Love and Hip Hop New York season 4 episode 7 Peter Gunz is childish and immature; Erica J cusses and swears in front of her child. Rich Dollaz chooses Erica Mena over Peter Gunz

So for a full recap on episode 7 as always check out the offical VH1 Blog. I'm just covering the main points I liked. It basically recycling the some old issues and going round in circles so nothing new. 

Erica Jean and Brian Saigon

It starts off with Brian Saigon doing the honourable thing and appologising to Erica Jean for being rude and obnoxious.  He gives the same old story about his father and mother not getting along yada yada yada. Erica Jean accepts the applogy.

So then he approaches the situation in the right way and asks if to take his son to a therapist. Erica Jean agrees.

At some point they go for therapy and Erica cusses or swears in front of the child. Not good.

As soon as Erica dropped the f-bomb in front of her son I just shook my head and wished them luck.  It seems the child is picking up a lot of tension. I don't know and as I said good luck.

The Peter Gunz Situation

Well we all know Peter Gunz is sleeping with both Tara and Amina. And both Tara and Amina know that. I'm not really sure what else there is to cover other than Peter is 44 years old and wisdom doesn't come with age.

And to be fair to Peter Gunz if Tara and Amina left him today he'll just pick up with another woman.  The real problem is that Peter hasn't grown up and still behaving like a teenager.  Yes, he's a nice man but he's never really taken any responilities and seems to live off women. 

Even now he's either sleeping on Tara's couch or in Amina's flat.  He doesn't even have his own place. Anyway Yandy Smith tells Tara that Peter and Amina are wearing matching  rings so Tara goes and tells Peter off.

Then she demands to have a meeting with Amina. I'm not sure why and nor is Peter.  It's a messy situation  where there are no winners. I think with time someone will have to work away.

Rich Dollaz, Erica Menz and Peter Gunz

I like Erica Mena because despite under all her messiness i think she had a good heart and is genuine. She really come a long way from season one where Mona Scott explained to her she doesn't always need to be shouting and fighting. It was about showing her real self. Remember when she just jumped on Kimbella for no reason because she thought that was how you made your name in reality shows. But she has matured.

Anyway Peter Gunz decides to act like a bitch (his own words not mine) by asking Rich Dollaz to choose between him and Erica. Which 44 year old grown man does that?

Now that's Peter Gunz's immaturity all over. You never ask a male adult or grown man to choose between a man friend or his woman.  The woman mostly wins.  Peter Gunz is so childish asking Rich to do that.

Erica Mena whatever her behaviour is something to Rich and Peter Gunz should respect that. In my opinion if the chips were ever down and things came to a real crunch my money will be on Erica not Peter Gunz. Erica is loyal but Peter Gunz does what he wants.

Also there is nothing that Peter Gunz can give Rich Dollaz - also men alway find it easy to make up after a falling out.

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