Tidying up routine gong well

Okay so I'm doing this tidy thing because things are a bit chaotic and like with the rest of my life I allowed google to decide. It came up with Marci, the thankful homemaker. She seemed pretty cool and gave credit to Flylady who is like a housecleaning and organizing guru.

Anyway I did a bit of Marci's morning rountine I've found simple enough. 
  1. Cleaning the bathroom - I do this first thing when I'm in there. I just wipe down the sink, bath and loo.  I  haven't got the mirror or mopping the floor stage yet. Remeber I'm just on day five fo this thing.
  2. I do my morning stretches but I've always done these anyway. It's just a simple yoga routine with some of the ta chi movements (if I remember)
From Flylady I've being keeping a tidy sink. Yest she says shiny well tidy is good enough for me. When I mean tidy I mean empty of dishes and nothing on the draining board. I don't have a dishwaster so I do things the old fashion way - with washing up liquid and hand action.

So far so good but it does take committment to keep a tidy not shiny sink. Well off to do some washing up now.