Basketball Wives season 5 episode 8:The world gets another lip gloss, nail polish range (from Tami Roman)and clothing line (from Evelyn Lozada). Suzie boasts about confronting Tasha Marbury and Kenya Bell rings Tami

Nothing much this week - it's getting really boring however we get to see Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada as postive role model business woman.  Suzie Ketcham goes about making a big deal of her non-existent drama with Tash Marbury. Puh-lease ,Suzie you really don't exist in Tasha Marbury's world.

I'm only covering the main bits.

Evelyn and Tami as business women

This is my own supportive bit to support the girls that entertain us so much so for more details of their lines please check out the below links.

Evelyn Lozada's brand
Tami Roman's brand

Suzie Ketcham Flexes her Muscles and boasts about Confronting Tasha

Suzie stills goes on about how she dealt with Tasha Marbury. Suzie is lucky Tasha Marbury is dignified and not a fighter. Note I said Tasha is not a fighter which does not means Tasha can not fight.  If Suzie Ketcham continues this way we can safely assume she is cruising a bruising.

However why is Suzie Ketcham using Tami's name for her bad behavour? Little Tami? It's like Tami's name gets caught up even in things she's not involved in. Even Tami tells her not to use her name because it's indirectly blaming Tami.

Tami Roman Launches Her range

Tami Roman decides the world needs another lip gloss and nail polish line.

 Suzie Ketcham, Shaunie O'Neal, Evelyn Lozada all arrive at Tami Roman's launch party where Sleazy Stevie J is there as a star celeb. Lots of indirect shade casted on Tasha Marbury's event (she didn't turn up).

It is  a far better organised event and we are all happy for Tami in her new venture. Incidentally it's doing very well and is in going to be in a Walmart Store near you.

Evelyn Lozada and her clothing line.

While Tami Roman decides world peace can be brought round by launching another lip gloss and nail polish line Evelyn Lozada decides her mission in life is to launch yet another celebrity endorsed clothing line.

Evelyn goes through the motions of feeling material with some random CEO of clothes. Then we get to see Evelyn slouching at an office desk, crossing her legs and taking a call from Suzie seated at glass desk in leggings.

VH1 sponsors Evelyn's line to got London for it's launch. How fabulous !

Shaunie O 'Neal boxing with Marlon and family time

Shaunie shows off her eye candy Marlon. Okay Shaunie we acknowledge Marlon is very handsome so you can pack him back in the underwear drawer now.

Shaunie is shown once again as an angel. Super Mum and business woman Shaunie cooks for her family and celebrates her daughter Mimi's 11th birthday. A real postive to this angle is that it shows Shaunie doesn't spoil her kids with parties all the time.

I remember last season Mimi got a party for her 10th but her 11th is a quiet family affair.

Suzie vs Tasha

Evelyn rings Tasha to invite her to London. Apparently Evelyn had never being. Anyway they get talking about Suzie Ketcham and Tash dismisses it. Basically the trip with Suzie can go either right or wrong.

Tami Roman and her ill Mother

Tami is honest about her feelings and emotions. People deal differently with situations. So I'll just move on instead of voicing some opinion.

 The only reason I can think of why Tami allowed this to be filmed is maybe because VH1 may be picked up some of the medical bills otherwise there in no reason to for this to be on the show.

VH1 do film it under the 'blanket' of helping other people out there but there is a side of it where it's exploiting Tami and her family's vulnerability. 

There is a fine line between Tami Roman keeping it real and being exploited for a check.

Kenya Bell and Tami Roman

Kenya Bell calls Tami maybe because VH1 asked her too because the show BORING!

 Anyway Kenya is singing a dis-song and invites the women to her peformance.

The rest of the show

Suzie goes about the girls asking if Tasha Marbury will appologise. Whatever. Tami gets a bottle of wine for Tash Marbury whom she calls 'pinkie in the air bougie'

Evelyn and Shanuie discuss the London trip and how Tasha and Tami might get fighting if liquor is involved. Same old same old.