Love & Hip Hop New York Season 4 Episode 9: Gunz makes a romantic gesture to Amina, Rich and Erica bicker.

Happy New Year!

Sorry guys I'm just had an infection, dental surgery and now I'm totally tanked up on pain killers.  You just don't want to know however do take care of your teeth because it can be agony when things don't right. Brush, floss and have regular dental checkups.

As always I've put down a link to the VH1 website where you can get a real blow by blow account of the episode.

Nothing much this episode only Peter Gunz made a huge romantic gesture to Amina that even had me going aw.... It was very cute. This man has a PhD on how to please women.

Rich Dollaz, Cyn and Erica Mena bicker over a whole load of rubbish. At some point I even thought the relationship between Cyn and Erica was phony. It just seems too staged esp when Rich Dollaz came in. Who knows?

And was it just me or was Erica falling out of that dress?

Check out a fuller reveiw on  VH1's recap.

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