My Life: Father in home and chewing clothes.

My elderly father had a serious stroke and then a bad relapse so had to go into residential care.  I think he is slowing recovering. He lost use of one side and is weak in the other.

The doctors were pretty doubtful in the hospital and I just think it's because he didn't recover on their timetable being a elderly man. He also has some underlying ageing condition which makes things more difficult. The doctors reckon I was emotional - maybe I was and an - it doesn't really matter because pessimistic or optimistic the situation is what it is.

I visit him regularly but now over the last few weeks I've seen him chew his clothes.  There is nothing much one can do about this I think. It probably is because he's bedridden there is a lack of stimulation also because he lives in his mind. I've googled some chewing toys given to children but the problem is that he might bite off a lot and end up choking. Also the home may not allow it since he's under their care. Lastly, it doesn't resolve the problem of why he's doing this.

We did buy an ipad for him to use but for various reasons and mainly due to his confused state it can't be left at the home.  So what to do?

If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment below. I'm thinking of getting a toy but I'm not sure which one - they all seem childish and as his daughter I don't want to be patronising.

I've decided I'll take up a picture book. Anyway I'll give an update and probably try and draw some pictures.