Can I be addicted to goal setting?

What to write about now: 2013

Telling people Father is in home

Father in home and lacks mental stimulation

Fly Lady - drama with products and Rubba Scrubbas (or similar ) in the UK

Tidying up routine gong well

Starting on Cleaning and Tidying Schedule thanks to Marci the Thankful Homemaker

I seem to be over urban books.

Bitterness, Funerals and Life Goes On.

Thank you to my readers who read my reality blogs on R&B Divas, Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives.

My Life: Father in home and chewing clothes.

R&B Divas Season 1 Episode 8 Season Finale: Nicci, Faith, Keke, Syleena and Monifah do Essence Music Festival, Terez talks civil rights, Nicci does her normal Smarty Pants Attitude, Keke throw a real diva fit, and Faith is dignifed as normal.

R&B Divas Season 1 Episode 7: Nicci's Curvato, Faith's hair gel and beaming Brandy (Nicci's baby girl) keep it going. Terez acts shy and Keke lays down vocals for Avant's track.