Love and Hip Hop Atlanta New York Series 4 Episode 6:Peter Gunz wants to kiss Tara Wallace's 'it'; Amina writes Peter Gunz a love song, Erica Mena and Peter Gunz have a bust up

Peter Gunz is 44 years old. Hmmm... Erica Mena was right - An old man in a young's man game.  So just the points I noticed and check out a full episode recap at VH1blog

Quite a bit I didn't care for like Rashida in that horrible greenish-yellow ginger looking wig trying on wedding dresses that would better if she wore ten pounds. Yandy bonding with another lockdown wife. A lot of stuff I'd already forgotten. Nice bits were Tahiry bonding with her sister Lexie. That was sweet but I'm not interested in anything Budden.  Big mouth Nya wasn't there this episode but she's not even on the opening credits so she much have a very small part.

Peter Gunz and his wife Amina

Peter makes it in plain to Amina he doesn't do the traditional regular 'husband' role. Apparently he's still staying with Tara sleeping over under the term 'baby sitting' I think 'baby making' is more the term..

Amina is nags and questions him about his whereabouts. He's like there are women out there that have my babies that he didn't marry. Amina demands she has the right to know where he's sleeping but he's like she is an FBI or police agent. Anyway he ends up flirting and they go have sex.

Amina's tattoo is very distracting and quite frankly I find it unattractive.  It's just there. If she had boobs it would make a different.

Peter Gunz wants to kiss Tara's it

Peter babysits the kids while Tara is out. It's great because at least she can go out and not have to worry. Anyway Tara comes back a bit tipsy and Peter starts to seduce her.

 Peter Gunz tells Tara he wants to kiss it and he looks in a particular direction. This is why these chicks keeps hanging  - it's more that sex. She tells him to go away then she goes all over him.   Let's just say  Peter Gunz knows how to please a woman.

Peter Gunz buys Amina flowers and Amina writes him a love song

Peter Gunz buys flower is that guilt for Tara? Amina writes a song for him. Boring. Nice song but boring.

 And Amina gives Peter Gunza a ring and  he brings up Tara -  Tara anit gonna be happy he tells her.

Creep brothers Rich and Peter Gunz

Rich asks Peter Gunz if  he will manage Erica Mena? Do we care? Nope.

Erica Mena, Peter Gunz, Rich Dollaz and Amina double date
Erica Mena goes crazy at Peter Gunz and she insults him so badly. Apparently she is still sore even though she is now gay and going out with Cyn that Peter Gunz broke her and Rich up. Erica Mena calls Peter Gunz an old man in a young man's game.

 Erica threw something I think a plate at Peter Gunz but I lost respect because she hit a nerve and Peter Gunz then threw something at here. Not nice.

Next week the madness starts again.
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