Love & Hip Hop New York Season 4 Episode 8Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly love triangle own the show, Peter can run but he can't hide. Tara goes around boasting about Peter oral sex skills

There seemed to be no recap on VH1 on episode 8 so I can't provide a link. Most the characters just bored me and I'm not sure what K Michelle is doing on this show - maybe she needs to fly back to Atlanta. They did come up with a special moment.

So it starts with Tahiry talking about her acting and modelling career. I'm bored already so I'm moving on. Tahiry is a beautiful woman and I wish her luck in finding her dreams.

Amina whines to her sister.

Amina comes on whining her sister about Gunzie.VH1 has sent a ticket for her to come just from Germany. It's still boring.

Tara Wallace, Peter Gunz and Amina triangle

I fast forward to my favourite characters and love triangle. The Gunz's and Wallace's . So Amina is playing her new track to Peter Gunz. Peter Gunz is a dog. But a sexy dog. Tara walks in while he's boogie down to Amina's track.

Gunzie can run but he can't hide. So Tara starts saying whatever it is women say - something about Peter's true colours or is that Amina. Not sure but we all know Peter's true colour - he just likes women. So Gunzie tries to smooth talk his way out situation saying no excuses about his cheating but  I think Amina should just start cussing in German.

Anyway Tara tells Amina that Peter Gunz went down town and performed oral sex on her. Amina goes crazy - well not really she just starts crying and screeches like a cat. to the point even Tara says she is getting a headache.  Amina dumps him and walks out.

Tara starts with her 13 years being with Gunzie and two kids. She tells him to fix the problem.

Amina walks in back in  and says can I talk to my husband and Tara is fine then says maybe one day I'll stop f*cking your husband. Ouch!

I still like Peter Gunz though. The Bryonic hero of this show. He is a dog but still likeable.

He must have some good moves in bed thought because those chicks still go back. What is it abouy Gunz? Okay let's face it - it must be his oral sex skills because Tara keeps on going on about it.

Tara boasts about Peter's mouth skills

Tara has dinner with Yandy and K Michelle and start about Peter Gunz again. K Michelle says Tara can't be over Peter Gunz if Tara is on top of him. actually probably in Peter's mouth keeps finding it's way between her thighs in his case.

Amina wants to play Mummy Gunz to Tara's son

Amina is still bugging Peter about meeting his kids. Peter Gunz is treading cautiously on that front. I think the answer there is on.

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