Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 9: A Drama Free trip to London, Suzie and Tasha make up, Evelyn launches her fashion line and charity battered and abused women - and men too.

Nothing happened! A drama free in this case makes for boring.  There isn't much to cover so if you want a fuller recap try VH1 blog and the link is below.

Suzie, Shaunie, Tasha and Evelyn arrive in London.

Then Tasha Marbury and Suzie Ketcham snap at each other in the car to the hote.

Later at some point while Tasha and Shaunie wait for the others arrive for  afternoon tea..  Tash tells Shaunie that Suzie crossed the line. Shaunie tells Tasha that Suzie is harmless but has a slick mouth - much like Tasha.

Then Tami, Evelyn and Suzie arrive to jion them. Tami gives Tasha the bougie wine and Tash gracefully accepts the present. Tasha has a sense of humour.

But Suzie is crosses the line again and Tash and Suzie start to quietly bicker with each other. Tasha is quite calm though. It's all very civilised.

We all know if those comments were directed at anyone else it would have landed Suzie into some serious trouble.

Eventually after Tasha and Suzie finished their civilised bitching they all catch up on Tami Roman's nail polish luanch and Evelyn Lozada's clothing line.

Tami misses the Paul Costelloe fashion show

Tami Roman's daughter gets robbed at gun point so she doesn't go the fashion show.  She had no sleep because she helped her  mother deal with all the drama at home.

Suzie and Tasha make up at dinner

Suzie and Tasha appologise to each other. Yawn.

 There is a fantastist crazy fan who is making stuff up about the Marburys. And no it's not the chef.

Shaunie has a romantic date on the London Eye

Shaunie and her man Marlon go on the London Eye for romantic date.

 However Marlon scared of heights.

Evelyn's Fashion Show

 They all turn up on time.

It's successful! And she is happy.

And Evelyn also launches Pain Is Not Love a non profit foundation to help battered and abused women. And men too.  I kid you not. It's serious, so check it out.

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