't understand that children develop at different rates. What a moron. Even Grandpa Peter Gunz tells him that all kids are different.

Saigon is the kind of parent that would give a kid issues - may be it's a good thing that Erica Jean has custody. A child is not a trophy.

Saigon accuses Erica Jean of poor mothering skills
Moron Saigon then goes to have a talk with Erica about his son's development. Can you imagine this dimwit? Who does that? Shouldn't he be reading  his son be time books and take him on visits to the museums and parks?
Nope, because that will be too much quality time so the imbecile Saigon decides to blame the mother - Erica. He sees other little boys in Chuck E Cheese everyday. Chuck E Cheese  - are you kidding me? Not the library but   What a fuckwit this Saigon is - let's hope his kid is more intelligent than his father.

Then this dullard Brian Saigon criticises Erica Jean's parenting skills by  comparing his kids. I'm waiting to see his college degree - heck ets go basic and ask him for his GED. Idiot - Brian Saigon is lucky Erica didn't Tara him out - a slap. What an idiot. The typical coward he squares up to Erica.

Moron. Ignoramus. Any man that squares up with a woman like that is dangerous... He could easily lose his temper and swing....just saying. Erica Jean is playing with fire there and Brian Saigon needs to control his temper.

Then is Brian Saigon guys goes one lower - he starts to insult Erica and call her ass fake. It doesn't matter if true or not it's the fact that he stooped to that level. IQ level Erica Jean can do better. Even if it is that is so disrespectful - the woman should move on. On the other hand Erica Jean looks very needy and as if she'll put up with Saigon's baggage.

Yandy and
Mendeecees top criminal  lawyer

Yandy Smith goes to Mendeecees Harris's lawyer - Serious Federal Criminal Charges. The lawyer tells her  to mind her own business if Mendeecees is not telling her the everything then that's her problem he had client - atteroney privilege even though Yandy Smith is paying. First thing first what kind of name is Mendeecees?  I' can't even spell the name - it just loos wrong.

 Secondly if a woman is paying for criminal laywer for her man and the man can't even be honest with her hmmmm...... She might think he is trying to save her worry but please....Yandy Smith is just coming over as an ATM for this Mendeecees man. Lock up or no lock up. It must be the sex and his down town eat out  skills. Seriously because I can't see the attraction. He was the least charismatic of all the men Joe Budden included.  Even dimwit moron Saigon is cute in a way.

Yandy Smith and her father Ralph

Taking about jail man Mendeecees. Her father tells her not to let herself get down. I don't care. This Mendeecees man had a rich woman, and his own show collecting checks yet he fucks up.

Peter Gunz and Tara

Tara has self respect. One of the few reality show stars that has selfrespect. She tells him it's over.

Peter Gunz is now playing Tara for the break up saying he was sleeping on the couch and being nasty. Ouch! It's about working through problems and making a clean break if things don't go right - not going and cheating. That is so passive aggressive. Peter Gunz is passive aggressive - I think he needs to learn to express his anger instead of dogging around. This seems to be a pattern in his relationships. As soon as there is trouble or drama instead or working it out he goes looking outside.

We never see Peter Gunz get annoyed or angry.  I don't mean violent - I just mean show that he is annoyed. He always down plays his feeling by being logical. He does the same with Amina. Instead of telling Amina - look don't mess with my time - he tries to explain to her. Amina is selfish so he really needs to tell her straight but he is so reasonable and logic about things. So the minute Amina becames to difficult for him to deal with he'll find some other woman - unless he learns to express his anger in constructive way. 

Erica Mena and her mean girls drama starring Cyn and Nya

Is there some kind of triangle here? I'm not sure.

 Nya meets with Cyn starts being messy and bitching about Erica Mena to Cyn. Cyn is cool about it and tries to hustle in on a vocal on the supposed track between Erica and Nya. Not sure I can.

Erica then meets with Cyn who tells her about Nya. Confused? I am. Anyway Cyn tells Erica Mena to meet Nya and Erica asks about Rich. More confusing.

Finally Nya and Erica Mena meet in the strip club. How approproate. This scene has girl fight written all over it. Anyway they start at each other - I'm not sure how the fight even started but I do Erica Mena is a fighter. Don't be fooled by her tiny frame.  Not only did she whip Kimbella in series two. Erica Mena give her baby daddy something like  a mean karate chop and punch on youtube. So though Nya may look the bigger fighter Erica Mena should be treated with caution.

Anyway the start yelling at each other. Nya calls Erica Mena's handbag fake and Erica is calls Nya a stripper. Well Nya was a stripper then so was Eve (formerly with Stevie J) and K Michelle. And  after all they are meeting in a strip club.

Then Erica tosses some dollar bills at Nya and walks off.  There is nothing wrong in stripping but it is at the bottom of the pecking order and food chain with groupie chicks. Remember that Erica Mena is one up - she was/is a botty magazine model and wannabe singer with a rapper baby daddy which beats grind your botton in some man's privates for money.

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