Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1: Joseline complains about her poor wedding, Kirk's still an imbecile, Nikko is sleazy and the hustle goes on

I'm back from my haitus of work, life and getting things sorted off line. Well nearly. So I'm on a catching up marathon with Love and Hip Hop and I can't say I'm impressed with the first episoide but let's roll.

 For a fuller and more precise recap - check out the VH1 blog.


It opens with pimp looking Stevie J and manly Joseline in an all-White House. Now it looks really tack and rented. Yes, rented because who live like that and we also know the show alledgely rents places for shooting.

Anyway Joseline had been hitting the gym big time so looks very manly and her new alleged boob job. Those titties look so different from last season. She is also channelling her inner Rihanna look with at times is quite disturbing because I'm thinking Rihannah instead of Joseline.

Joseline starts whining about having a poor wedding and she wants a bigger day. Some how they decided to have joint birthday party no doubt sponorsed by Love and Hip Hop to adds some agro.
I think Joseline should lay off the gym wieghts for a while.


So Mr and Mrs Boring are back. Yes boring because Kirk is an imbicile and Rasheeda just needs to be on hte show. Now they are showing us how warring couples can get along. Stupid Kirk is still behaving like a moron but Rasheeda loves him around the house because he helps with the baby Karter - isn't that a nod to Kirk - why not just Carter?

My own take is that baby Karter will get stressed with all the aggrovation around the couple. Babies pick up on these bad vibes. And can't Rasheeda afford a nanny? Should we really beleive that Kirk wakes up at 5am for the morning feed?

I'm so over these two and their petty quarrels - either they are together or not. Kirk is a jackass.


Some dude called Wacka Flacka very handsome is all I can say with his samson type dredlocks. He's engaged to some chick with the normal story (boring). And his manly mother. It's quite funny he looks more female than his mother. It's going to be the same story about cheating, ride or dy so I'm not that interested in them. Also the chick is also quite unmemerabel and the mother seems like another Mama Dee.


Mimi and Nikko. I thought Stevie J owned the SLEAZE on that show but I was wrong. Nikko is sleazy combined. Urgh...I can't tell you how much - he just looks nasty and like a low-rent Stevie J. Mimi goes for the same types.

Anyway he says that a sex tape they did is now missing. Whatever. I've seen clips, you've seen clips - do we really care? Nope but Mimi is looking good in it. Nikko looks likes a sleazy b grade porno star.
Scrappy now has a new woman called Bambi who is now asking if he loves her - like she hasn't watched the first seasons of this show. She is demanding to see his phone. It seems Shay and Erica have moved on. Boring.

Finally Ariane and Erica go to Joseline's party to upset her. Who does that? Who goes to someone's birthday party to be bitchy? I guess I missed that email from Mona Scott. Anyway there was no fighting because Joseline behaved dignified. The whole reason - they don't believe she's married! This is from a lesbian and an unmarried baby momma - sounds like jealousy to me.


Mama Dee's new hair looks nice. The honey brown softens her features and makes her look less mean. If only.