Thank you to my readers who read my reality blogs on R&B Divas, Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives.

Thank you for reading my blog regarding all the reality shows I watched. It's being a great journey watching them and writing up about what I thought.

I decided not to write about them any more because it was no longer fun. When I first started these shows were exciting - I loved watching the Love and Hip Hop New York series - then I got hooked on the Basketball Wives. I was blogging before but also as soon as I started to write about these dysfunctional but entertaining people I started to get hits. So I got greedy for more hits and I would talk about was how many hits I was getting to anyone that listened.

After the Lozada and Tami Roman situation - I wasn't sure about blogging but the hits kept on coming. I knew the casts of these shows were mostly wannabes desperate for fame or a lot of has beens like Benzino Ray Scott or Stevie J that wanted a comeback. But it was still exciting. As bad and horrible as the drama and conflict got I was glued to screen and more people were reading my blog.

Now after R&B Divas I've decided to take stop because though it's easy to write about reality shows it wasn't what I set out to do. In fact I'm not really sure what I wanted. Well I am. I wanted attention by people reading what I had to say. I wanted to be popular and looking how many times someone read a blog post made me happy but in the end I took no pride in criticising or trying to make sense of these attention seekers. What I realised was by writing about them I was becoming part of the reality show machine. I just want to write fiction. Simply write.

I see many bloggers especially on You Tube they start with a good idea but end up with doing reality shows or celeb gossip because it's what gets the youtube hits. I watch them and have my favourites but it's no longer what I want to do.

Thank you very much once again for reading my posts. I'll probably still watch the shows but just for fun - and not to comment and review on them. I will drop the odd blog once in while as I said I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing yet.

UPDATE: 26 JULY 2013

Things have changed since then and as you can see I've continued writing. Sometimes the negativity on these shows are too much and to relive it again by writing about it is too much. And at other times nothing really happens but now I've found a solution and just do a brief summary as is in some episodes of R&B Divas Atlanta.

I do write fiction as well and check me out on Smashwords.   So as long as I have time and there are shows I like and want to write about. I will.


Best Wishes and Love

Snuggie xoxoxoxoxo