R&B Divas LA Season 2 Episode 1: Meet the new girls Chrisette and Leela James.

I'm finally back, it's a long story but basically didn't have the time to watch TV anymore.

I watched it a little late and it was a little boring for my taste. Nothing really happened, I feel like saying bring back  Princess Double D Dawn  Robinson or Kelly 'Straight Edge, vaseline and timbo' Price. I need me some drama. I know it's supposed to be positive but there is only so much awesomeness I can take.

They all meet up and Lil Mo's wig just takes over. Blonde? It's more like a gold hat on her head. It just take over the whole scene. I don't know. Anyway Claudette's hair is nice and shiny. They just go over last season like a recap yada rape, sucide and getting beat up. Then they start on the start on about the so called 'sistahood'. Please. I wonder who is getting paid the most this time. Claudette seems to have more air time so I reckon she's getting more this season.

Anyway Chante invites the Divas to a listening session for Leela James - who I never heard before now. Cut to Claudette's house. Play date with Lil Mo. So Lil Mo drops she left her man. WTF. She work up one morning and wasn't in love? Really? I think this is a story line because how can someone be so fickle. I just don't get it so excuse me if I don't believe that foolishness. Geez. You know these chicks will do manythign for a dollar. Actueally best way is to see if he's still managing her.

So new girl Chrisette is boring. She is an amazing artist and musican but I'm sorry, yes I judging but she's boring.There is nothing interesting about her at all, sure she'd nice but still boring. Okay I guess I'm saying she had no attitude that will allow her to stand out. She started with Riahanna on Def Jam with Jay -z and was a budding singer. Even at that point she gave an interview to 'Sister 2 Sister' saying how Riahanna was a star and they never met. At the time I felt that was a little strange but I totally get it now. She is an amazing singer, song writer, artist but star quality she needs to dig deep for some attitude to stand out. Just me.

So some singing cut to Leela James. She has a nice speaking voice. Very sultry and smooth. Nice singing voice. So the listening session ends with one song to allow Claudette to pimp her poturong project.

Interesting persson Michell'e - happy things are going well for her. What is it with bow ties and jeans. Okay they are talking about her albums. She's going all Dr Dre on that - she can't give no deadlines. Michell'e is a diva you know but quietly one.

She also wants to start a sucide foundation. Okay. So she meets Don Consouls son's who has created foundation to help those in need of care. She calls it travelling. Her mother died, then her grandmother then straved to death so it left her down. She was in a bad way. It's good to talk. Don's son says it's good to let it out.

Leela James is a gardener. Okay.

Boring Chrisette comes on. Yes, I know she's a great singer but she needs a little more attitude. Her mother is a manager I can see the resemblance.

To be fair this episode was just to establish the project -these women singing at a Puerto Rico carnival gig. So interesting in some ways.

Nothing much,.

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