Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 7: No mention of Chad Ochocino, Tash Marbury goes all Queen Bee and Diva, Suzie Ketcham borrows Little Tami andfaces up to Tash Marbury and the show rolls on. plus Tami Roman's video blog on the episode

Nothing really stands out this week so I've done a short summary but it's a CHAD Ochocino free show this week! At least VH1 got the hint! The show is entertainment and all judgement and assumptions are based on the character each woman brings to the show. That is their reality show lives not real lives.

Queen Bee Tasha Marbury and the Angry Birds - Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Suzie Ketcham and Shaunie O'Neal.

In reality, Tasha Marbury is lovely and sweet and one of the few celebrities on Twitter that would engage directly with fans. She even answers the haters in a polite way explaining about the show.  However for purposes of the Basketball Wives in the show Tasha shows her different Queen Bee and Diva side - ya'll know it's about ratings as these chicks need to get paid. So.....

Tash Marbury calls a meeting and gets into her angry school teacher/ high school Principal mode and tells off the women for not staying at the party. It's her party and she'll be late if she want to, late if she wants to. It's like they are bunch of misbehaving teenagers  Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Suzie Ketcham and Shaunie O'Neal and Tasha is threatening them with detention.

It seems that Evelyn Lozada, Suzie Ketcham and Shaunie O'Neal are now know as angry birds. I love playing Angry Birds on my ipad.  I've finished the Angry Birds in Rio version and still have a few left. 

If you want to keep it real and outside the show - why would Tasha fly cross country from New York to LA just to ask those questions but remember it's for the show. So we keep it real and fun in terms of Basketball Wives fantasy land where one day Evelyn Lozada is calling Tami Roman a hater and bitch then next time sharing coffee and bitching about Tasha Marbury. I digress again...

So Shaunie isn't impressed but Tasha being a Diva and Queen Bee doesn't care and presses them to know the reason why they left early. However given that Evelyn has known Tash Marbury for 14 years then Evelyn should know that Tasha Marbury likes to make late entrances and takes her birthdays seriously.

Evelyn asks about the presents - box of dildos and Tasha Marbury says she prefers a warm body. Then she asks Tami for her gift saying it's her birthday month.

Tasha then goes for Suzie Ketcham calling her a follower and saying if the others hadn't left would she have gone? The answer we all know is no.

Lesson: At least we know Tash Marbury takes her birthdays very seriously.

Shanuie in Bro-Mivah and her son's birthday party.

We get to see Shanuie throw her son a 13th birthday bash! The kid is cute and polite. Given his daddy is rich and Mama is good looking - why not. At times they forget majority of those watching the show can't afford to get in a stylist to dress their 13 year old son.

Then on the other hand may be other 13 year olds go shopping with their fathers and use it as bonding session.  Like Dad takes son out to the shops to get clothes for this special occasion. And gets him to try on stuff instead of his mama's stylist. It was a sweet touch to show Shaunie yet again in a postive light.

Suzie ges mad but Suzie's mouth may be writing checks her butt can't cash

Suddenly Suzie Ketcham decides she wants respect from Tasha Marbury. Hmm... interesting because we all know Tasha has great self control and is not one to pop a bitch unlike Tami.  Suzie goes see Tami Roman about how Tasha is treating her.

Tami as messy as normal instigates and encourages Suzie to stick up for herself.  Tami Roman is like she is standing down but Suzie Ketcham needs to stand up for herself.

Silly Suzie Ketcham channels her little Tami instead of little Suzie and decides to go see Tash Marbury in her suite. Suzie starts cursing at Tash Marbury who doesn't really take Suzie seriously and kicks her out of her suite.

Suzie leaves but then Tash goes after Suzie. I'm not sure if the producers behind the camera told Tasha to go after Suzie because the thing is Tash doesn't really have time for Suzie.  You can see she think Suzie is a waste of her time.

There is a confrontation at the lift but Tasha leaves and Suzie goes and knocks off Tasha Marbury's hat.

Tasha isn't sure how to react but gets her composure back and let it slides. “Put your hands on me again and it’s going to be a major problem,” Tasha Marbury tells Suzie Ketcham.  However if the cameras weren't there with security perhaps Suzie may have down the ER with another broke jaw.

Suzie is all pumped up thinking she's taught Tash Marbury a lesson but we all know it's false bravado. Suzie Ketcham is like Tasha should not take kindness for weakness. Really?  Tasha just gave Suzie Ketcham a free pass so Suzie should tread carefully.

Evelyn goes into clothing

First Evelyn had a shoe store that closed down. Then last season she was having a make-up range to rival Jennifer Williams but that seems to have die a quiet death. Now she is doing a clothing line with Bow Wow's mother.

Tami Roman bitches about Tasha Marbury's lack of business sense but what about Evelyn who is just a 'rent-my-name' celebrity.

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