Fly Lady - drama with products and Rubba Scrubbas (or similar ) in the UK

I read FlyLady emails and there seems a lot of gushing about her products especally the Rubba Scrubbas so I decided to see if they were really as good as claimed. Then I realised I'd bought a similar product at a tradefair once and never used it. It just seemed too stiff and tiresome so it was abadoned. It was one of those tools that looked so good in demostrations but at home was boring. We all have those with shoes, clothes and kitchen appliances.

Also I'm not too bothered about a bit of dirt here and there. I'm not a homemaker or house wife, I'm not married and I have no kids. So I don't have time to be bother about missing a spot here and there. There is more to life than cleaning though I do like a tidy home and for that Flylady's advice seems fun.

Anyway looking for reviews on her products what I didn't count on was the critism FlyLady got. You'd think people paid to be part of her group which is free and mostly common sense.  There seems a problem with people taking her advice too far and getting disappointed when things don't turn out how they quite expected.

Flylady at the most only gives suggestions. You take what you need. I only need a tidy sink so I don't do shiny. I'm a few days late but better late than never.

Read this post for all the flylady bitching based on a blog by a lady called Pat Gundry Which makes for interesting reading however most of the negative comments are just women whining about one thing or the other. A few good ones but like I said she only give advice and you take what works for you. As for her products - well I just use things from the local store.

If you are in the UK and really desparate for the Rubba Scrubbas apparently you can get something similar in the pet section of the 99p shop.

Well, do you happen to have a '99p store' in your neighbourhood? The chain of stores who took over quite a lot of the old Woolworths premises. (You can check where your nearest one is on their website: If you do, have a look on their pet supplies section. There is a brush which is very similar to the Rubba Scrubba (looks identical except that it's white and green) which is sold as a pet hair brush. I bought one, and it is very effective. Certainly worth the money.


I'm loving my tidy sink and clean bathroom.