Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith’s Sex Tape and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Porn Stars with links TO PICTURES

EDIT: I finally saw some pictures - the raw ones. That is raw porno. Real PornoThat is some nasty sh*t. Low down nasty sh*t. And no I haven't watched it but this is the picture on the label. Why on earth would Mimi Faust do this? It's now alleged to be a professional production with a camera man. Nasty. You can finds images on google search and it's horrible and raw. Attention seeking woman. Okay she makes  money but really? It's just too raw, this was no home production, I don't think.


Just a few more weeks to my favouirite show coming back to air. LOVE AND HIP HIP ATLANTA!!! THE SHOW THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. SO EXCITED!!!!

Okay so Mimi Faust has released a sex tape you all know she got a new pair of breasts last season.

 Anyway to be fair in the clean clips I've seen she's really looking good. I feel now that Love and Hip Hop - my favourite show is coming on air - it's time for me to get fit. I mean she was looking good, bitchiness aside. Not sure why she did the sex tape though but there will be plenty of drama.